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Carbon trading and market oversight issues


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Session from Carbon TradeEx America
Chicago, IL
Sept 28 - 29, 2010

~ Jason Patrick, BAML
~ Lenny Hochschild, Evolution Markets
~ Randy Lack, Element Markets
~ Jane Lloyd, Markit

~ Jeffrey Fort, Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal LLP; (SNR-Denton, US, LLP effective September 30, 2010)

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Carbon trading and market oversight issues

  1. 1. CARBON TRADING AND MARKET OVERSIGHT ISSUES Carbon Trade Ex, Chicago, IL September 28, 2010
  2. 2. The Panel • Jason Patrick, BAML • Lenny Hochschild, Evolution Markets • Randy Lack, Element Markets • Jane Lloyd, Markit • Moderator, Jeffrey Fort, Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal LLP; (SNR-Denton, US, LLP effective September 30, 2010)
  3. 3. Browse 0xC646A4 none F 0 alse true GHG Markets and Regulatory Oversight Carbon Trade Ex – Carbon Trading and Market Oversight Panel Chicago – September, 2010 4
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  10. 10. CONTACT INFORMATION Randy Lack, Chief Marketing Officer Element Markets, LLC 3555 Timmons Lane, Suite 900 Houston, TX 77027 Office: 281-207-7213 Fax: 281-207-7211
  11. 11. EMA Activities • Market Oversight committee formed • Outreach to EMA members and others: webinar held on July 7, featuring EMA members, IETA member and 2 Senate Ag Committee staffers • Recording available on-line at • Added representatives from IETA, CERP and ABA to Committee • Outreach to CFTC staff • Dialog on regulatory issues • Expect to be a resource for section 750 inter-agency report on carbon markets • Submitted comments on ANPR by CFTC and SEC on Dodd-Frank bill and follow-on definitions of what constituted a SWAP [copy available] • Allowances, RECs and offsets addressed • Not a “security” • Not, in and of themselves, a SWAP • Support for “end-user exemption” • Oversight Committee open for further participation. • Further information available by contacting or at Sonnenschein exhibit area
  12. 12. The Issues for the Panel • What has been the EU experience with respect to volatility and efficiency of carbon markets? • What will role of auctioning be on rice discovery? • How does further market oversight play a role? Will WCI criteria impede or advance CFTC rules? • Will new US and EU provisions eliminate carbon trading or just push everything onto exchanges? • Are the likely volumes efficiently put onto exchanges? • How will international offsets trade in relation to domestic offsets? Will REDD offsets be at a premium, or a discount?
  13. 13. Conclusion • “Markets” viewed with suspicion – by right and left • Any better alternative? • Tax grants and lobby? • Command and control? • Many activities now underway in Congress • Become engaged and participate