Nyc metro rid website development proposal


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Nyc metro rid website development proposal

  1. 1. Website Development Proposal NYC Metro Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (NYC Metro RID) D A R Y L C R O U S E , J D , C I , C T D A R Y L @ D A R Y L C R O U S E . C O M ( 5 6 2 ) 4 5 3 - 7 1 8 0 ( M O B I L E )
  2. 2. Lead with information. Recruit with finesse. Train with member focus. Inform with ease. Certified Interpreter Comprehensive Knowledge of CMS tools Visual Design Aesthetics • Strong Understanding of Deaf culture • Experience deploying membership management system for RID affiliate • Over 7 years experience deploying & training for Wordpress and CiviCRM • Ability to integrate PayPal, calendaring, user access management • Experience designing and deploying crisp user interfaces • Visually appealing on desktop, tablets and smartphones • Adherence to Accessibility Standards
  3. 3. Proposal Design & Development I propose to design and develop a website that is accessible and easy to navigate with features that attract visitors through crisp visuals and robust presentation of content. The website will format to fit the platform the visitor is using, whether it be desktop, tablet or smartphone. Using Wordpress content management system and CiviCRM a holistic open source constituent management system NYC Metro RID will be able to replace the current website. Main Project Goals: Develop a site that adheres to the most current accessibility standards. Develop a site that visually captures the essence of NYC Metro RID – feels current, conveying energy and an active organization. It should look professional and clean with a consistent look and feel to all pages. Develop a site that has an easy to use content management and blogging system to allow for easy updates by the website committee, committee chairs and officers. Develop a site that utilizes several main navigational links with several current or future sub pages. Additional Goal: Recognize the limited non-profit budget by working closely with the point of contact from the website committee in order to reduce costs.
  4. 4. Critical Components Utilize a search functionality throughout the site Posting and display of videos Adhere to the most current accessibility standards throughout the site Calendaring functionality Manage and maintain membership data – online membership join/renewal Ability to manage constituent groups (i.e. students, associate, certified), sending email blasts, members only content, ability to collect information entered on forms. Event management, including online registration, day of event registration list and satisfaction surveys. Secure integration with online payment systems such as PayPal
  5. 5. Additional Features Incorporate analytic web tracking software – respecting individual user privacy. Printer friendly versions of pages. Links to resources. E-mail a colleague – after registering for an event, a user can encourage their colleagues to join them by e-mailing an invite. Officer and Committee Chair contact and profile information Integrated blog for board meeting minutes and committee updates Social media integration Privacy Policy Training for website committee and other designated individuals Accessible recorded tutorials Complimentary print communications template files for a consistent look on and offline
  6. 6. Detail and summary membership information to inform leadership decisions and facilitate chapter voting. Individual member record including certifications, RID Member Number and other customized information. Detail and summary financial reporting to increase trust and transparency while making the Treasurer’s job a lot easier.
  7. 7. Process •Scope defined, contract signed •3 user interface options •Feedback from client & Revisions •Finalize user interface •Wordpress development •CiviCRM development •Sandbox (test) site •Client loads page content •Deliver training •Quality checks •Final site approval •Go Live!!! DESIGN DEVELOP DELIVER
  8. 8. Detailed Fees Description Fee Project management, Wordpress and CiviCRM design and site build $1500 Critical components included Bug fixes Included Additional features $250 Non-profit discount 10% Price guarantee – if you receive a proposal with the same breadth and depth of functionality I will match their fee. A free online demonstration of intended features can be arranged. An initial retainer fee of 50% when contract is signed. The remaining 50% is due and payable 10 calendar days after the site is live.
  9. 9. Bio and Experience Daryl Crouse, JD, CI, CT Tel: (562) 453-7180 Mobile E-mail: I have been interpreting for over fifteen years. I served as website committee chair for two affiliate chapters. I am also the creator of, the first professional networking website for sign language interpreters I developed and deployed a custom database implementation of an open source membership management system for one RID affiliate chapter. I previously owned an interpreting service firm and founded the first interpreter owned telephone company. Recently I graduated from law school and now focus my efforts on assisting entrepreneurs and non-profits seeking to engage with customers and members in creative ways through technology. I live in Long Beach, California with my partner, Charlie and our three dogs. I would enjoy the opportunity to support NYC Metro RID’s effort to connect and reconnect with students, members, and the greater community.