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Boulderwalk Newsletter Example

  1. 1. COMMUNICATING: How to reach your HOA COMING SOON: BOULDERWALK.COM The easiest way to reach the board is via email. Remember to please include your full name, address and contact information in all correspondence with the board or management com- pany and the board. We can help you much faster with that information available. Carbon Monoxide: I S S U E # 1 Silent Killer Property Management Contact Information: PAGE TWO Please feel free to contact CMA about any issues, concerns, complaints and compliments. Danielle Neely and CMA help your The Boulder Walk INSIDER board manage Boulder Walk and are in constant communication Seasonal Ideas: with your board. Fall Lawn Care PAGE TWO Danielle Neely, CMA Agent for the Boulder Walk Community Management Associates 1465 Northside Drive, Suite 128, Atlanta, GA 30318 YOUR N EIGHB ORHOOD N EW SLETTER AUTUMN, 2006 P| 404.352.5470 x34 F| 404.355.9561 Email your questions, We need your Home Improvement: Request for Approval concerns, issues: email address! PAGE THREE Please feel free to contact any BW HOA board member about Please contact us ASAP if you have any issues, concerns, complaints and compliments. You can not gotten any emails from the HOA, TRICK-OR-TREAT: COMMUNITY reach your HOA board by emailing This email address reaches all of the board and Mrs. Neely at the most of our communication will be SAFETY TIPS FOR EVERYONE Communicating: Contacting your HOA same time. via email!! PAGE FOUR With witches, goblins, and super-heroes • Keep away from open fires and can- soon descending on Boulder Walk, the dles. (Costumes can be extremely American Red Cross offers parents some flammable.) safety tips to help prepare their children for a safe and enjoyable trick-or-treat holiday. • Visit homes that have the porch light Halloween should be filled with surprise and on. • enjoyment, and following some common sense practices can keep events safer and Accept your treats at the door and never go into a stranger's house. DID YOU KNOW? UPDATE: Notes From The Board Dates to more fun. SOME QUICK TIDBITS OF INFO Remember Great News! We (all of us) have taken full ownership of the HOA as of September 25! We have been working hard on making the transition a smooth one and those of you Happy Halloween Did you know: who attended the kick-off meeting we appreciate your participation in YOUR community! • October 9: Columbus Day to all • Applying for the Homestead • October 14: County Lot Im- Boulder Walk Act Exemption can save you Here a quick list of the things your board is currently working on during this transition period: provement Day hundreds of dollars on your • The developer’s punch list has been delivered to the developer and they are working on some of Neighbors! taxes? the items currently and reviewing the rest. • October 28: Boulder Walk Fall • You can recycle here in Festival • The Builder’s Punch list has been delivered (focus on sidewalks) DeKalb County?! See Page 3 • Walk, slither, and sneak on sidewalks, • Use face paint rather than masks or • Entrance Planning Phase I • October 28: Daylight Savings not in the street. things that will cover your eyes. for details. • Corner Signage (Bouldercrest and Key Road) Time • Look both ways before crossing the • Be cautious of animals and strangers. • Election day is Tuesday, Nov. • Common area planning (front entrance and strip lot on BW Lane) street to check for cars, trucks, and • Have a grown-up inspect your treats 7th? You can also vote before • October 31: Halloween low-flying brooms. before eating. that beginning October 30th. • Common area maintenance (front entrance and strip lot on BW Lane) • Cross the street only at corners. Don't • And don't eat candy if the package is • County Lot Improvements (permission received from county to screen pump area...wahoo!) • November 7: Election Day hide or cross the street between Email us for more info. already opened. • parked cars. Brand community (see insert for more information) • Small, hard pieces of candy are a • Website development (coming soon, hopefully before the end of November) • November 11: Veteran’s Day • Wear light-colored or reflective-type choking hazard for young children. clothing so you are more visible. (And • Vendor relationship building/managing remember to put reflective tape on • November 23: Thanksgiving bikes, skateboards, and brooms, too!) • Reserve planning (vital to the future health of our community) • • Plan your route and share it with your Committee start ups including the Architectural and Neighborhood Watch Committees • December 16: Boulder Walk family. If possible, have an adult go • Covenant enforcement Light Up Night with you. • Rules and regulations redevelopment and implementation • Carry a flashlight to light your way. Coming Soon: Boulder Walk Pro- • Refer to the Kick-off meeting presentation at for more info and explanation! gressive Dinner, Spring Community Yard Sale and more! WWW.BOULDERWALK.COM
  2. 2. Carbon Monoxide: Invisible Killer FALL PLANTING TIPS Fall is a great time to plant perennials, bulbs, trees and shrubs. Container plants and Carbon monoxide is the leading cause of poisoning deaths balled-and-burlapped specimens usually in the U.S. according to the American Medical Association have well-developed root systems. Because roots don't have to supply nutrients and wa- contributing to as many as 1500 deaths annually and thou- ter to growing stems and new leaves, they sands of hospitalizations. can concentrate on getting established. Roots grow--although slowly--even when soil temperature is as low as 40 degrees. Before you plant, make sure to allow enough time for the roots to get settled in and accli- mated before cold weather sets in. plant the Requesting Permission for Home Improvements species that are most easily established-- It is vital to an HOA driven community to ensure that all improvements to any home within the deciduous shrubs and maple, hackberry, community does not detract from the property values in the community. Here’s a quick how– ash, thorn less honey locust, linden, crabap- to for getting an approval for your improvement project! While you’re thinking about it, take a moment 1. Think through the project that you 3. Once you’ve downloaded the form, go Carbon monoxide is the leading cause of through the liner and into the house - slowly would like to do or have done. Does the through all four pages and make sure you poisoning deaths in the U.S. according to creeping up to dangerous levels. If a nest or now to add detectors to your shopping list for the American Medical Association contribut- other materials restrict or block the flue, CO will this weekend. It could be a purchase that could project change the exterior of my home? have all of the information that is needed. For ing to as many as 1500 deaths annually and mostly spill back into the house. save your life. Does it change the appearance of my lot? If some projects, you may not need to fill out all thousands of hospitalizations. the answer is yes, than you have to get ap- four pages. Once your form is complete, Warming up vehicles in an attached garage, Michael Collins-Smythe, Boulder Walk resident, proval from your HOA. make a copy of all the pages for your records. Carbon Monoxide (or CO) is a tasteless, odor- even with the garage door opened, can allow is the owner of The Inspection Company, LLC, less, colorless gas that is toxic to humans and pets. It is a by-product of the combustion of concentrated amounts of CO to enter your home. a private home inspection firm. He can be contacted for more information on this issue or 2. Gather all of the facts and details 4. Send the completed form to Danielle fuels in your home including natural gas, wood, other home safety concerns at 404-219-2766 or about your project such as colors, dimen- at CMA (see back for address). The ALRC kerosene, gasoline, etc. Under normal situa- How can your protect your family? Buy CO at Look for sions, contracter information and anything will review your request and make a recom- tions your home is designed is dispose of the detectors! They’re inexpensive and can save more articles about home safety and home else you may need to share and then mendation to the board. The board will decide gas through the exhaust vents from your water you hundreds of dollars in medical bills. More maintenance in coming months. download the ALRC Request form from Boul- to approve or disapprove your request. You heater, furnace, and fireplace. Sometimes, importantly, they can save your life. You need though, these systems fail us exposing our a plug-in type detector for each bedroom of Make sure you have all the will have an official written response within 60 families to deadly fumes. your home. Additionally, if you already have details! days of your request. detectors you need to replace them every five Most newer homes (including those in Boulder years. As a home inspector, I see very few Walk) are built very air-tight, thus cutting down existing homes with any detectors in place. on the supply of fresh air to our furnaces - and While most of us have smoke and fire detec- Wait until spring to plant the trees that are creating an oxygen starved flame. Carbon mon- tors, very few of us bother to install CO detec- HOME DESIGN slow to establish--oak, birch, willow, ginkgo, oxide can spill from vent connections in poorly maintained or blocked chimneys. If the flue liner tors. sweet gum, American yellowwood and DEKALB RECYCLES is cracked or deteriorated, CO can seep TIP OF THE MONTH American hornbeam. Mulch well to conserve soil temperature (but don't pile mulch around the trunk.) Wait until NOW BOULDER WALK Remember Gram’s Wallpaper? spring to plant broad-leaved evergreens and Seasonal Ideas: Fall Lawn Care Discover a (not-so) new way to conifers, to avoid excessive water loss through the foliage and to give them the RESIDENTS CAN TOO add style to your rooms warmer soil temperatures they need. If you're not sure whether it's safe to plant, check with a local nursery or extension service. Fall is the time to pay attention to turf, because what you do this These are not your grandmother’s wall treatments we’re talking about (although More planting tips: YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE: fall will pay off in a big way next year. For starters, give your you can still get a beautiful cabbage rose lawn some breathing room. You can rent an aerating machine pattern or William Morris print wallpaper, if What is the cost? • Recycling Saves Natural Resources • To plant a tree, dig a hole no deeper Initial subscription cost is $ 30.00. you so choose). Today’s wallpapers are than the depth of the root ball or con- by the hour at most rental centers. This machine removes small Other costs include: • Recycling Saves Energy fresh and fun, easier to hang (and take tainer but three or four times as wide. In down) and full of style. For a different look $15.00 One Time Fee for Mixed Paper fact, it's even better to dig the hole a Recycling Blue Bin, $15.00 As Needed • Recycling Saves our Environment that packs a punch without the cost or couple of inches shallower than the soil plugs, leaving holes that provide a direct path for air, water, and nutrients to reach the grass trouble of papering an entire wall or room, Fee for Commingled Blue Bags (Box of depth of the root ball. Digging a hole • Recycling Adds Value to Atlanta's Economy roots. Aerating is especially necessary if the lawn is seven years or older. frame a favorite piece of wallpaper, say an 100) that's deeper than the root ball and then Fees established by the DeKalb County Asian take on toile or a big geometric print. filling it partially with backfill before plac- • Recycling is Good Business Research has proven that fall is definitely the best time to fertilize your lawn. If you do it twice in Board of Commissioners and are sub- ing the tree invites settling. With a few ject to change without notice. the fall, you don't have to do it in the spring, so it saves yourself some extra time next year. You'll waterings and a little time, the tree need two elements to get this job done. First of all a spreader, and then a good fall fertilizer spe- could sink below ground level--a fate How to participate cifically intended for the lawn. Once you've applied the fertilizer to your turf, make sure to water it that could mean death to the tree. Call the DeKalb Co. Sanitation Customer Service ( 404 ) 294-2900 or email thoroughly for best results. and subscribe to the residential recycling program. Initial subscription • Remember to always get HOA approval cost is $30.00 as described above which includes first year’s worth of supplies and 12 months of And don't forget about seeding your lawn in the fall. It's a great time to fill in the dead spots. Be before doing any major landscaping weekly curbside collection service. sure to use a good quality lawn seed or try lawn patch: it's seed, mulch, and fertilizer in a bag. improvements. It will save you money and time later on! Collection service schedule And finally, as temperatures become colder, it is important to cut grass shorter, leaving it about two inches by the end of the season. And don't forget to pick up any excess debris, such as fallen Collection service will be on Wednesdays. Certain Wednesdays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas leaves that can cause problems in next year's turf. Week, and County Holidays that fall on Wednesdays will be designated as: no residential recycling collection service.