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NC Digital Media. Assessment. Part 3


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NC Digital Media. Assessment. Part 3

  1. 1. Name of first sector:<br />Gaming<br />Name of company investigated:<br />Service&apos;s and Products:<br />Activision is among the largest of consol gaming producers. It makes a range of different interactive games, from world war 2 games such as Call Of Duty, to guitar games such as Guitar Hero. All of Activision’s games can either be played by an individual or multiple player’s, or played as an on-line experience with multiple players all over the world.<br />Key features in production:<br />Some key features to produce a interactive game are:<br /><ul><li>Research- Idea’s development
  2. 2. Plan and develop
  3. 3. Design and produce
  4. 4. Post production and testing
  5. 5. Produce
  6. 6. Market</li></ul>Sector differentiates itself to others:<br />The gaming sector differentiates itself from other sectors because games are always interactive. Some animations may have interactivity but most are linear.<br />
  7. 7. Sector structure:<br />The gaming sector as a whole is an extremely large business, which is still expanding. There are many large company&apos;s, such as Activision, Rockstar and Atari.<br />On-line gaming was big business for Personnel Computer (PC) users, however in the last few years Playstation and Microsoft have rocketed ahead with their Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.<br />Job types in sector:<br /><ul><li>Some of the jobs in the gaming sector include:
  8. 8. Games developer
  9. 9. Animator
  10. 10. Graphic designer
  11. 11. Sound producer
  12. 12. Sound analyser
  13. 13. Senior 3D animator (VFX artist)</li></ul>Video producer<br />Visual editor<br />Sources of information:<br /><br /><br /><br />Call of Duty: World At War (Screenshot)<br />