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Four Most Popular Wire Cutting Methods


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Before we peep into those four most popular wire cutting methods, first it is essential to know why these methods are used and how.

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Four Most Popular Wire Cutting Methods

  1. 1. Four Most Popular Wire Cutting Methods Before we peep into those four most popular wire cutting methods, first it is essential to know why these methods are used and how. Wire cutting methods are typically used to cut materials that are very hard in nature, such as concrete, ceramic and granite. It is up to the method you choose that determines the amount of the material being cut to be wasted at the job site. Materials like granite are very expensive and thus it is extremely crucial to find ways to reduce the amount of material being wasted during the cutting procedure. Here are four different wire cutting methodologies used in the industries: 1. Diamond wire cutting Diamond wire cutting, also called diamond cutting, is comparatively more expensive as the cutting wire is mounted with diamond pieces. The denseness of the diamond pieces enables them to take on the extreme pressure and friction. And thus, when the wire wrapped up with diamond pieces is passed at a higher speed of the material that needs to be cut, such as a concrete slab, the material is cut sharply and thoroughly while the wire remains unhurt, unbroken. Remember, you should spread water over the wire and over the material being cut while using a diamond wire saw in order to prevent wire from overheating and breaking. To those not aware, diamond cutting involves many different operations, from drilling a tiny hole through to sawing thick and deep concrete slabs. Diamond drilling service is used in both completed commercial buildings and under- construction buildings. There are professional companies in Kent and other parts of England offer diamond cutting services to all different projects, from construction of new buildings, and refabrications of workplace blocks to complete refurbishments of your masonry and internal properties. 2. Plain Wire with Abrasive Slurry In this method, an abrasive solution needs to be applied thoroughly on the wire before the cutting procedure begins. This abrasive solution is called slurry. It enables the wire to cut the material when it is being passed through the material. Often this method results in a smooth cut surface. Moreover, this technique reduces the loss of kerf while cutting.
  2. 2. 3. Open-Ended Wire Saw These are saws that work at a lower speed than diamond wire and thus they don’t need any lubrication medium. The wire is moved to and fro across the material that needs to be cut and with every back and forth it is coiled with a metal cylinder. And this is how the heat generated in the wire will be transmitted and the wire is cooled again when it is moved across the material again. However, there is one disadvantage of this method – the time needed to cut material like concrete using this method is relatively longer. 4. Endless Wire Saw This method is a perfect alternative of the open-ended wire saw cutting method. In this method, the wire moves across the material at a higher speed and thus the considerable amount of heat is generated on the wire. And to make the wire cool, water is sprayed constantly while the material is being cut. The wire on this saw moves in one direction only, knocking out the possibilities of unwanted grooves on the cut side of the material. Hope this information will help you choose the right method for your material cutting needs.