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TfU Rubrics


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TfU Rubrics

  1. 1. SEC 2 HISTORY TFU PROJECT 2009 ASSESSMENT RUBRICS PART 1 1-2 3-4 5 Grade Choice of Poor choice of Good choice of Very good choice cartoon and cartoon that has cartoon that has of cartoon that has understanding little or no some scope for a lot of scope for of different scope for discussion. discussion. elements of discussion. cartoon Good Very good Poor understanding of understanding of understanding different elements different elements of different of cartoon. of cartoon. elements of cartoon. PICTURE Shows poor to Shows good ability Shows excellent framework moderate ability to analyse the ability to analyse to analyse the source using the the source using source using PICTURE the PICTURE the PICTURE framework. framework. framework. CMI Writeup Shows some Shows good Shows excellent understanding understanding of understanding of of the Context, Context, Message Context, Message Message and and Impact and is and Impact and is Impact and able to apply the able to correctly attempts to framework to apply the apply the analyzing the framework to framework to cartoon source. analyzing the analyzing the cartoon source. cartoon source.
  2. 2. Part II 1-2 3-4 5 Grade Political Minimal to Good effort put in Excellent effort put Cartoon moderate effort drawing the in drawing the put in drawing cartoon. cartoon. - Effort cartoon. - Aesthetic Cartoon is very well value Cartoon is Cartoon is well drawn - Choice of moderately well drawn encompassing all issue drawn encompassing elements of a good encompassing most of the political cartoon. some elements elements of a good of a good political cartoon. Choice of issue is political very relevant to the cartoon. history of Choice of issue is Singapore. Choice of issue relevant to the is somewhat history of relevant to the Singapore. history of Singapore. CMI Writeup Shows poor to Shows good ability Shows excellent moderate ability to apply the CMI ability to apply the to apply the framework. CMI framework. CMI framework. Good Excellent Limited understanding of understanding of understanding the issue chosen. the issue chosen. of the issue chosen. Reflection The reflection The reflection The reflection submitted is submitted is submitted is very - Relevance fairly relevant to relevant to the relevant to the of topic the topic. topic. topic. - Self- Awareness The reflection The reflection The reflection (e.g. bias of submitted submitted submitted group demonstrates a adequately demonstrates a members) limited degree demonstrates a high degree of self- - Learning of self degree of self- awareness by the - Well awareness by awareness by the group. Written with the group. group. logical The reflection organizatio The reflection The reflection submitted n submitted submitted demonstrates a - Knowledge demonstrates adequately high-degree of expressed limited specific demonstrates specific knowledge knowledge specific knowledge gained by the
  3. 3. - Answered gained by the gained by the group. all prompts group. group. and The reflection questions The reflection The reflection submitted is submitted submitted is exceptionally well somewhat well adequately well written and written and written and presented with presented with presented with logical organization logical logical organization. organization. The reflection is expressed very The reflection The reflection clearly, answers all submitted is submitted is the prompts and expressed expressed clearly, questions. somewhat answers all the clearly, answers prompts and all the prompts questions. and questions.