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Levels of Biodiversity


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Levels of Biodiversity

  1. 1. Levels of BiodiversityBiodiversity is the variety of all species, their genetic information they contain and the ecosystems they form.There are three levels of biodiversity:• Genetic diversity is the total genetic informationcontained in the genes of all the species. It also refersto the variation in genetic information betweenspecies as well as the variations between individualsof the same species.Example:• Species diversity is the variety of species on Earth.It refers to both the number of species and the numberof individuals within each species.Example:• Ecosystem diversity is the variety of habitats,natural communities and ecological processes in thebiosphere.Example• Cultural diversity is sometimes considered as a 4thcomponent of biodiversity. Religion, language, artmusic contribute to this diversity.
  2. 2. Causes to biodiversity lossHabitat destructionLand clearing, fires, floods, over grazing, salinity, pollutionIntroduced speciesCompeting against, eating native species, habitat modificationOverexploitationLoss of habitat, population, more vulnerable to diseasePollution (air, soil and water)Killing species and altering ecosystemsClimatic changeAlter ecosystems and functionsIndustrial agriculture and forestryFarming practices reducing gene pool
  3. 3. Impact of decreased natural EnvironmentFewer places to find inspirationFewer places to recreateFewer educational opportunities - Lead to greater impact (more visitors to the same location)Decrease in tourism - Therefore a decrease in economy - Decreased employment opportunitiesLoss of biodiversityIncrease in endangered speciesIncrease greenhouse omissionsDecrease air qualityIncrease soil erosion, land degradationIncrease in salinityIncrease water pollutionFood shortagesAffect survival of indigenous - Rely heavily on the environment for survivalIntroduced species may relish the changes both animal and plantCould lose - new medicines - new food sources - economic value from these.