Darrin F. Coe, Ph.D.


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CV for Darrin F. Coe, Ph.D.

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Darrin F. Coe, Ph.D.

  1. 1. I have the potential to be the best person you hire
  2. 2.  Works with diverse learners who may struggle with learning Solid analytical ability Strong communication skills Works effectively in high-stress environments
  3. 3.  Walden University Ph.D. – Research and Program Evaluation – 2/2012 Walden University Master of Science – General Psychology – 2009 St. Cloud State University, St. Cloud, MN  Bachelor of Elective Studies – Criminal Justice/Criminology - 1994 Other Training and Certifications:  Trainer for Colorado Department of Corrections - 1998 Curriculum Developer for Colorado Department of Corrections
  4. 4.  Differential Levels of Subjective Hope Related to Religious Identification – Completed dissertation Comparing scores on the Adult State Hope Scale between Christians, religious non-Christians, and non-religious people, using multiple regression with dummy variables to account for trait levels of hope as measured by the Adult Dispositional Hope Scale -- Results indicate state levels of hope are not related to religious identification. Dissertation Chairperson: Michael B. Johnson, Ph.D. Walden University
  5. 5.  Positive Psychology and the Psychology of Humor Peace development/aggression reduction Psychology of Religion and Spirituality Improving research methods Cognitive science and positive psychology used to improve the lives of people with Down syndrome Using Social Networking Analysis to better understand Ecological Developmental Theory and Developmental Niche Theory
  6. 6.  Provide data analysis and interpretation for various surveys conducted by the Vineyard church on a volunteer basis Conducted initial evaluation of a program for offenders with developmental delays
  7. 7.  Introductory Psychology History and Systems of Psychology Cognitive Psychology Positive Psychology Research Methods Philosophy of Psychology Biopsychology Developmental Psychology
  8. 8.  Taught seminars and workshops on a variety of topics such as Cultural Diversity, Suicide Prevention, Stress Management, Effective Communication Skills, Dynamics of Sex Offenders, and Dealing with Psychiatric Emergencies Lead therapy/educational groups, teaching principles of aggression reduction and how to live positively in a negative environment Teach large groups of martial arts students ranging from ages 10 to 65 Featured instructor at the 1999 and 2000 Fellowship of Christian Martial Artists international conferences
  9. 9.  Association for Psychological Science International Positive Psychology Association
  10. 10.  Helped develop several initial policies related to management of inmates in administrative segregation  These policies helped improve effective inmate management and increased safety. Developed a unique aggression-reduction program that teaches virtue-based living in a group format  This program resulted in a 90% completion rate, and was adopted statewide by the CDOC and by a correctional facility in the Kansas Correctional System. Initiated a procedure to measure several metrics related to offenders entering prison  This evaluation resulted in a better understanding of amount of time spent in initial placement, number of offenders who struggle with self-harming behavior/thinking, and number of offenders entering the facility on psychiatric medicines. Developed an assessment tool that can be used for ongoing assessment of an inmate’s safety perception  This assessment tool resulted in a better understanding of the safety concerns of inmates with special needs. Developed a process to ensure offenders entering prison are seen within seven days of arrival This process resulted in improved mental health service delivery
  11. 11.  Colorado Department of Corrections - Mental Health Clinician III Colorado State Penitentiary (March 2001 to August 2007) Colorado Territorial Correctional Facility (September 2007 to present) Addiction Recovery Programs (Contracting with Colorado DOC) - Sex Offender Therapist September 1997 to February 2001 Mille Lacs Academy, Onamia, MN - Counselor I April 1996 to May 1997
  12. 12.  2006 – Presenter at the Mental Health in Corrections Consortium Annual Conference “Sociological Perspective on Offender Culture” 1999 – Fellowship of Christian Martial Artists Instructor of the Year.
  13. 13.  On Request