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This set of negotiations has been long


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This set of negotiations has been long

  1. 1. INFORMATION UPDATEOctober 12, 2012This set of negotiations has been long, frustrating, tiring and fragile. We knew it wouldbe going in. We knew the company was looking for a concessionary agreement from theget go and the fact that we had people who were willing to step up to the plate is a creditto the type of people we have working and representing us.Before negotiations began we signed a document to extend the Basic Agreement untilOctober 15, 2012. The date was picked because it was thought by both parties that anagreement could be reached by then.That is not the case.This was a date, while needed, imposed no definitive power for us to strike or thecompany to lock us out. For either of those things to happen there are steps that have tobe followed by the parties which are dictated by the Ministry of Labour.The Union took the first step by filing for Conciliation. This was done so that we had theability to get a Conciliator to help move talks along.On Friday October 5th we took the next step and asked for a No Board Report which setsa firm deadline. With the Thanksgiving holiday, it could not be filed until TuesdayOctober the 8th.17 (seventeen) days later is the trigger date when a lockout or strike can happen. So thefinal deadline is October 25th, that is when we can be locked out. If we decide to ask for astrike vote, then that is when we will strike if necessary.We are confident that a successful agreement will be reached at the end of the day.We believe that when we have an agreement the business will indeed move forward forthe benefit of all; current and future workers and retirees alike.Once again, if we reach a tentative agreement or if we need to call a strike vote or specialmeeting you will hear from us directly. Dismiss the rest.In solidarity,Your Negotiating CommitteeDarren Green, Terry Willock, Steve Morris, Mario Caruso, John Butler, Frank Arcuri,Alex McKinnon