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To lean more about this amazing product, log on to

  1. 1. ==== ====For great suggestions, tips, and helpful articles, check this ====The most beneficial part of the Aloe vera plant is the clear, thick, jelly like liquid found in the spear-like leaves. The Aloe vera is a native plant of Africa and grows in all seasons. This succulent plantitself can grow up to 48 inches.As far back in time as 1500 B.C. the Egyptians used this plant toheal wounds from burns, as an antiseptic to treat infections and for the treatment of parasites.The 6th century B.C. records Dioscorides, a Greek physician, who found aloe vera an effectiveremedy for constipation, as a quick healer for severe burns and in treating kidney aliments.Cleopatra, the beautiful Egyptian queen, is believed to have used aloe gel on her skin forprotection against the sun and to prevent it from aging.Since the 1930s, research on aloe vera hassignificantly increased strongly supporting a wide variety of uses for this ancient medicinal plant.Studies indicate that the aloe gel found in aloe vera leaves may provide a protective coating forulcers and burns that can accelerate the healing process.Aloe is one of the most frequently usedherbs in the United States. Today, Aloe gel is commonly used for burns, insect stings, scratches,itches, pimples, allergies, irritations, rashes, dermatitis and other skin problems. It is used widely ina number of high-grade skin care products.Aloe Vera is 99 percent water and contains substancesknown as glycoproteins and polysaccharides. Research has shown aloe has anti-inflammatory,antioxidant, and antibacterial qualities with special benefits to skin health.Aloe Vera Hydrates and Moisturizes the SkinResearch indicates that the polysaccharide-rich composition of Aloe vera extracts (Aloebarbadensis) effectively improve skin hydration. Clinical research also suggests that Aloe veraextracts have the potential to assist the body in stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastinfibers, and speed up the process of regenerating new skin tissue. Aloe offers soothing protection,hydrates, nourishes and softens the skin. For these reasons, it is used in many cosmetics for thetreatment of dry skin and as anti-aging agent.Aloe Veras Helps in Quick Healing of Burns, Cuts and ScrapesAloe vera extracts are used in treating minor cutaneous injuries. Dermatologists found aloe gelespecially useful in helping to accelerate the healing of skin after facial dermabrasion. Aloe helpsto remove scars from the skins top layers. These properties also support aloe veras potential inremoving stretch marks.Studies done by the Department of Surgery in Ramathibodi Hospital,Bangkok on the Effect of aloe vera gel to healing of burn wound a clinical and histologic studyindicate aloe veras use in speeding the healing process, particularly in burns, including those fromradiation.Aloe Vera Helps Heal SunburnsAloe vera is found in a number of aftersun lotions that provide soothing relief for sunburn. Studiesindicate it has soothing and healing properties on topical application to sunburned skin. Asupportive study of these properties has been done in Germany by the Department of
  2. 2. Dermatology in University Medical Center Freiburg on Investigation of the anti-inflammatorypotential of Aloe vera gel (97.5%) in the ultraviolet erythema test.Aloe Vera Helps Clear Pimples and AcneThe Aloe Vera plant produces at least 6 antiseptic agents which have been reported to support thebodys ability to fight infections, like pimples and acne.Products AvailableAloe can be grown as a houseplant and aloe gel can be obtained by breaking off leaves of theplant. Aloe vera is also available commercially in ointments, creams, and lotions. Because of aloegels antiseptic, moisturizing, soothing and quick-healing properties for our skin, it is a handy gel tokeep at all times.New Vitality is a health supplements company. It develops supplement products which arecarefully formulated under the guidance of an elite panel comprised of renowned doctors,nutritionists, chemists and researchers. Whether you want a nutritional supplement, pet healthsupplement, a personal care product or a health care product, New Vitality is a one-stop shop forall needs.Article Source: ====For great suggestions, tips, and helpful articles, check this ====