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TrinityP3 Webinar Series: Transforming Production for the 21st Century


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TrinityP3 Marketing Management Webinars

Managing marketing and your agency suppliers continues to become increasingly complex and time consuming. TrinityP3 Marketing Management Consultants are thought-leaders in all aspects of marketing management to improve marketing and agency performance and increase implementation efficiency. This series of webinars are your opportunity to hear the latest industry best trends and practices from the consultants working in this category on a daily basis regionally and globally. An interactive approach means you will be able to have your specific questions answered by industry leading practitioners.

Topic: Transforming Production for the 21st Century
Date: Wednesday September 23
Time: 13:00 – 14:00 AEST
Presenter: Christopher Sewell
Description: The explosion of digital channels has completely changed the landscape of advertising communications. But while the language around multi-channel content creation has evolved the old approaches to production management and creation has not necessarily kept up. Find out how to transform your approach to marketing production spend without being blindsided by vested interests.

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TrinityP3 Webinar Series: Transforming Production for the 21st Century

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