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Game Changers - The transition of the CMO to the CCO


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From Marketing to Customer

Building and managing brands in the mind of the consumer is changing. Technology and especially social media and mobile have seen the consumer take more control and exert more influence over brands and business than ever before. The influence of a brand is not simply how it is communicated, but how the customer experiences at every touchpoint. Meanwhile organisations struggle to manage the customer experience because their legacy silo structures mean they have a fragmented view of the market. The opportunity and the evident trend is for the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) to expand their remit to align the organisation to the customer and to influence the organisation to deliver the customer experience the customer demands. This is the Chief Customer Officer (CCO) and they are coming to a brand near you.

This was delivered on Thursday November 19, 2015 at The Hilton Sydney as part of the first Game Changers - a half-day conference dedicated to innovations across data, digital and programmatic marketing, brought to you by Benchmarketing, in partnership with TrinityP3.

The speakers panel included the industry's best, who shed light on some game-changing innovations and strategies in digital marketing.

Ahmad, an e-commerce guru, talked about how even Australia's oldest bank manages to move and pivot at lightning fast speeds.

Content marketing expert, Vanessa Stavrou shared how Contiki convinces Aussie travellers to visit Wintery Europe through captivating video and programmatic marketing.

And last but not least, Darren Woolley, considered the Mr Wolf of Marketing Communications, shared his insights from working with many large global advertisers as a marketing consultant and discuss how an organisation needs to create a truly customer-centric strategy within your organisation using technology.

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Game Changers - The transition of the CMO to the CCO

  1. 1. marketing management consultants The transition from CMO to CCO (From marketing to customer) Presented by Darren Woolley CEO, TrinityP3
  2. 2. marketing management consultants What do these two have in common? Roman Legions
  3. 3. marketing management consultants What do these two have in common? Today’s Corporate Business
  4. 4. marketing management consultants Roman Army – 50 BC •  Organised into self sufficient siloed units •  Top down command and control •  Incredibly effective at defeating enemy through providing a united force •  Proven in the battlefield conquering Europe, Middle East and Northern Africa •  Structure used by military forces everywhere for two millennia
  5. 5. marketing management consultants 20th Century – Business Structure •  Business follows the same siloed structure, embraced during Industrial Revolution •  Marketing and brand a late addition to the structure in the mdi-20th Century •  The more authority a person has the further away from the customer •  The customer required to fit the business structure and process
  6. 6. marketing management consultants 21st Century – Complex Business Structure •  Business is increasingly complex, evidenced by the increasing dotted line reporting •  Digital technology is producing more data and options •  Customers have higher expectations and greater demands •  Complexity leads greater inefficiencies, requiring a new, disruptive structure
  7. 7. marketing management consultants Moving from complicated to complex •  The Cynefin Framework defines four domains •  We delude ourselves business (and life) is SIMPLE •  Increasingly it feels COMPLICATED •  Because in actual fact all markets are COMPLEX •  Complexity Theory underpins marketing
  8. 8. marketing management consultants 21st Century – Customer Centric Structure •  The Utopia to business in this decade is being CUSTOMER CENTRIC •  This requires the customer to be at the centre of the business •  At the interface is the touch points that define the customer experience - CX •  Managed by the Chief Customer Officer – CCO •  Supported by what was the Marketing function
  9. 9. marketing management consultants Customer path to puchase proof of complexity •  In a SIMPLE world the customer path to purchase of consideration pathway appears linear and simple •  We are increasingly confronted with the fact it is COMPLICATED and we need to adapt to the customers needs and expectations •  Because in fact it is COMPLEX often bordering on CHAOTIC
  10. 10. marketing management consultants More likely and more complex path to purchase This electron cloud map is closer to the actual customer path to purchase – complex and multidimensional
  11. 11. marketing management consultants How the CMO becomes the CCO From •  Command •  Campaign •  Generalist •  Cost of business •  Supporter To •  Collaboration •  Responsive •  Aligner •  Business investment •  Leader
  12. 12. marketing management consultants For more information contact: TrinityP3 Pty Ltd Sydney +612 9964 9900 Melbourne +613 9682 6800 Hong Kong +852 3478 3982 Singapore +65 6631 2861 @TrinityP3 TrinityP3 TrinityP3.StrategicMarketingConsultants