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Check out my website for cool stuff and opportunities

  1. 1. ==== ====See an aray of great items and ideas go to my ====Eight bucks? Maybe a fast food lunch, or a couple gallons of gas, OR, you could start your ownDomain Name Business. That was part of a conversation between a friend of mine and me about4 months ago. True story. He took my advice, found a great 2 word .com Domain Name,registered it for $7.99, (didnt host it since he didnt have a site) listed it for sale and sold it for$600.00 in two months! Just about anybody can do what Jon did with very little investment and thepassion and will to succeed.For a few years after the big .com fiasco (2001) many people shied away from the industry. Nolonger, according to the VeriSign August, 2007 Report, TLDs showed a growth of 38% over thesame quarter in 2006 and an 8% growth over the first quarter of 2007! To say the Domain NameBusiness is alive and well would be a gross understatement. Now is a fantastic time to start aWork from Home Small Business Opportunity in the Sell Domain Name industry.As Bob Parsons, founder and CEO of said quote " Domain Names are the 21stCentury Real Estate".Anyone, even a very limited budget can purchase all the necessary software, then, build a site,secure some creative, good Domain Names and begin to Work from Home. Follow our very easystep-by-step directions exactly, and success will happen.Do a Domain Name Search, ".com" initially, as the values are much higher. Find a suitablekeyword rich "URL" for your own site. Secure the domain name first, and then name your site tomatch. Spend some time researching for Available Domain Names to sell, be patient as it takestime. Dont get discouraged as many are taken, start making a long list of your niche high KEIkeywords, and domains.Buy Domain Names and Register Domain Names there are many choices as to where to buy andregister domains, new names or expired names. We always use the same Registrar for registeringour names and hosting for our site; they are cheap and have excellent service.Where to Sell Domain Names, again there are many methods, sell them on your own site, listthem with a broker, list them on auction sites, E-bay, or even hold them for investment value andmany more. Each is explained in depth on the site.Domain Name Investing covers many more facets of the Work from Home Domain Business toname just a few; Domain Name Investment, buying expired domains, buying specific nichedomains, which TLDs, Domain Name Portfolio, buying and developing domains with
  2. 2. content/websites and much, much more.These are just very brief portions of our complete 4 step guide to starting your own Domain NameHome Business. Learn how it can be done with very little investment, creativity, effort, time,resulting in potentially huge profits. Not some "get rich scheme" but a true Work from Home SmallBusiness Opportunity!Copyright 2006-2008 DEN Publishing Co. all rights reservedDomain Name Business | Work at Home Small Business OpportunityDennis Lauritsen is a Domain Name expert, author and owner of the webs only comprehensiveno-cost step-by-step guide to starting your own Domain Name Home Business[]Article Source: ====See an aray of great items and ideas go to my ====