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Selecting suitable pitch agencies


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1. Advertising Agency Shortlists  (The TrinityP3 approach to selecting suitable pitch agencies) Prepared by TrinityP3 © 2013

2. Defining your Requirement •  With the increased complexity, diversity and convergence of agency offerings it is essential to define a clear set of requirements. •  TrinityP3 has developed a comprehensive checklist of requirements in our four page TrinityP3 Market Search Brief. •  The completion of this brief with the marketer and procurement allows us to cast the net as wide a possible and filter down to the most suitable agencies against the requirements.

3. Filtering the Market

4. Eliminating the non-compliant •  Based on the broadest requirements TrinityP3 will consider all agencies. In some cases this can amount to hundreds depending on how broad the requirements. •  The filter may also require subsets such as ‘creative with digital’ or creative and digital specialists, media planning and buying or media planning and media buying separately. •  Against each criteria TrinityP3 documents those suitable and those not suitable to make a recommended list and the “John West” list* * It is the fish John West rejects that makes John West the BEST.

5. Special Considerations

6. For assistance selecting your shortlist contact…
TrinityP3 Pty Ltd
Sydney +612 8399 0922
Melbourne +613 9682 6800
Hong Kong +852 3589 3095
Singapore +65 6884 9149

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Selecting suitable pitch agencies

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