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  1. 1. ==== ====See an aray of great items go to my website great stuff, go to my website ====Fathers day is just around the corner and you must be looking for some ideas on what present toget for your beloved father. Or perhaps his birthday is coming up. You will of course want to gifthim something that is not only useful, practical and looks good, but also something that is not tooexpensive. So heres a list of things you can get your dad that is easy on your pocket and does notcompromise on quality. Branded Pens : Maybe a little clichéd but pens are your best bet as far as usefulness,attractiveness and budget are concerned. Not only will your father get something that he will findhelpful, but you will also not have to splurge. But make sure the pen is a Parker or somethingalong those lines because lets face it, a cheap pen will just look just that - cheap. Swiss Army Knives : Another common but useful gift. A Swiss army knife is not onlyrecommended for the many purposes that it serves, but also for flaunting it. It is compact, portableand efficient. It is the ultimate symbol of "machismo" and any man would love to have one.Clothing and Accessories: If you would rather be on the safe side, just stick to the originals. Shirts,tees, ties, cufflinks, tie links and such similar items will never go out of style and theres no wayyou can go wrong with these.Shoes : Deerskin shoes are all the rage now. They look chic and a good pair costs less than 50dollars. Pen Drives : For those fathers that spend too much time trying to back up their data andpresentations for meetings, pen drives, especially ones with greater memory capacity such as 8GB can be the best gift possible. Amazon Kindle Books : Perfect for those fathers that are reading addicts, or even those that enjoyan occasional read but dont have much time to head out to the bookstore.Portable DVD Players: Utility, entertainment and cost-effectiveness, a portable DVD player coversall the requirements. Your dad can now unwind after a hard day at work with his favorite movie, orjust listen to his favorite music. MP3 Players : If your father is a music buff, there can be nothing better than an MP3 player. Nowthanks to you, he can have all his classics and favorite music in one place and listen to itwhenever he wants. Video Games : For those fathers that love to hang out with their kids while they have some fun onthe Wii, PS3 or Microsoft Xbox, video games can be a great gift. They are fun for the whole familyand daddy can also show off his gaming skills.
  2. 2. Cameras and Camcorders : If you dont mind spending a few extra bucks, a good camera orcamcorder can be a real treat for any father. Now hell have something to remember the goodtimes with.For great deals on such gifts for your father and for amazing discounts on electronics,accessories and other cool products including laptops, iPads, iPhones, TVs and more , log onto You can get the best products for the cheapest prices, guaranteed!Article Source: ====See an aray of great items go to my website great stuff, go to my website ====