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Cvc research project

  1. 1. THE WORK OF THE Correctional and Prison CHAPLAIN Chaplaincy
  2. 2. THE WORK OF CHAPLAINCY IN CORRECTIONS AND PRISON FACILITIES Chaplains are people who work in a secular environment among health professionals and their primary task is to provide “soul care” to the recipient. Chaplains are people that are a specific representative of a particular faith group, they are experts in their religious beliefs, knowledge and practice. Chaplaincy dates back to ancient times and many forms of chaplaincy are still practiced today. Physicians have recognized the advantage in providing spiritual care of a person in conjunction to physical care. Chaplains also should be sensitive and supportive of the diverse culture, spiritual, and religious beliefs of their patients and all those around them.
  3. 3. CORRECTIONAL AND PRISON CHAPLAINCY I desire to do chaplaincy in correctional and prison facilities Chaplaincy is needed in the correctional and prison facilities because prison are spiritual dark places and their inmates need to receiving spiritual care. Most of these inmates that are imprisoned have been separated from all of their friends and family. Inmates are in just as much need for Jesus as we are! “Inmates suf fer the same disappointments, hurts, and grief that others face on the outside. They experience separation, broken relationships, and betrayal; demotions, disappointments, deaths, and deteriorating self -esteem; physical illness or disease, emotional turmoil or distractions, financial or economic hardships and spiritual crises…. Continued… - next slide
  4. 4. CORRECTIONAL AND PRISON CHAPLAINCY …The dif ference between inmates and the average citizen is that inmates experience these things in complete isolation, separated from loved ones and support systems. The very nature of their circumstances makes them more vulnerable to emotional and spiritual distress.” Daily Chaplain visits to inmates can be so helpful to inmates, they are insolated and have very little visitation time with the outside world.
  5. 5. PROBLEMS CHAPLAINS WOULD ENCOUNTER I have no doubt that Prison Chaplain is a intense ministry job! The fact that your mission field is a “high security maximum prison”…! Sounds like that ’s a job many wouldn’t take. Chaplains must always be aware of their surroundings while working and counseling in these facilities. You would be literally working with the most “dangerous people” on earth. The Work of a Chaplain gives a great description of problems could encounter within prison ministry. “Correctional chaplains have the dif ficult task of building trust with inmates through personalizing their relationships, humanizing their circumstances, equalizing their perceived inequities, and fostering peace and reconciliation in circumstances of prejudice, discrimination, racism, and all forms of injustice…. Continued 
  6. 6. PROBLEMS CHAPLAINS WOULD ENCOUNTER “Correctional institutions create acute vulnerability for chaplains. They are vulnerable to exploitation by experienced manipulators. They are vulnerable to showing favoritism to hose who seem “nicer” or who demonstrate an interest in matters of faith. They are vulnerable to doing and saying things that may be innocent but that interpreted or perceived quite dif ferently with legal ramifications. They are vulnerable to breaching confidentiality when questioned by those in authority or by those who seem casually interested. They are vulnerable to stereotyping, personal prejudices and biases, and exhaustion from intense, long -term spiritual care. Correctional chaplains provide the context for spiritual health in one of the most dif ficult situations of life, a time of isolation and limited choices.”
  7. 7. “KNOWING THYSELF” Before taking a role as a chaplain its very important “know thyself”… You should already be confident in your skills, both aware of your weaknesses and strengths. You should prepare personal time to spend with God to avoid any spiritual weariness You should know your purpose and also what you stand for so your character and morals aren’t compromised. “Knowing thyself” is very important… As you are focused and pouring into someone’s life, you should also have someone that is pouring into your life.
  8. 8. PREPARING FOR CHAPLAINCY!!! Steps to prepare for Chaplaincy!!! Pray to God! Make sure you feel called!!! (This is a job that you do because you know you are called to it) Seek formal theological training! Seek clinical training Investigate your personal faith and religious requirements for the job! (Must your have previous experience? Or a degree? Etc.) Attempt to get your credentials if possible! (Having credentials just confirms to others that you are professionally trained!)