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Geodis Wilson Automotive

  1. 1. Geodis Wilson MexicoIntegrated Logistics Solutions by Geodis Wilson SUN Microsystems WWOPs Global Logistics RFQ - Copyright GEODIS © 1
  2. 2. Automotive Presentation August 2011 © Geodis Global Solutions – CONFIDENTIAL 2
  3. 3. Our Mission, Vision and ValuesOur profile includes 6,400 employees located in 53 countries worldwide. GeodisWilson is part of the global logistics provider Geodis Group, with more than 26,000people in 120 countries. Our mission: to be the best Freight Management service provider – the best for our employees, customers and suppliers. Our vision: Geodis Wilson is the most innovate trendsetter in global Freight Management, delivering integrated logistics solutions for the customer, enabling them to be the best in class. Our values: Reliable, committed and connected © Geodis Global Solutions – CONFIDENTIAL
  4. 4. Geodis, part of the French railway company, SNCF2010 Revenue € 30.5bn [US$ 40.4bn]235,000 employees SNCF € 10,770m Urban public transport Public Transport [US$ 14,267m] SNCF € 8,890m Freight transportation and logistics Geodis [US$ 11,777m] SNCF Passenger long-distance € 7,217m Voyages and high-speed rail transportation [US$ 9,560m] SNCF Rail infrastructure € 5,182m management, operations, maintenance, Infrastructure & engineering [US$ 6,865m] Stations & € 1,134m Connections [US$ 1,502m] © Geodis Global Solutions – CONFIDENTIAL 4
  5. 5. Geodis Group: Profile• 2010 revenue: € 6.5bn (US$ 8.7bn), + 31% vs 2009• Over 30,000 employees• Subsidiaries in 60 countries• Network serving 120 countriesFreight Contract Groupage/LTL Full Truckload 4PLForwarding Logistics ExpressRevenue € 2,420m Revenue € 1,007m Revenue € 1,697m Revenue € 775m Revenue € 868m (US$ 3,206m) (US$ 1,334m) (US$ 2,248m) (US$ 1,027m) (US$ 1,150m) +51% vs 2009 +23% vs 2009 +15% vs 2009 +18% vs 2009 +44% vs 2009 © Geodis Global Solutions – CONFIDENTIAL 5
  6. 6. A major player 2009 revenue (€ bn)1 DP DHL Package 21% Mail 29%2 DB Schenker3 Kühne+Nagel4 FedEx Package 63%5 SNCF Geodis UPS Package 83% Ceva CH Robinson DSV Panalpina YRC Ryder Package 59% TNT Mail 41% 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 © Geodis Global Solutions – CONFIDENTIAL 6
  7. 7. Geodis Organization Chairman P. Blayau CEO J.-L. Demeulenaere Finance HR L. Dumas J.-L. Vincent Internal Audit Legal J.-L. Coppens S. Cassagne Geodis Global Solutions August Scheidle Supply Chain Corporate Sales & Marketing – Global Accounts Management – Business Solutions OptimisationFreight Forwarding Contract Logistics Groupage Full Truckload SCO Operations P. Gilbert J.-P. Vignal B. Mandrin O. Melot B. Augère © Geodis Global Solutions – CONFIDENTIAL 7
  8. 8. We have the worldwide networkThe backbone of our company Employees 6,400 Geodis Wilson offices worldwide 250 Countries with Geodis Wilson presence 51 Countries covered by network +120 Air Freight (tonnes) 203,981 Sea Freight (TEU) 444,150 Geodis Wilson © Geodis Global Solutions – CONFIDENTIAL
  9. 9. We have the worldwide networkThe backbone of our company Employees 6,400 Geodis Wilson offices worldwide 250 Countries with Geodis Wilson presence 51 Countries covered by network +120 Air Freight (tonnes) 2010 203,981 Sea Freight (TEU) 2010 444,150 Geodis Wilson Geodi Wilson’s agents network © Geodis Global Solutions – CONFIDENTIAL
  11. 11. Customer Focused End to End Solutions Reverse Logistics Air Freight Pick-up and transport Economy Diagnostics -processing Regular Container management Priority Recycling/recovery services Hand Carrier Full Charter Value Added Supply Chain Management Sea FreightCustom ClearanceInsurance Advance consulting and optimization FCL/FCLE - Services Coordination of operations LCL/LCLPurchase Order LCL/FCLManagement End-to-end flow management FCL/LCLElectronic Invoice Break Bulk24 / 7 Services Part Charter Full Charter Contract Logistics Full Truckloads Pre and Post Productions Logistics Full loads Warehousing & Distribution Transport on demand Pick & Pack Specialized transport Supply Chain Logistics Multimodal Value Added Service © Geodis Global Solutions – CONFIDENTIAL
  12. 12. Presence in the Americas © Geodis Global Solutions – CONFIDENTIAL 12
  13. 13. Geodis Presence in the Americas 1311 employees 56 Locations Canada 173 people 2 000 000 SQF260 000 SQF USA 548 people ISO 14001 1 440 000 SQF Colombia ISO 9001 50 people Brazil Mexico 184 people 121 people 163 000 SQF 160 000 SQF Peru 20 people Argentina 100 people 12 000 SQF Chile 114 people 50 000 SQF Copyright GEODIS © 13
  14. 14. Geodis Presence in the USA 548 employees Seattle 19 Locations Boston 1 440 000 SQF Rochester Detroit Endicott PokSan ChicagoFrancisco Newark ISO 14001 Boulder Washington DC Carlisle ISO 9001 CFS / TSA / CCSF facilities Norfolk Los Memphis Angeles Atlanta Charlotte Dallas Houston Miami Copyright GEODIS © 14
  15. 15. Geodis Automotive © Geodis Global Solutions – CONFIDENTIAL 15
  16. 16. Automotive, a strategic market for Geodis• AUTOMOTIVE is a strategic sector for Geodis and one of its core business market line among 4 (High-Tech, Retails, Industry and Automotive)• The AUTOMOTIVE success of Geodis is based on: – full customized and added value solutions for Automotive customers with specific IT, quality system and operational means – a dedicated corporate organisation within Geodis Solutions (commerce and engineering) – specialized Business units and numerous sites full dedicated to Automotive activities (warehousing, cross docking, transport and groupage services)• Geodis is one of the strategic partners of key automotive actors as Robert Bosch, Renault, PSA, Ford, Valeo, Faurecia, Delphi, Inergy, Michelin,… 16
  17. 17. Geodis quality policy• One of Geodis competitive advantage is its well-known level of service quality for FTL, LTL and groupage deliveries (for example, thanks to this very high level of quality, Geodis was designed VIP partner by VALEO ). This high quality services is the result of Geodis’ strong quality policy and of all the operational business units’ involvement.• All Geodis sites, platforms, delivery and logistics centers are certified to ISO 9001 V2000 Quality Certification among Transport and Logistics organizations.• The performance resulting from such quality policy will enable Geodis to actively contribute to your strong industrial performance. 17
  18. 18. Geodis automotive experience by activity Inbound transportation including cross-dock Study of the existing transport plans in order to optimize the transport costs Continuous improvement of productivity in collaboration with our customer ’s logistics and purchasing departments Improvement of transport costs by volume effects and consolidation of the different sites’ flowsSome examples : Customers Activities Sites FTL Rakovnik (Czech Republic) FTL Amiens Cross-dock (France) Cross-dock Trnava  European distribution (Slovakia)  Pitesti (Romania) Rail  Moscow (Russia) 18
  19. 19. Business case : Inbound transportation • Site: Trnava (Slovakia)Services offered• Transportation plan design according to FAURECIA sourcing and MRP (Materials requirement planning)• 100% Inbound flows management (pick up, consolidation, transport, ...)• Cross docking operations for consolidation• Flows track & trace and suppliers monitoring• Unloading and loading handling operations within FAURECIA• Returnable packaging management (flows track & trace and monitoring)Key figures Suppliers• Collection from 30 suppliers• JIT delivery: 20 trucks per day• Inbound flowsKey factors of success Returns of empty packaging Plant• 3 different flows organization principles: direct flow, milk run, consolidated flows• Geodis resident in Faurecia’s plant JIT delivery 19
  20. 20. Geodis automotive experience by activity Advanced warehouse management Warehousing & added value operations as assembly Dedicated IT system : Optilog Sequenced picking and deliveriesSome examples :Customers Activities Sites Customers Activities Sites  Advanced warehouse  Etupes / management Ottmarsheim  Advanced warehouse Palencia (France) management (Spain)  Advanced warehouse Dechy / Etupes / management Ottmarsheim  Advanced warehouse  Fontaine /  National distribution (France) management Limay (France) Valladolid/  Fontaine /  Advanced warehouse Barcelona  Advanced warehouse management management Etupes / (Spain) Ottmarsheim (France)  Advanced warehouse  Advanced warehouse management Achères Trnava management (Slovakia)  Synchronous delivery (France) 20
  21. 21. Business case : advanced warehouse management …Services offered • Site: Fontaine (France)One advanced warehouseto supply 2 production sites Transport services  Deliveries : daily / several times a day(Sochaux and Mulhouse)  Management of emergencies (aircraft, helicopter, taxi)  Specialized distribution  Inter-site distribution Storage of components and  Take-back of empty sub-components containers at production lineKey figures  Reception, quality control and entry into stock  Inventory and outstanding stock management  Reception and integration of orders12.000 sqm  Order picking and aspect control  Suppliers quality management 23 customers 300 referencesKey factors of success Customization / assembly :  Reception, quality control and storageMutualisation of the means on 3 sites of components  Inventory and outstanding stock management(Fontaine, Etupes and Ottmarsheim) Information flows  Reception and order picking  Aspect control  Reception and processing ofCar manufacturer assembly line production delivery orders via EDI  Dispatch notice  Assembly and customization operations  Kitting  Sequenced sourcing or kanban at  Updating of stockscheduled according to orders production line(colour, interior, series…) 21
  22. 22. Geodis automotive experience by activity Spare parts distribution GEODIS comprehensive network (example: GEODIS CALBERSON & FRANCE EXPRESSnetworks in France) Dedicated means with Day and Night deliveries, emergency deliveries and stockreplenishments Added value warehousing solutions Returnable packaging flows managementSome examples : Customers Activities Countries National & European France distribution National distribution Malaysia National distribution  France  Warehousing Rome  Distribution (Italy) 22
  23. 23. Business case : spare parts distribution • Site: Roma (Italy)Services offeredWarehousing and distributionKey figures 5.200 sqm of storage 20 docks to load trucks 13.000 SKU’s 14 roundtrips 85 delivery pointsKey factors of successSolution based on a PDA with the following connection capacities : Bar code scanning to scan the parcels labels at each delivery point RFID scanning for reading/writing of each dealer RFID Tag Gprs and Umts mobile phone connection of the PDAUploading of the delivery data in real-time through the mobile networkIdentification of each driver and delivery point ; transfer of the electronic packing list in the RFID tag of the dealer 23
  24. 24. Geodis Engineering © Geodis Global Solutions – CONFIDENTIAL 24
  25. 25. Geodis Engineering key facts Key Numbers Expertises Key Sucess Factors Cost savings are Continuous Improvement contractually Committed +350 Initiatives identified Customer and Geodis Agree around … the globe Shared target and incentives Industry Best Practices Shared strategy, business model evolution, constraints 25% Process Re-engineering Comprehensive Supply Chain Engineering Program Managers are … Owners of results Empowered by executive sponsors30%Benchmark Strong network of engineers covering all geographies Country Business Units are EMEA, APAC, AMERICAS Implicated in program results Copyright GEODIS © 25
  26. 26. Logistic Questionnaire Survey Logistics Survey Questionnaire Screen ShotsThis questionnaire supports the analysisand modelling of the clients business. It will be used in confidence to supportany offers made by Geodis to the Client in relation to the provision of Logistics services.It is envisaged that as much information is presented as possible in order that Geodis can present an offer that fully meets the Clients expectations both current and future.This document has been designed to be used directly during meetings or visits with a customer.To simplify the task, the questions have been split into individual sections covering various aspects of logistics. Copyright GEODIS © 26
  27. 27. Process SOP and work proceduresProcess SOP and Work Procedures Screen ShotsThe Geodis solution includes the design and preparation of all activities in scope, well documented processes and work instructions. Work Instructions are used to support training and education programs.All documentation is accessible online to the Geodis employees. Continuous education is done including certification progam and exams. Copyright GEODIS © 27
  28. 28. Re-engineering Methodology Brainstorming Diagnostic Opportunity identificationOngoing Continuous Improvement Data Collection & Analysis Savings Return On Experience tracking Qualification Simulation Training Planning and costing Implementation Go / No-go decision New Process Implementation Management / Customer Decision Copyright GEODIS © 28
  29. 29. Re-engineering Methodology Network Design Quick Wins Process Modelling Time StudyBarycenter calculation Low cost, quick SIPOC, Stopwatches Geocoding improvements Value Stream Mapping Time calculation Workstation analysis Audit Brainstorming Simulation Brown Paper Benchmarking Diagnostic Warehousing Flows workshops Modeling ARENA Copyright GEODIS © 29
  30. 30. Benchmarking Description Tools 1 Collect Simulation Tools SIPOCDescription of activities, process, observations on floor, timemeasurements and workshops with operational and executive staff are used to collect information needed for benchmark. This step can be also used to update quality processes. 2 Organize All information collected are formalized: time sheet, SIPOC, Flow Chart, Layout ... 3 SynthesizeAll data are synthesised through standard documents in order Process Analysis Time Studies to make easy comparisons between activities. 4 CompareComparison are made with either same business activities or with logistic standard 5 ProposeImprovements are identified based on results of comparison. These improvements can be also formalized with a “quick- wins” approach. Measurements can be compared toBenefits “industrial & logistic” standard and others GEODIS sites Copyright GEODIS © 30
  31. 31. Quick Wins Description Tools Quick-wins methodology has been developed by 5S Approach Geodis corporate engineering with support of Geodis local engineering involved in high-tech BEFORE AFTER activities.This methodology is especially accurate when “big” GEODIS changes are not possible Poughkeepsie (IT system, equipment) USA 5S, Kaisen, TPS (muri, mura, muda) have beenespecially adapted by Geodis for logistics activities dedicated for our high-tech customers. Relevant storage equipement, floor marking The target of this methodology is to identify quick and low cost improvements. Warehouse Re-design Benchmark methodology can be also a way to BEFORE AFTER identify quick-wins.This tool can be deployed as a project but it must GEODISalso be considered as a continuous improvement Dublin 90 Ireland 20 cm cm QUICK and LOW COSTBenefits improvements Re-design of bulk area to fit smaller size of new products Copyright GEODIS © 31
  32. 32. Modeling / Simulation Tools Description ToolsImproving local and global supply chain processes Geodis has dedicated engineering resources and own a various Detailed analysis of warehousing, logistics, or range of simulation/modeling tools to answer customers needs transportation and better service their Global Supply Chain requirementsAnalyze resources (forklift, workstations, trucks …) utilizations Sizing of the Means & Platforms. Evaluation of alternative mode of transport FTL / LTL / Routes optimization Bottlenecks indentification and strategy Portland Service Leadtime analysis Rochester Toronto Endicott Location to be Location identified to be Understand the capacity and the Location to be identified identified impact of system changes withoutBenefits the investments of additional capital Lecanto or physical change Copyright GEODIS © 32
  33. 33. Geodis IT Systems © Geodis Global Solutions – CONFIDENTIAL 33
  34. 34. Geodis IT Vision Key Geodis Key Numbers IT Vision Facts Enable Geodis to lead the industry Simplification through world-class IT solutions for our Single Plateform internal and external customers7,000,000 EDI Provide and operate a reliable, Standardizationmessages/month scaleable and cost effective technology Global & replicable processes infrastructure Enable the business organization and Modularity 3,000,000 operations agility to adapt to changing Evolving solution Transport business needs Orders/Year Integration Mitigate risk to ensure security and Connectivity & Management continuity of business operations+1000 Reports Improve business operations Predictability performance end-to-end across the Forecast management +1000 enterprise Users Increase customer and employee Visibility satisfaction Tracking, Monitoring © Geodis Global Solutions – CONFIDENTIAL 34
  35. 35. Module Solutions Suite Sales / Operations Business Layer Business Operations Requirements Execution Layer Solution Design Implementation Operations Executions Solution Modules Altesse Application LayerConnectivity & Visibility Integration Layer Paris Geodis Data Center Hardware Platform Regional TLC Nodes Infrastructure Layer Chicago, IL Lyon, FR © Geodis Global Solutions – CONFIDENTIAL 35
  36. 36. Geodis WMS Main Functionnalities Screenshots +15 years of experience in Geodis (in use since 1993) Barcode reading Appointments with suppliers/forwarder+100 contracts implemented Quality control Receiving with RF Multilingual System Returns Preparation with RF/Voice Kitting during order preparation Preparation instructions worksheet/Packing and pre-packing constraints Benefits Carrier or client constraints on packing/ palletizing Improved productivity at Management of delivery on manufacturingreceipt and during picking lines Kit to order / Kit to stock Dismantling Optimisation of space BOM management Full data’s traceability of componentsFull traceability of product Management of replenishment ofmovement during kitting / manufacturing line with storage handling bundling process capabilities Carrier selection Appointment with the customerEffective management of Shipment with the customer Shipment consolidation: orders grouped into defective parts one Delivery Order, Delivery Orders grouped into one shipment for oneImproved quality of picks, same customer while maintaining strong Documentation edition throughput (delivery order, packing list …) © Geodis Global Solutions – CONFIDENTIAL 36
  37. 37. Geodis WMS Functionalities Cross dock Barcode Receiving with Transit with storage, Appointments Quality Control Receiving with Reading ASNReceiving transit platform RF CAB Galia and with Suppliers/ or with & Cross dock for forwarder Returns heterogeneous cases EAN (SSCC) documents only Preparation Carrier or client Management ofOrder Order Preparation with Kitting during instructions constraints on delivery onPreparation Scheduling RF / Voice order preparation worksheet packing and packing/ manufacturing pre-packing constraints palletizing lines Storage Storage Inventory strategy: Putaway with segmentation: methods Return to stockStorage optimisations, priorities, RF if shipment cancelled Storage rules Bounded, classified, Rotative Inventory storage class, preferred blocked ... Counts, Wall to Wall store, shortest path ... Replenishment of manufacturing Bill Of Material Full traceabilityManufacturing Kit to Order Kit to Stock Dismantling Management of components line with shortage handling capabilities Shipping Carrier Appointment Shipment documentationShipping Selection with customer consolidation Order pick-up Loading control Packing list, delivery order ... © Geodis Global Solutions – CONFIDENTIAL 37
  38. 38. Our reporting solution: Business Objects 8 years of experience in Main Functionalities Geodis (in use since 2002) +2000 Users Business organization of Data +1000 Reports 45 datasources 14 Servers Operational & Monitoring Data Key measurements Benefits An interactive user Data Historical & Historizationexperience, making it easyto get the information userswant, in the way they want, Multilanguage functionality and when they want Interactive report Ad Hoc analysis visualization With Xcelcius, users can manipulate scenarios Dashboardinggraphically and see impact End-user Reporting Control ReportingUsers can perform powerful ad-hoc queries and interactive analysis Data Extraction © Geodis Global Solutions – CONFIDENTIAL 38
  39. 39. Geodis EDI Platform +2000 Customers Main Functionalities GEOBUS+7,000,000 messages/month +50 Value Added Network Customer Connections A large scope of B2B communication IT Systems +300 different FTP flows protocol (including VAN) +500 different message conversions Transformation (from simple to complex) and BPM features Geodis Geodis TMS WMS Benefits EDI Flow MonitoringDelivers the set of functionsrequired for a modern EAI/ To survey the availability of every Suppliers SOA implementation technical component of our EDI IT Systems platform (network, servers, filesystems, databasis…) Runs on a High Availability To survey the availability of every infrastructure application tool To track and trace all EDI Current capacity : exchanges within our EDI platform 45msg/s To follow the execution of the EDI business processes and extract B2B (Vertical View) and results for key indicator A2A capacities performances Detailled tracking of an EDI flow © Geodis Global Solutions – CONFIDENTIAL 39
  40. 40. Geodis EDI Connectivity Data Specific Networks Public Network Specialised lineExchanges GEIS, ATLAS, IBM, ... Exchanges SMTP Gentran Integration Suite (e.g., WWRE, Transora, ) Services > BPM centric > Open Standards Support EDIINT (AS1, AS2) B2B Services FTP, FTP/SProtocols Types Mailbox HTTP, HTTP/SProposed Trading Partners Exception Handling Intelligent routing ebXML Sterling Pure J2EE platform reliable, scalable Commerce SOAPGentran B2B Platform XFORMS Value-Added Networks (webforms) SIB, GXS, Allegro, Atlas EDI / XML RosettaNet © Geodis Global Solutions – CONFIDENTIAL 40
  41. 41. Spare Parts Warehouses References © Geodis Global Solutions – CONFIDENTIAL 41
  42. 42. FIAT - Langenhagen, Germany Key Facts Activities Photos Key Numbers Receiving 20 000 SQM 85 people 45,000 P/N 19 000 Rack Locations 32 000 Mezzanine Location 12 000 Carroussel Locations Receiving and counting material 1 500 Bulk Locations Inbound = 1000 lines per day Putaway by replenishment in RFOutbound = 8 000 lines per day 1000 delivery points Picking with picking slips Products Dispatch to dealers for small pieces in RF Automotive Spare Parts Packing of big pieces Shipping Cross-docking Cut-off time = 18:00 for delivery next day before 8:00 Langenhagen, DE Copyright GEODIS © 42
  43. 43. BOSCH Automotive – San Giovanni, Italy Key Facts Activities Photos Key Numbers Receiving 12 500 SQM Truck unloading 25 people Quality Control RF scanning 13 000 P/N Unpacking3 000 Orderlines / day Rack Locations Storage Products Automotive Parts Pallet storage Rack Shelves Mezzanine Shipping Order planning Picking Packing Shipping San Giovanni, IT Copyright GEODIS © 43
  44. 44. IBM – Mechanicsburg, PA, USA Facility Capabilities Activities Photos Key Numbers Warehousing HighBay storage Warehouse Management33 000 US pallets capacity Inventory Controls 1200 transactions/day Order Fulfillment Miniload Storage Replenishement of Emergency Part Support Center 18,000 small part bins Complete US coverage6500 lines picked per day 42 workstations Rush 0 to 2 hours delivery 1,2 & 4 Hour Same Day Delivery, Next Day delivery Products Deferred Delivery Electronic Parts Central Control Tower Manager Dale Edwards Call Center, Order Tracking, Inventory Control, Logistic Support Mechanicsburg, PA Reverse Logistic Used parts warranty claim entitlement and management Returns to repair vendors Trackeability Copyright GEODIS © 44
  45. 45. SNCF - Moissy France Key Facts Activities Photos Key Numbers Receiving 3 warehouses PlanificationTotal Space : 70 000 sqm Truck unloading 254 people Quality Control 92 000 P/N Receiving Stock value : 250 M€ Putaway 415 delivery points Value Added Services Products Characterization Packaging Parts for Trains Inventory Management Preparation Order Management Picking Mezzanine: 65 000 locations Quality Control Consolidation Shipping Wharfage Truck Loading Moissy, FR Shipping Validation Rack Storage: Floor + 4 Copyright GEODIS © 45
  46. 46. Thank you for your attention Copyright GEODIS ©