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Clap 2013 reinders lsp minleon

  1. 1. RGBPresented by
  2. 2. RGB Overview Of Basics RGB stands for Red, Green, Blue Each RGB Bulb (or nodes/pixels) has 3 channels in it. One Red,Green & Blue diode Each color has 256 levels of intensityto blend and make any array of color by blending the three colorstogether at different intensities. When you mix Red, Green, Blue inpaint you would get black, lighting is the opposite as it makeswhite. RGB light strings typically consist of 3-4 wires. Minleon RGBlight strings are designed with 3 wires making it more costefficient. You have one positive, one negative and one datawire.
  3. 3.  Each RGB bulb from Minleons line of products isprogrammable. So you are capable of changing any diode on astrand to any color instead of the whole strand changing toone color at a time.Minleon RGB Products A Minleon controller and all their RGB products are ran onXDMX(eXtremeDMX) protocols instead of the traditional DMXmaking it 4 times faster and capable of handling bigger datapackets than the traditional DMX. You are able to set theireffects controllers as a slave to run it in DMX mode with othercontrollers, But this creates a lot of limitations compared to theXDMX protocols.
  4. 4. Minleon RGB ProductsRGB Bulb Choices Reinders is currently stocking 4 different shapes of bulbs byMinleon C7’s Frosted, G20 Frosted, M10 Frosted, G40 Frosted Frosted has the best blending properties, it brings out theRGB’s blends evenly across the whole bulb instead of havinghot spots or brighter spots in the bulb at different angles Bulb operating range 9-12V
  5. 5. Minleon RGB ProductsRGB Light Strip/Tape RGB Strip / Tape Comes in 16.4’ long It can be cut and reused withsections that have been cut off withnew female/male ends Can cut approx. ever 3”
  6. 6. Minleon RGB ProductsRGB Light Tubes RGB 12” tube use at max 420MA RGB 24” tube use at max 840MA RGB 36” tubes use at max 1,260MA RGB Tubes consist of oneRGB node every inch
  7. 7. Minleon RGB ProductsAdvanced Mini Controller V2 Very Compact Design Advanced MC ‘Controls’ up to 500 RGB lightsindependent of each other ‘Operates’ an unlimited # RGB lights and lightstrings (with proper accessory’s) Includes ‘Built-in’ Software to control lights,including23 different mini-sequences in varying speeds and brightnesslevelsSuch as, rainbow colors, colored chasers, color patterns forholidays and many more Operates by Remote Control advanced 12-key Includes USB Port access for custom programmingthru Minleon ‘RGB light show software’ Controller must be placed in dry box due to USBand power cord ports
  8. 8. Color Wheel all lights cycle through color wheel 4 speedsRainbow rainbow of color 8 speedsWide Rainbow wide rainbow of color 8 speedsChristmas Lights colors fade in and out 4 speedsColor Change all lights change to new colors 4 speedsTwo Color Change alternate lights change to new colors 4 speedsColor Glow glowing colors 7 colorsComets white or colored comets 2 colors, 2 directionsTrailer flashing stars with trail 2 modesChaser colored chaser lights 4 speedsColor Waves colored wave with sparkle 256 colorsPing Pong back and forth colors 4 speedsExpander colors expanding from center 2 modesExploder lights exploding from center 8 speedsHoliday Colors color patterns for holidays 8 themesWhite and Color white alternating with a color 256 colorsDimmable White all white and dimmable 16 brightness levelsColor Picker all lights same color (saturated) 256 colorsPastel Picker all lights same color (pastel) 256 colorsTwinkle twinkling, flashing lights 8 colors, 1 mixedStrobe strobe light 8 speedsRGB Flash Red Green Blue flasher 2 modesMinleon RGB ProductsAdvanced Mini Controller V2 Functions
  9. 9. Minleon RGB ProductsEffects Controller Controls Minleon RGB Lights, modules, strips, Triklits and snowtubes. Connect up to 4200 individually controlled lights to one Effects Controller or 10 ofthousands of lights if connecting multiple Effects Controllers as slaves. SD memory card to run sequenced shows and scenes from Minleons Light ShowPro software. Does not need to be connected to a computer to run with customcontrolled sequences. 20 different amazing colorful effects with multiple variations per effect to create100s of combinations Edit and save modified inbuilt effects to create a show with different effects anddurations. Simple to use controls with easy setup and use Create any colors from pastel to shades of white with 36 bit color control. Safe low voltage (12VDC) Inbuilt timer to start and stop shows
  10. 10.  Can be setup as a master slave arrangement with multiple Effects Controllers toincrease channel capacity. Can be connect up to 4 Data Distribution Boards or 3 Data Distribution Boards ifEffect controllers are connected as Master and slaves Can connect to the Minleon SD memory Card Player that allows shows that areplayed on the Effects Controller SD memory card to play back with music Completely scalable from small to large full scale shows and installations Controller must be placed in drybox along with our controller componentsMinleon RGB ProductsEffects Controller
  11. 11. The Minleon Network-ControllerUnder Development / Beta Phase Will include the functionality of the Minleon ‘EffectsController’ and more, including, The latest ‘ArtNet’ protocols Wireless functionalityMinleon RGB ProductsNetwork Controller
  12. 12. Minleon RGB ProductsDDB16 Outputs for Effects controller The DD16 requires 9-12vdc (normally 12vdc) on its power input pins (RED POSITIVE andBLACK NEGATIVE). There are power inputs on both sides of the case that are internallyconnected. Each side connection can handle about 15-20A, so if you need over that, split theincoming power to both sides of the case. Power can be calculated as 35ma per bulb Control is via an RJ45 jack implementing the DMX RJ45 standard pinout (pin 1 D+, pin 2 D-,pin 7 and 8 Ground). Normally you would connect a standard ethernet type cable from theDD16 to ports 1-4 of the Effects Controller. The DD16 has 16 output ports for connection to light strings. Ports should be used in orderstarting with #1.
  13. 13. Minleon RGB ProductsDDB16 Outputs for Effects controller Play musically synchronized shows using a SD-Card in the MP3 Player Connects to either speakers or an FM transmitter for playback Connects to the 5th port of the Effects controller. Can be mounted remotely away the Effects controller or Data Distribution Board (DD16) Only required if music is to be played back with a sequence using the effect controllers SDmemory card show Audio out is a 3.5MM headphone jack
  14. 14. Minleon RGB ProductsEffects Controller & DDB16 Layout Example
  15. 15. Minleon RGB Products When configuring larger light designs you may run into powerrequirement issues and also data communication issues. Thisproblem is solved with power injection T’s and inline datasender/receiver cards. These inline cards allow long distancesto be ran between bulbs A Power T should be added every 100 bulbs with a 5 amptransformer and a data sender receiver should be added whenyou have more than 10’ of space between bulbsPower & Data Communication
  16. 16. Minleon RGB ProductsPower & Data CommunicationExample of a Power T being used in a curtain drop along with Smart T’s
  17. 17. 100% focused on RGB technology and functionalityWindows based - Easy light design style incorporating Microsoft excel ‘row andcolumn’ methodologyMinimizes redundant light design data entry thru ‘copy-and-paste’, ‘drag-and-droptechniquesProvides for importing and automatic synchronized MP3 music.Includes a wide array of popular effects which are easily drag-and-dropped into alight sequence such as a scrolling USA flag, star- bursts, and color pin wheels.Allows for custom texting in light sequences.Allows for low-resolution image importing from digital cameras, smart phones,movie files, and the like.
  18. 18. LSP-IIntro Version (512channels)LSP-B Basic Version (512channels)LSP-A Advanced Version(8192 channels)LSP-P ProfessionalVersion (32767channels) LightShow Pro version differences The difference between versions is the choice ofhow many channels you would like to control