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Panama tourist attractions


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This presentation is about some important touristic pleces in Panama

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Panama tourist attractions

  2. 2. Amador Causeway From the causeway, there is a nice view of Panama City, and the Bridge of the Americas. Many Panamanians like to spend their weekends jogging, riding a bicycle or rollerblading down the causeway, or having a meal or drinks.
  3. 3. Bocas del Toro Bocas del Toro is a favorite spot for scuba divers, and as the dives are shallow, it’s particularly suited for particularly for beginners. An extensive coral reef features colorful varieties of tropical fish. Discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1502.
  4. 4. Boquete Known as the “Valley of the Flowers,” Boquete offers a true bouquet of delightful travel experiences. Whether taking a zip line over through the canopy of the Cloud Forest, soaking in the hot springs along the Caldera River or whitewater river rafting on the Chiriquí Viejo, travelers will find plenty to do around the mountain village of Boquete.
  5. 5. Coiba National Marine Park The island of Coiba is the largest island in the park, as well as the largest island in all of Central America. More than 800 species of marine life are present in the area. The park is known as one of the best places to enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving on the Pacific Coast.
  6. 6. Panama Canal Considered the “Eight Wonder of the Modern World.” Visitors can take either a partial or complete crossing of the canal. Crossings take four to eight hours. About 56,307 workers coming from the United States, Europe, and the Caribbean were needed to conclude this engineering feat.
  7. 7. Pearl Island Indigenous peoples populated the Pearl Islands until Spanish Conquistadors discovered the archipelagos’ wealth of pearls in the 1500s. The islands gained new popularity after being featured on the reality television show Survivor. The islands feature lush forests surrounded by white sandy beaches. Contadora Island is the most developed of the Pearl Islands, with several resorts and an airstrip.
  8. 8. San Blas Islands Located in Eastern Panama, the San Blas Islands is the best place to explore the rich culture of Panama’s indigenous people, the Kuna. The Kuna people view this area as their own but are warm and welcoming to visitors. One member of the tribe is stationed on many of the area’s tiny tropical islands, and for a nominal fee, they allow visitors exclusive use of the island for the day.
  9. 9. Taboga Island Located about 20 kilometers from Panama City, Isla Taboga is Panama’s favorite escape out of the city to bathe in its sandy beaches, ride Jet Ski’s, speed boats and fishing charters. First settled by the Spanish in 1515, Isla Taboga has a charming village with the second-oldest church in the western hemisphere, a few narrow streets with a few restaurants and great views to Panama City from the top of the Island.
  10. 10. Baru Volcan Located in Chiriquí Province, as Panama’s highest geographical point, Volcán Barú offers a true adventure for experienced hikers and mountain climbers. The long climb is steep, and hikers will experience changes in climate as they hike towards the summit.
  11. 11. Old City (Casco Viejo) What is known today as Panama Viejo, the old city of Panama, was the first city established by the shores of the Pacific Ocean, by Governor Pedro Arias Davila in 1519. This city was constantly visited by galleons coming from Peru, loaded with gold and silver, and other treasures en route to Spain. As a result of the attack by the English corsair, Sir Henry Morgan, occurred in 1671, the city was looted and set on fire, leaving instead of the Pearl of the Pacific, the ruins visible today.
  12. 12. Currency of Panama The american dollar is the standard currency in use in Panama, so visitors with american currency don't need to exchange money.