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Toastmasters Podcast Europe


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Have you heard about the Toastmasters Podcast Europe? The podcast about public speaking and beyond. For Toastmasters by Toastmasters.

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Toastmasters Podcast Europe

  1. 1. 297 May 15, 2014 Toastmasters Podcast Europe
  2. 2. Darryl listened to the Toastmasters Podcast (even before joining his club in Wiesbaden, Germany) and thought that there are plenty of interesting Toastmasters right here in Europe so lets have a podcast dedicated to Toastmasters in Europe. Darryl met Helene, Andre, and Hans via LinkedIn and we put together the podcast in 2012. 2 The Story of the Toastmasters Podcast Europe...
  3. 3. Helene is in D71 and she did our first interview with Jim Doyle. Andre did interviews in Posnan, Poland with Mark Hunter (2009 World Champion of Public Speaking). Darryl has done several interviews from D59 conference in Bonn, Antwerp, and wherever he can get one. He interviewed Ed Tate ( 2000 World Champion of Public Speaking) and so much more. 2 The Story of the Toastmasters Podcast Europe continued...
  4. 4. 2 We‘ve interviewed lots of Toastmasters from Europe and even some World Champions of Public Speaking... The next few slides will give you a taste of some of the guests we‘ve had....
  5. 5. 2 We‘ve had two „World Champions of Public Speaking“ as guests!
  6. 6. 2009 World Champion of Public Speaking Mark Hunter
  7. 7. João de Mendonça D59 Governor 2013-14 Morag Mathieson D59 Governor 2012-13 Barbara Hörger D59 Governor 2011-12 2 These District 59 Governors have been our guests...
  8. 8. 2 2011 World Championship of Public Speaking Finalist & D59‘s own Olivia Schofield
  9. 9. 2 2013 D59 International Speech Contest Winner & TEDx Speaker John Zimmer
  10. 10. 2 Master Storyteller- Peter Zinn
  11. 11. EasySpeak Creator- Malcom Warden Jim Doyle- D71G41Area Governor 2011-12 2 Guests from D71...
  12. 12. Ivan Aksenov George Thomas Rudy Morales Bill Monsour Peter Kent- 2 Guests from D59
  13. 13. Kees Broos- Kailey Peng Raquel Belo Robert Cockburn 2 Guests from D59 continued...
  14. 14.  Follow us:  Facebook, Twitter, email, rss
  15. 15. Andre largely responsible for initial website setup Andre has put a lot of work into migrating our website into the D59 domain Our website will be refreshed in the coming months, so have keep your eyes peeled 2 Our Website has been brought into the D59 domain
  16. 16. We need more people to cover Europe Would you like to be part of the Toastmasters Europe Podcast Team? Why not contact us about joining the team? 2 D59 and D71 are splitting into 4 districts in July 2014...
  17. 17. Do you know any Toastmasters with interesting stories to tell? Do you have an interesting story to tell Do you have valuable Toastmasters experience that you think should be shared with others? Contact us! 2 We Want to Know What‘s Going on in Your Corner of the World...
  18. 18. ...More on Darryl LinkedIn: Darryl Heron‘s presentations on SlideShare I‘m on Pinterest at: Email me: