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Negotiations update 3


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Negotiations update 3

  1. 1. NEGOTIATIONS UPDATESeptember 14, 2012After another week of steady and sometimes difficult talks we can say that as suspected this isproving to be a tough round of negotiations. The fact that we are not yet discussing monetaryitems is a testament to that.We have worked our way through a maze of language items and we expect that by mid week,next week the monetary items will indeed be tabled.Yet we remain undaunted and are happy to report that your committee has been very unitedon the positions we have taken thus far.As you are no doubt aware there have been many loads of rod coming into our mill each dayand that bodes well for the coming months and we expect that as we get closer to an end oftalks business should be back on a more even keel for us.Next week we will be at full employment levels and are hopeful that this can continue despitewhat may happen at the negotiating table.We have heard many rumours coming back to us that have been spreading through the mill andonce again we caution you to not listen to them. If there is anything to report we will report it.In closing we would like to thank you for your support and would say that in the coming daysand weeks your solidarity will be needed more than ever as we continue to fight for a contractthat is fair to us workers and retirees.RESPECTING OUR PAST AND SECURING OUR FUTURE…TOGETHER!In solidarity,Your Negotiating CommitteeDarren Green, Terry Willock, Steve Morris, John Butler, Mario CarusoFrank Arcuri, Alex McKinnon