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This is just a presentation for our assignment. Please do not be offended by it. Thank you

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  • Note: Reichstag was the parliament of Weimar Republic.
  • Note: The army may appear to be under the control of the President. However, the army didn’t really listen to him and instead, they were under control of the generals.
  • Note: Golden Era (1924-1929) referring to the success of the Weimar Republic with the help of the Chancellor Stresemann. In 1929, he died. Some background knowledge about what happened to the Germans after Great Depression. This is why the Germans were desperate for a solution. Many were unemployed.Unemployment rate after Great DepressionNumber of Unemployed 1928 2 million 1929 2.5 million 1930 3 million 1931 5 million 1932 6 million
  • Note: Aryan master race referring to the pure German race Lebensraum referring to living spaceGypsies referring to the name Germans gave to two ethnic groups known as the Sinti and Roma
  • Now, we will talk to you about the similarities between Singapore and Germany.
  • There is political apathySingaporeans and Germans voted for the party which they think will give them more benefits compared to the other election participants, despite whether they like the party or not.
  • – PAP for Singapore, Nazi’s Party for Germany
  • Minority of Singapore may face prejudice and/ or discrimination from the majority like what it happened in Germans’ attitude toward the Jews.
  • Malays in Singapore faced certain level of prejudice due to the possible conflicts with Malaysia as discussed in the 2061 scenario. When there is war against Malaysia, Malays in Singapore may face different treatments.For example, Singapore only had her first Malay general in the army after 42 years since its first intake in 1967. Rumours were that the Singapore government does not trust the malays as they fear the possibility of classified military information being disclosed to the neighbouring countries.If the scenario painted for 2061 comes true, Malays would be doubted in many ways.
  • This could lead to similar outcome as Germany, whereby people voted for Nazi’s Party and led to dictatorship. There is a possibility of this happening
  • A person may form a political party that is pure chinese – hence the main power would be in the hands of the chinese. The other ethnic group especially the malays would have no say in the country.As Singaporeans become more apathetic towards politics, they would not bother what is going on. They would just leave everything to the government if the government is able to provide them with the basic needs for life. This would result in the possible outcome where people let the govt do anything they want as long as the majority of the population feel that they are in save hands and would not hinder their live. Although they know that the measures taken by the government is unfiar to the minority, they would voice out because it does not affect them as much.
  • I will be presenting Part C regarding on how to implement measure to avoid prediction of 2061 and its challenges.Reinforcing the important of racial harmony. The instance of discrimination against the jews in germany is due to the fact it is a minority race and were being propaganda by nazi party as the cause for the fall of germany during WW1. It was so intense it lead to the genocide of its race.To prevent same situation from happening in Singapore where the target are the malays, beside just celebrating racial harmony day, we could further reinforce the importance of it through the help of campaigns and technology. Campaigns and activities should be held monthly where the various races living in Singapore should gather together and participate. This allows the various races to bond, get to understand each other better and ease the tension. This is prevent them from forgetting the importance of racial harmony due to the fact as Singapore is a multi-racial country and any racial issue could lead to severe consequences.Reinforcing the value of racial harmony can be further done through the help of technology. Shows that talks about the importance of racial harmony could be broadcasted through Television or through radio talks. Sites can be created to broadcast the importance of racial harmony through the internet which is constantly surfed by millions of people daily. Spreading the importance in a much efficient way.The government could also step in to support such acts by helping the organization involved in such acts in ways such as financially, manpower etc. Having members of the government personally participate in such acts has a great influence to the citizens as they are role models of the country and to the citizens. EqualityNo party should have an advantage in power over the rest to prevent situation where unfair policies towards the minority races are implemented. Giving equal rights to each party provides a fair say in each policy that are to be implemented to prevent situation where majority rights overthrow the say of the minority rights. Problems that may prevent the implementation of the proposed measuresPower StruggleDue to the fact that each party has equal rights, there may be a power struggle where a certain party wishes to have the final say in each policy thus it may try various ways to gain more power for its own advantage. This could worsen the relationship among the parties and spur more problems than before.  Hidden stereotypes Singapore has a long history as a multi-racial country with the Chinese as the majority and the various races as the minority, thus stereotype towards the minority and racial issues has been present ever since the past. Incidents in the past further worsen the stereotype and racial issues towards the Malays. 1 Example would be the Merger. During Merger of Singapore and Malaya, federal policies of Malaya gave special privileges to the Malays and were discriminating the Chinese which leads to racial issues and the bombing from Indonesian also worsen it. Thus it could prevent us from implementing the proposed measures. This is the end of our presentation. Thank you 
  • Wisp Presentation

    1. 1. WISP : Assignment 2 Indept into Germany<br />Done by : Darren Lee Lu Jia LongPeng Li ChingChua Pei XuanPoon Yan Tong <br />
    2. 2. Political Structure<br />Reichstag: Proportional voting made it weak <br />Biased government officials: Disapproval of Weimar Republic<br />Constitution: Too much power for - President<br /> - States<br /> - Army <br />
    3. 3. The Weimar Constitution of 1919<br />
    4. 4. INEFFICIENCY!! <br />Lack of supports and faith!!<br />
    5. 5. Economic/ Social/ Political Factors<br /><ul><li> Hyperinflation (1923): France invasion</li></ul> Inflation<br /> Hyperinflation<br /><ul><li> Great Depression (1929): America’s economy breakdown</li></ul> Germany’s economy collapsed <br /> End of Golden Era<br />
    6. 6. Rising of Nazi’s Party<br />Nazis declining from 1924 to 1929<br />However -Merged with other Right-wing parties, took over<br />-Propaganda to get support of the masses <br />-Got finance to run campaigns from businessmen,<br /> due to the fear of Communism (sharing wealth)<br />
    7. 7. Rising of Nazi’s Party<br /><ul><li> Turning Point!! (1932): Vulnerability of government</li></ul>Nazi’s Party got the chance<br /><ul><li>Reichstag fire (1933): Plot</li></ul>Communists became the scapegoat<br /><ul><li>Enabling Act (1933): Two-thirds of parliamentary majority passed through</li></ul>The path to dictatorship <br />
    8. 8. Discrimination / Prejudice<br /><ul><li> Germany - superiority of the ‘Aryan master race’ </li></ul> persecute the Jews and conquer lebensraum in eastern Europe<br /> - laws that discriminated against gays and “Gypsies” <br />Anti-Semitism- Conservative state governments made it almost impossible<br />for Jews to become German citizens<br />-High unemployment rate for Jews<br /> -Jews blamed for the cause of defeat of WW1<br />-Jews being accused- had “stabbed” the army in the back<br />-Great Depression added fuel to the flames of the anti-Semitic bonfire.<br /> -A scapegoat had to be found: the Jews were chosen.<br />Signers / Weimar Republic: November criminals <br /> stabbed Germany in the back <br /> PEOPLE TRUSTED GENERALS/ ARMY MORE!!<br />
    9. 9. Discrimination / Prejudice<br /> Europe - Germany was treated as the cause of WW1, bear all the blames. <br /> LON treated Germany and USSR as “outlaw” nations<br />Anti-Semitism - Discrimination of Jewish, existed very long ago, way down history.<br /> Through centuries, Jews were a persecuted people<br /> Jews fell victim to frequent pogroms in Eastern Europe<br />
    10. 10. What about Singapore 2009? <br />Part B<br />
    11. 11. Similarities<br />Singaporeans and Germans voted for the party which they think will give them more benefits despite whether they like the party or not. <br />Example: PAP, Nazi&apos;s Party<br />
    12. 12. The one party system in both parliament gave them the rights to rule the country the way they want it<br />Similarities<br />
    13. 13. Both Singapore and Germany had a long history of co-existing with other races/religion/culture<br />Similarities<br />
    14. 14. Minority of Singapore may face prejudice and/ or discrimination from the majority like what it happened in Germans’ attitude toward the Jews. <br />Similarities<br />
    15. 15. Similarities<br />Malays in Singapore faced certain level of prejudice<br />Minorities in Germany were also not trusted because the government were made of up of the majority<br />
    16. 16. Singaporeans do not really bother about political issues, as long as they benefit from them. <br />Similarities<br />
    17. 17. Singapore political structure is more organized, efficient and transparent as compared to the Germany political structure (Weimar Republic) as Germany had too many small parties, which led to confusion, indecisive and inefficiency.<br />Differences<br />
    18. 18. A person may form a political party that is made up of only Chinese.<br />As Singaporeans become more apathetic towards politics, they would not bother what is going on.<br />This would result in the possible outcome where people let the govt do anything they want as long as they are safe<br />Part B - Conclusion<br />
    19. 19. Part C <br />Reinforcing the important of racial harmony<br />Equality<br />Problem<br />Power Struggle<br />Hidden stereotypes <br />
    20. 20. The End<br />