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How to Adapt Your Dealership to a Radically Different Local Search Environment - DSES 2018

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How to Adapt Your Dealership to a Radically Different Local Search Environment - DSES 2018

  1. 1. How to AdaptYour Dealership to a Radically Different Local Search Environment Darren Shaw Founder,Whitespark @DarrenShaw_
  2. 2. Local Search Has Changed
  3. 3. Tightening of proximity in local results #DSES @DarrenShaw_
  4. 4. Google is sending less traffic to websites #DSES @DarrenShaw_
  5. 5. Proximity to searcher
  6. 6. clothing stores
  7. 7. restaurants
  8. 8. pest control
  9. 9. Dealerships often cluster on the edges of the city
  10. 10. So people living centrally likely won’t see those dealerships in their results
  11. 11. With the extreme emphasis on proximity, every businesses will rank somewhere
  12. 12. But it might only be at the exact point of your location
  13. 13. You can overcome proximity bias and expand your radius with strong local search signals
  14. 14. This dealership is doing much better
  15. 15. Even when you zoom out to 500m
  16. 16. 1km
  17. 17. And even at 1kmThey rank well across a huge area
  18. 18. Compared to Southgate Audi who is only ranking around their location
  19. 19. Google is sending less traffic to websites from local results
  20. 20. Local pack links used to go to the website #DSES @DarrenShaw_
  21. 21. Now they go to the Local Finder #DSES @DarrenShaw_
  22. 22. And the Local Finder has all the info you need
  23. 23. Just some of the GMB features released in the past 2 years. Google Posts Description Services GMB Websites Messaging VideosQ & A #DSES @DarrenShaw_
  24. 24. These features drive business In a case study done by Get Five Stars, they found that 70% of KPIs were happening On Google. study-key-performance-indicators-local-digital- marketing/ #DSES @DarrenShaw_
  25. 25. Google is monetizing everything PAID PAID PAID PAID PAID #DSES @DarrenShaw_
  26. 26. Just Released! The 2018 Local Search Ranking Factors
  27. 27. The Contributors Adam Dorfman Andrew Shotland Andy Kuiper Andy Monte Ben Fisher Blake Denman Brian Barwig Brian Smith Carrie Hill Casey Meraz Colan Neilson Conrad Saam Cori Graft Dan Leibson Dana DiTomaso Darren Shaw David Mihm David Wallace Dev Basu Eric Rohrback Greg Gifford Gyi Tsakalakis Joel Headley Joy Hawkins Lisa Kolb Marcus Miller Mary Bowling Mike Blumenthal Miriam Ellis Nick Pierno Nyagoslav Zhekov Phil Rozek Tim Capper Will Scott
  28. 28. How the survey works
  29. 29. Local Pack/Finder
  30. 30. Local Pack
  31. 31. Local Finder
  32. 32. Local Pack/Finder Results #DSES @DarrenShaw_
  33. 33. Signals Increasing in Importance #DSES @DarrenShaw_
  34. 34. Signals Decreasing in Importance #DSES @DarrenShaw_
  35. 35. Local Organic
  36. 36. Local Organic
  37. 37. Local Organic Results #DSES @DarrenShaw_
  38. 38. Foundational Factors vs Competitive Difference Makers
  39. 39. Foundational Factors Summary Proper GMB Categories Citation Consistency Verified and Complete GMB Listing Mobile-friendly Site #DSES @DarrenShaw_
  40. 40. Competitive Difference Makers Summary Links & Reviews #DSES @DarrenShaw_
  41. 41. How To Win at Local Search in 2019
  42. 42. Google My Business
  43. 43. Get your categories right X X X X
  44. 44. Get your categories right
  45. 45. Create separate listings for sales, service, and parts Different categories Different phone numbers
  46. 46. Set other listings to be “Located in”
  47. 47. Get your GMB listing is as complete as possible
  48. 48. Add tons of photos and videos
  49. 49. Pay attention to Q&A on your GMB listing
  50. 50. Seed the Q&A with your own questions and answers
  51. 51. Google Posts!
  52. 52. Posts appear in the Local Finder
  53. 53. Posts appear in Google Maps
  54. 54. Posts appear in in branded searches
  55. 55. “Google Posts! We've seen gains for clients in competitive niches after consistent posting. The posts don't have to link to their site, but it appears that they should be topical and posted consistently.” – Dana Damtaso
  56. 56.
  57. 57. Increase Rankings Google Posts #DSES @DarrenShaw_
  58. 58. Increase Engagement Signals Google Posts #DSES @DarrenShaw_
  59. 59. Drive Direct Conversions Google Posts #DSES @DarrenShaw_
  60. 60. Use CTAs in your posts BOOKATEST DRIVETODAY
  61. 61. Use videos in Posts! 297829
  62. 62. Are a Competitive Advantage Most businesses are taking a nap on Posts Google Posts #DSES @DarrenShaw_
  63. 63. Your competitors when they realize they missed the Google Posts boat
  64. 64. Remove Spammers
  65. 65. “When spammers are beating you or ranking for keywords they shouldn't, you can really have a positive impact on local pack rankings just by reporting spam.” - Casey Meraz
  66. 66. #DSES @DarrenShaw_ Look at these assholes I’d be annoyed if this was my client
  67. 67. Look at these assholes #DSES @DarrenShaw_
  68. 68. Check the website for their actual name #DSES @DarrenShaw_
  69. 69. Find the listing in Google Maps and suggest an edit #DSES @DarrenShaw_
  70. 70. If you’re a Local Guide, your edit may get approved quickly I got this email 2 minutes after I made the edit #DSES @DarrenShaw_
  71. 71. WHO’S THE ASSHOLE NOW?! #DSES @DarrenShaw_
  72. 72. Reviews
  73. 73. “In the search results I look at regularly, I continue to see reviews playing a larger and larger role.” - David Mihm
  74. 74. Guess which industry has the most reviews #DSES @DarrenShaw_
  75. 75. #DSES @DarrenShaw_
  76. 76. #DSES @DarrenShaw_ After hotels and restaurants, of course
  77. 77. If you’re in automotive and haven’t gotten serious about #DSES @DarrenShaw_
  78. 78. GOLDEN RULE Ask every customer
  79. 79. PLATINUM RULE Always follow up
  80. 80. Diversify. Don’t only ask for reviews on Google.
  81. 81. Incentivize employees, not customers
  82. 82. All the review tips:
  83. 83. Links
  84. 84. “Good old fashioned link building seems to have improved pack performance even more this year than in recent memory” - Cori Graft
  85. 85. Local Sponsorships
  86. 86. One search to rule them all
  87. 87. Add &num=100 to the query
  88. 88. Export to CSV with the Moz Bar
  89. 89. Local Business Associations
  90. 90. Industry Associations
  91. 91. Website
  92. 92. Add some damn content to your homepage
  93. 93. At least 4 solid paragraphs. Talk about sales, service, makes, models, what makes you different, financing, frequently asked questions, etc.
  94. 94. Create a page for each service
  95. 95. Create a page for each brand
  96. 96. Add internal links to all your content pages
  97. 97. Citations
  98. 98. Ensure you have a solid foundation
  99. 99. Get listed on industry specific sites
  100. 100. Get listed on city specific sites
  101. 101. Competitive analysis
  102. 102. Behavioral Signals
  103. 103. The Future of Local Search: Entity Authority #DSES @DarrenShaw_
  104. 104. The Future of Local Search: Entity Authority #DSES @DarrenShaw_
  105. 105. The Future of Local Search: Entity Authority #DSES @DarrenShaw_
  106. 106. Stars in the search results = more clicks
  107. 107. How to do it
  108. 108. More reviews = more clicks Whoa
  109. 109. More photos and videos = more engagement
  110. 110. “Tell people to search for a business on Google to get a coupon/discount/add-on that you're offering via Google Posts on your Local Knowledge Panel.” - Mary Bowling
  111. 111. Where is Google headed in the future?
  112. 112. Increased emphasis on behavioral factors #DSES @DarrenShaw_ The Future of Local
  113. 113. More saturation of the SERPs with ads #DSES @DarrenShaw_ The Future of Local
  114. 114. Keeping users on Google and sending less traffic to websites The Future of Local #DSES @DarrenShaw_
  115. 115. Implementing more features to take a cut of transactions #DSES @DarrenShaw_ The Future of Local
  116. 116. This just came out yesterday
  117. 117. “Court” - Phil Rozek Any comments about where you see Google is headed in the future?
  118. 118. Thank you! Darren Shaw Founder,Whitespark @DarrenShaw_ #DSES