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Neighborhood Planning Strategic Plan Example


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Neighborhood Planning Strategic Plan Example

  1. 1. Introduction Planning for the future of Boulder Walk is a vital exercise in order to guarantee the growth and strength of our community. This g y strategic plan will serve as our blueprint to the future. Protecting and improving our resources, natural and man-made, will allow this community to strengthen and fl i h through the years to h d flourish h h h come.
  2. 2. Objectives • To improve the quality of life for all Boulder Walk residents p q y • To improve the property values of the Boulder Walk Community • To invest in the community at large securing our place in community-at-large moving community affairs and issues to resolution • To protect and conserve the natural resources within and surrounding Boulder Walk to retain the natural b di B ld W lk i h l beauty of our f neighborhood. • To create a solid path/direction for our community to grow p y g and prosper.
  3. 3. Planning Elements • Five Year Focus – Entrance Improvements – Common Area Improvements – Natural Resource Protection – GreenPrint: B G i P i t Becoming an AAware C Community it – Community-at-Large •S Supporting M N i ti McNair
  4. 4. Entrance Improvements • New Community Signage y g g – Replacing existing signage is critical to improving our property values and the outside perception of our community. Our current sign will last sometime, however the majority of homeowners would like to have it replaced. h l d – Elegant, classic and understated, the new design raises the perception of the Boulder Walk Community to a new level. This design pulls from the community’s craftsman styling and our contemporary roots community s and makes a strong statement of higher-end community. • Replace current entrance sign: Spring, 2008 • See full design in info packet or full design at – Donate current sign to local neighborhood (Cherry Way, Sugar Hill Downs or Other)
  5. 5. Entrance Improvements • Entrance Tree Replacement p – Due to the developer’s error and Georgia Power Guidelines, we must remove the red maple trees bordering our entrance on Key Road. g y • Remove 11 trees in violation: Fall, 2007 • Replace w/ Dynamite Crape Myrtles: Fall, 2007 • Native Plantings g – The cost of maintaining annuals is increasing. We spend around $1400 per year on these plantings not including water usage. The g is to replace the annual p g goal p plantings g with perennial plants that are native to Georgia to reduce our annual planting costs and to reduce our water usage. • Planting perennial beds to replace annual beds: Spring, 2009
  6. 6. Common Area Improvements • Common Areas – At Boulder Walk we have one common area located on the north side of Boulder Walk Lane. The area consists of a very narrow lot nestled between the GA Power Station y and the Cell Tower and a long narrow stretch of land at street front. – In addition to the common area, we are looking to l d landscape two other areas of the community that are not h f h i h HOA owned, but are county owned and controlled. These two lots are located Boulder Walk Court and Boulder Walk Drive. With community and county Drive approval, these lots will be transformed into usable space to add value to the community.
  7. 7. Common Area Improvements • The Gardens at Boulder Walk – The plan for these areas consist of three different experiences for our neighbors. Over 3 years and 3 phases, we will be able to develop three very usable spaces that are lo maintenance lo cost er low-maintenance, low-cost improvements to the BW quality of life. • The Nature Walk Garden: Begin, Fall, 2007; Complete, Spring, 2010 – Th N t Walk Garden ill it f The Nature W lk G d will consist of a meandering mulch walk th t f ll d i l h lk that follows th the length of the narrow lot. Planting will consist of native and adaptive plants that require only natural water resources. – The centerpiece of this plan will include a pergola with up to 6 park benches for gathering, taking a break while walking the dog, relaxing under after an early morning jog, or just plain reading a book. – This plan will also include 2 animal and trash waste stations and 6-8 bird nesting boxes. – See full design in info packet or full design at
  8. 8. Common Area Improvements • The Gardens at Boulder Walk (con’t ) (con t.) • The Gathering Garden: Begin, Fall, 2007; Complete, Spring, 2008 – Th Gathering G d is just that, a place for the community to come The G h i Garden i j h l f h i together and enjoy each others company. When we have neighborhood functions, the safest and most effective place to have them is at the base of Boulder Walk Court. The Gathering Garden will be a soft place for the kids to t run and enjoy when we have events lik th f ll f ti l and th E t egg d j h h t like the fall festival d the Easter hunts. – Planting will consist of native and adaptive plants that require only natural water resources. – This plan will also include 1 animal and trash waste station and 2 bird nesting boxes. – See full design in info packet or full design at
  9. 9. Common Area Improvements • The Gardens at Boulder Walk (con’t.) (con t.) • The Relaxing Garden: Begin, Fall, 2007; Complete, Spring, 2008 – Th Relaxing G d will be a small garden situated in the The R l i Garden ill b ll d i di h center of the Detention Pond easement that will help soften the area with a place to stop and relax on one of the park benches. – Planting will consist of native and adaptive plants that require only natural water resources. – This plan will also include 1 animal and trash waste station p and 2 bird nesting boxes. – See full design in info packet or full design at
  10. 10. Common Area Improvements • BW Garden and Landscape Club – We will create a club that focuses on gardening and landscaping. Join us this fall when we will begin sharing ideas and tips with each other to improve our gardens, flower beds and landscaping through socials and speaking events. events – The Garden and Landscaping Club will also help to maintain the new gardens and other g landscaping around the neighborhood. • BW Garden & Landscaping Club: Fall, 2007
  11. 11. Natural Resource Protection • State Waterway Buffer Zone y – Educating our neighbors about the state mandated waterway buffer rules throughout the community will help insure that the ecosystem will not be imbalanced. Also, partnering with the Georgia Water Coalition t C liti to work with and educate our community on all aspects of k ith d d t it ll t f water resource improvement. • State Watershed Committee Representatives : Fall, 2007 • Partner with the Georgia Water Coalition: Fall 2007 Fall, • Intrenchment Creek – Adopting the main corridor of Intrenchment Creek which borders 11% of our homes to improve the water quality and control pollution pollution. We will work with the Georgia Wildlife Federation to protect this waterway. • Intrenchment Creek clean up adoption: Fall, 2007
  12. 12. Natural Resource Protection • Endangered and Native Species Planning – Working with Cornell University to track bird species and support endangered native and migratory birds will allow us to preserve these creatures beauty for generations to come. • Placement of 10 Bird Nesting Boxes in three common areas: g Spring, 2008 • Placement of Bird Nesting Boxes in private lots: As requested – Working with University of Georgia to track and protect other endangered and native species. • Plan developed and implemented: Spring, 2008
  13. 13. Natural Resource Protection • Official Wildlife Habitat/Preserve Status / – With the landscape improvements to our common areas, the natural resources protected in the development process, process our work with Cornell University and UGA and UGA, our waterway awareness, Boulder Walk will be poised to become an official National Wildlife Federation Wildlife Habitat Community. We will work with the Georgia Community Wildlife Federation as well as the National Wildlife Federation on certifying the community. • C mm n and N tur l Ar C rtifi ti n Sprin 2008 Common nd Natural Area Certification: Spring, • Community Certification: Fall, 2009 • Individual Property Certification: 30% by Fall, 2010
  14. 14. GreenPrint: Becoming Aware • Boulder Walk Green Committee We ill d l itt t k – W will develop a committee to work on creating th G ti the GreenPrint plan. Thi Pi t l This committee will work with various organizations and officials to create what will be the first Homeowner’s Association in the state to complete such a plan. • GreenPrint Committee Begins: Winter, 2008 • GreenPrint – The BW GreenPrint will serve as guidelines for our neighbors to become more aware of their environmental impact, by offer recommendations, not mandating changes that can minimalize the impact of each home on the environment. The guidelines will include such issues as home improvements, solar energy, water usage, gas usage, etc. • GreenPrint Guidelines: Fall 2008 Fall, • GreenPrint Plan Share: Winter, 2009 • Green Print Guidelines Update: Fall, 2011 • Eco-Certification – We will work with several organizations such as the Georgia EPA Earth 911 Georgia EPA, 911, Environmental Facilities Authority and others to strive towards community wide eco- certification. • Eco-Certification: Spring, 2010
  15. 15. Community-at-Large Community at Large • Community Town Hall Meetings – W will focus our efforts twice a year to h We ill f ff i have town h ll meetings with various hall i ih i representatives of the community-at-large to inform our neighbors and create dialogue with the leaders of our area. • First Town Hall Meeting: November, 18, 2007 Invited – I it d are St t R State Representative R bi Shi County C t ti Robin Shipp, C t Commissioner L i i Larry J h Johnson, ATL City Councilwoman Natilyn Archibong, McNair Principal Mr. Jones and more. • Bouldercrest Council – We will create a council of homeowner’s associations throughout the Bouldercrest area to allow for the communities to communicate and share ideas and issues with each other to make the Bouldercrest Corridor safer and better. – This group will also create to showcase this great area to live and play. • Council Founded: Summer, 2007 • Currently Boulder Walk and Gates at Bouldercrest
  16. 16. Community-at-Large Community at Large • McNair Volunteer Programs and Planning – We will work with McNair High School representatives to accomplish a solid plan for supporting and volunteering at the school. • Plan development: Fall, 2008 • Boulder Walk and Benevolink – Boulder Walk will continue to partner with Benevolink to p provide support to any community organization thorough pp y y g g our neighbors everyday shopping. • Program Began Winter, 2007