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Consumer behaviour towards E-Grocery


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Research done in Lucknow region to know the consumer behaviour towards E-grocery . Taking a sample size of 100 consumers.

Published in: Marketing
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Consumer behaviour towards E-Grocery

  1. 1. Consumer behaviour towards E-grocery DARSHITA GURURANI
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION • The increase in the penetration of internet and lack of time in the people’s life, online shopping has gained popularity. • Online grocery stores have to educate prospective customers about the opportunity and benefits of ordering groceries online. • There is a need to understand the behaviour of the consumer towards e- grocery
  3. 3. OBJECTIVE MDP: What actions should be taken by e- grocery marketers to influence customer to opt for e-grocery. Objective:The objective of the study is to understand the consumer behaviour by knowing customer’s attitude, Satisfaction and preference while purchasing grocery online.
  4. 4. Methodology: Population: People of Lucknow. Sampling design: Non- probability sampling design. Data Collection Method: Structured survey Sources of Data Collection: Primary data.  Processing of Data: Statistical Test like Regression, anova, Chi-square Crosstab to find the relation and difference of demographic determinant like income, age, gender, on the customer attitude and Satisfaction.
  5. 5. Findings Satisfaction with Attitude parameters. Significant parameters: o Quality oAccessibility o Description o Broad Selection  There is significant difference in purchasing frequency across gender and income
  6. 6. There is significant relationship between purchasing frequency and personality factor. There is significant difference between features to attract across gender. There is significant difference between need of online grocery across income
  7. 7. SUGGESTIONS • E-Grocers should focus more towards easy accessibility, quality offered by them, description of the product as most of the customer’s go for online grocery shopping by seeing all these factors. • Innovative efforts must be launched to improve the marketing strategies. • The potential participants can be invited to take part in the survey through the actual website so that they can evaluate and visualize the features, benefits, ease of use, security, trustworthiness and etc with less bias but with more true perception and feedback.
  8. 8. • Delivery at specific times. • Target marketing • New markets • Focusing on advertisement for women • Networking with hotels