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To lean more about this amazing product, log on to

  1. 1. ==== ====For great suggestions, tips, and helpful articles, check this ====There are some Aloe Vera uses that are more or less self-evident, such as in skincare - perhapsespecially in the sense of applying it to burns. Not for nothing has Aloe Vera long been known asthe Burns Plant!My aim here is to focus on a few more unusual uses and to demonstrate in this way Aloesimmense versatility. I shall be referring throughout to Aloe Barbadensis Miller - the only true Aloe.For while there are over 200 Aloe species, probably just four or five have medicinal properties andof these the Barbadensis Miller is the most potent and it alone is entitled to be known as AloeVera.Ive been learning about the power of this plant gradually over the last ten or so years - ever sincemy dog was given an Aloe drink to help his arthritic limbs. When the drink (much to my surprise)did help him - quite considerably - after first putting the improvement down to coincidence, I beganmy research.Since then Ive witnessed its effectiveness in soap, where it moisturizes as well as cleanses, inbath gelee that leaves my skin feeling like silk and in a toothgel for which Ive found more usesthan I plan to mention!Ill just say that the one I use (blended with bee propolis) nourishes, strengthens and protects myteeth and gums while also fighting plaque and whitening without bleaching agents - and if I ingestit when I feel a sore throat coming on the soreness never seems to develop as it did before I foundthis remedy!Of course Im not referring to all Aloe toothgels - just to the one in my bathroom.I also use an Aloe deodorant thats free of the zirconium and aluminium salts commonly found indeodorants and anti-perspirants. So I know that Im protecting myself from the risks of Alzheimersand breast cancer often associated with those ingredients.What else? Plenty! How about an Aloe Lip Balm thats handy too as a first aid stick? Just the rightsize to carry in your pocket or handbag, as well as moisturizing and conditioning lips its great forburns, bites and stings and for calming irritated skin.Then theres the option of washing your hair with an Aloe-Jojoba Shampoo thats suitable for allhair types, Aloe being an adaptogen. It also keeps the scalp healthy and helps control irritation -as does an Aloe-Jojoba Conditioning Rinse. This carries through to an Aloe Styling Gel plus aspray that replenishes lost moisture and protects your hair whilst styling and/or straightening.
  2. 2. Its important to check with any products you buy that the Aloe Vera content is high and that theAloe has been stabilized (a process ensuring that it is essentially identical to the inner leaf gelwhen it leaves the plant).The right Aloe makes a great moisturizer for face, hands and body and - especially when blendedwith bee propolis, chamomile and comfrey - is useful for people prone to eczema and psoriasis.Well, Ive certainly supplied you with some unusual Aloe Vera uses, havent I? And I havent quitefinished yet, not having mentioned the blissful relief I get from everyday stress and strains withAloe heat lotion.And one of my favorite products is an Aloe Vera gelly thats essentially identical to the Aloe Verasinner leaf and that lubricates sensitive tissue safely. This gelly is absorbed quickly, calms irritatedskin and helps reduce scar formation. I wouldnt be without a tube in my first aid cabinet!I could continue more or less indefinitely, but will curb myself and just say that I love my gentleAloe Scrub, my SPF 30 Aloe Sunscreen, my Aloe Body Toner and Aloe Body ConditioningCrème.Does all of the above suggest that Im an Aloe Addict? If it does, I make no apology. Using AloeVera products makes perfect sense to me! Do check some unusual Aloe Vera uses for yourselfand see what I mean.Pamela Glynn is the owner of My Aloe Vera, a website giving you information about a specialrange of Aloe Vera products plus a great business opportunity.Article Source: ====For great suggestions, tips, and helpful articles, check this ====