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Al Azhar Arabic Centre


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Al Azhar Arabic Centre

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Al Azhar Arabic Centre

  1. 1. Al-Azhar Arabic Centre<br /><ul><li>Multimedia Arabic Language Laboratory
  2. 2. Arabic Proficiency Course
  3. 3. Middle East Business Information Centre
  4. 4. Middle East Trading Think-tank
  5. 5. Middle East Strategic B2B Forum
  6. 6. Islamic Knowledge Base</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>Multimedia Arabic Language Laboratory</li></ul>Laboratory use High-Technology with One Single Virtual Computing, Easy Control, Simple Derivated Contents.<br />Derivated Multimedia Contents:<br />Islamic Knowledge Base <br />Arabic Proficiency <br />Middle East Culture Information<br />Multitasking Technology<br />
  7. 7. Middle East Business Information Centre<br />Target Market<br />IT Professional<br /><ul><li>Professional IT & Energy
  8. 8. Middle-UpperClass Community</li></ul>Market OpportunityProfessional Labor<br />SME’s Industry<br />Foreign Capital Investment<br />outcomes<br />Energy Professional<br />Middle East Strategic B2B Forum<br />Pesantren CharitySuistainable Program<br />Think-tank Services<br />BusinessPortal Web.2<br />Facebook Group Community<br />Businness DialogB2B – G2BOpportunity Forum<br />LinkedIn is the world&apos;s largest business network, <br />
  9. 9. الأزهر <br />الاتصالات التجارية العربية<br />