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Volume Data Credentials 2012


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Volume Data Credentials 2012

  1. 1. Big in Data CredentialsYoutalkin’tome?
  2. 2. Data ServicesVolume’s Data Services team Our skills cover a multitude of disciplines including:supports outsourced data ++ UK and international data hygienerequirements for a whole ++ Data insight and profiling ++ Data analysis (segmentation and geo-mapping)host of industry sectors that ++ Data strategyinclude automotive, information ++ Campaign management (including personalisedtechnology and leisure. print, mailing and returns management) ++ List purchasing ++ CRM system development ++ Social data integration
  3. 3. CRM/ RFV ANALYSISKwik Fit has grown from its initial centre in Edinburgh back in 1971 to be the country’s leading and mostsuccessful automotive and fast-fit group, with over 650 centres across the UK. And we’re excited to be apart of this growth, helping Kwik Fit build an engaged customer base through a bespoke CRM solution.Issue: Kwik Fit’s customer base covers almost Our solution: Working together with Kwik Fit, We have managed the data insight for morehalf of all UK households – over 11.5 million in we have built and hosted its CRM database, than three million communications across multipletotal – and these households have almost 200 and have developed complex customer-scoring campaigns and channels, resulting in aroundmillion transactions linked to them. At this scale, algorithms. These take into account RFV (recency, 250,000 new transactions every month. We’veproviding data insight to make sure that marketing frequency and value) customer information also evaluated and reported on these campaigns tocampaigns are relevant is a specialist area. including historical purchases, lifetime spend and provide strategic insight for future communications distance from outlet, creating a rich and complex and statistics for ROI. This information creates a information source for Kwik Fit’s marketing real business advantage for Kwik Fit. team. This, coupled with advanced segmentation techniques, ensures that the company’s CRM budget is used as effectively and appropriately as possible.
  4. 4. Global smartphone Global automotivemanufacturer brandsEMAIL ANALYSIS GEO-MAPPING AND LOCAL AFFINITY ZONE ANALYSISIssue: One of our smartphone provider Issue: One of our automotive sector clients had Our solution: We performed high-quality data cleaningclients was experiencing a noticeable decline in questions over the quality of data it held and wanted and mailing file preparation. The success of this hassuccess of its various online campaigns and to ensure it was clean for telemarketing, email led to further regular projects. To address the problemwanted to understand why. marketing and direct mailing campaigns. At a deeper of multi-country/multi-language data storage, we level, the client also wanted to understand where its provided support by hosting and managing a databaseOur solution: We ran data analysis on the 30 current client base and potential new customers were that feeds into the client’s CRM system. We also providemillion email addresses in the client’s database to located in order to promote sales opportunities and geographic data on the distance from a car owner’sconfirm open and click-through frequency alongside servicing. The client was also struggling to hold multi- home to their nearest dealership (both in the UK andregistrations. We were also able to determine optimum country/multi-language data in its own CRM system. Europe), which is proving invaluable for car servicingsend times and headings. In addition, we were able to mailings. By feeding the client’s database with dataadvise the client on the optimum number of emails to collected from a variety of sources (including Facebook),send per month per country to ensure that their emails we are helping to provide European sales managerswere not ignored in an overflowing inbox. with a list of potential customers local to them.
  5. 5. Reading Football Club Leading EuropeanDATA STRATEGY/LIST PURCHASING gaming platform “The Royals,” recently promoted to the Barclays premiership, have been INTERNATIONAL DATA CLEANING working with us to encourage support from local company executives. Issue: Reading FC wanted to run a campaign to Our solution: Due to the affinities people have encourage corporate sponsorship, but needed help with football, we suggested that a joint personal and to decide who the best prospects to contact were, business mailing campaign would grab the attention and what would be the best approach to really get of busy executives. Firstly, a personalised letter from their attention. Sir John Madejski was sent to Volume-sourced business- Issue: An online gaming provider had a problem with dirty director prospects at their home address. This was international data – it was incorrectly addressed, contained then followed by a telephone call at their place of work obscenities and duplicate records, and was thus unfit for mailing. to ensure the letter had been received, and gave the opportunity to discuss potential sponsorship. Our solution: We took the client’s existing data, cleaned it, removed duplicates and obscenities and reformatted it into different mailing cells. (Mailing cells are data segments based on “ olume listened to our objectives, and responded V criteria the client is interested in – purchase amount, particular with an innovative solution. The initial contact by promotions, geographic region or even source). Much of this client’s mail reached key decision makers informally in their data is gathered from online registrations and as a result, there are home environment, which was then followed up a number of obscenities within the data. Fortunately our suspect- with a phone call to their office location to provide name identifier ensures that any inappropriate name and address further information and to arrange an appointment. data is removed. This enables our client to send out its campaigns This approach increased impact, making the campaign safe in the knowledge that the communication is clean and will very memorable and ultimately delivering increased reach the intended recipients. response rates. As always, the customer service we received from Volume was excellent, and we look forward to working with Volume again in future.” Emma Pierce Marketing Director
  6. 6. Zebra Zebra creates specialist printing solutions for its global partnersTechnologies and customers. New products are launched via informationINTERNATIONAL DATA MAILING/ packs sent in the mail.PERSONALISED PRINT Data problem: Multiple international partners and customers require correctly addressed personalised launch packs issued to them in the most eco-friendly manner possible. Our solution: New products are launched to authorised distributors according to their relationship with Zebra and language preference. All data is cleaned, deduped and correctly formatted in terms of language, EMEA region of responsibility, mailing format and distributor type (e.g. partner, associate, reseller). The formatted file is then issued to our own print team for digital personalised print. Data drives the grouping of bulk labels that are created so that multiple contacts at one company only receive one pack which is internally distributed, thus saving on printing and mailing costs.
  7. 7. Gartner No Added Sugar Gartner is a leading information Issue: With a huge volume of training-course mailings being issued internationally, there are a number technology researcher and advisor of mailing returns (goneaways) to be managed to minimise future financial mailing expense. that provides insight to businessONGOING GONEAWAY leaders in professional services, Our solution: Gartner has been a Volume client for DATA HYGIENE AND SEGMENTATIONMANAGEMENT over five years now, and we manage its data capture, high-tech industries and response management and subsequent database updates to ensure that all contact records are updated telecom enterprises. as swiftly as possible. Established in 2001, No Added Issue: With regular mailing campaigns to be issued to specific segments of No Added Sugar’s Sugar retails premium children’s client database, they needed a data service to ensure that all contact data is kept clean to enable clothing around the world. purchaser-specific campaign selections to be made. Our solution: We clean, dedupe and segment the purchasers and catalogue requesters into recency and value groups (for example sale and non-sale periods) from both the online store and telephone orders. This enables mailings to be targeted accordingly and also allows for returns (which also come to us) to be effectively managed, and the database updated regularly.
  8. 8. Data health checkWith today’s high cost of mailing, it’s imperative that postal campaignshave accurate addresses to minimise financial wastage from returns.We can help show you how much money is being lost and how muchmore efficient your campaigns could be.In addition, we can review the email data held in your Our complimentary data health check advises on thedatabase and confirm whether it is valid structurally, quality of various elements of a data set, includingwhether email addresses are corporate or “free” name and address data information (includingaccounts, whether there is a mail server registered gender identification); the volume of duplicatesfor the domain that can receive emails. and obscenities contained within the dataset; the validation of landline and mobile phone numbers; and a job title/job area analysis overview.
  9. 9. Social dataSocial media is spawning social Overlaying demographic data with existing CRM profiles through a social blending exercise creates adata and this in turn is now customer “super-profile”, allowing for truly targeting engagements that have never before been available.providing organisations with arich and unprecedented stream Volume is pioneering the social data revolution, leading to valuable insight into demographics,of information about customers brand engagement, end-customer interest and location affinities.and prospects. The unification of CRM and social data is the next BIG thing in data! Contact us to find out more.
  10. 10. Data TeamFor more information about how to getyour company BIG in data, please contact:Michael +44 (0)118 977 5800 @volumegroup volumegroupltd volume