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Membership update-16-no-strike-called


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Membership update-16-no-strike-called

  1. 1. ARCELORMITTAL NEGOTIATIONS MEMBERSHIP UPDATE Friday, August 31, 2012 Your Negotiating Committee Says: “Continue to Work — We Will Too” Your Negotiating Committee has that the stress and uncertainty ondecided that our best course of action at management does not interfere withthis point in negotiations with our attention to safety on the job.ArcelorMittal is for all of us to continue We also need everyone to continue toworking while we continue to press stand strong and continue to say, loudlyforward in an effort to reach an and clearly, that we are united and weacceptable contract. Whether the demand a FAIR CONTRACT NOW!company will agree to our offer to If management chooses to continuecontinue to work while we with the dangerous andcontinue to bargain in Read the review of The Legal irresponsible positions andgood faith or instead Status of Union Members actions they have takenchoose to lock us out Working Without a Contract up to this point we mayremains unknown at this have to revisit our on the back of this Update.time. decision not to strike. We are not taking the Should that becomestrike option off the table — we are necessary we will schedule strike votessaying only that it is in our best and take the appropriate action. Forinterest to not call a strike at this now we urge everyone to continue totime. work their schedule, and to continueWe all need to make sure — above all to work safe. Your USW Nego a ng Commi ee David McCall, Chairman  Jim Robinson, Secretary  USW District 1 Director  USW District 7 Director  Mark Granakis  Tom Hargrove  Lonnie Asher  Sheldon Gregg  USW Local 979  USW Local 1010  USW Local 1011  USW Local 1165  Indiana Harbor East, Indiana Harbor  Cleveland  Indiana Harbor West  Coatesville  Long Carbon & Riverdale  Bill Prejsnar  Ray Napoli  Mark Glyp s  Dave Bombich  USW Local 1375  USW Local 1688  USW Local 2911  USW Local 6115  Warren Coke  Steelton  Weirton  Minorca Mine  Paul Gipson  James Sanderson Lloyd Turpin  Albert Caldwell USW Local 6787  USW Local 7898  USW Local 9462  USW Local 2342  Burns Harbor   Georgetown   Conshohocken   Columbus Processing   Todd Kegley  Doug Mullen  Kinley Porter  USW Local 9231  USW Local 9309  USW Local 9121  New Carlisle  Columbus Coa ngs  LaPlace 
  2. 2. REMINDER: THE LEGAL STATUS UNION MEMBERSQ. If we work without a occurs when, after exhaustive goodcontract, can the company faith negotiations by both sides,change our pay, our benefits, neither party is willing to changeor our rights on the job? its negotiating position.A. By law, when a contract ends Where the company and thethe company cannot make any union do not agree on whether anunilateral changes to terms and impasse exists, the question isconditions of employment without often resolved by the Nationalnegotiating those changes with the Labor Relations Board (NLRB). Ifunion. The “terms and conditions the companys claim of impasse isof employment” are the terms of not upheld by the NLRB then thethe old contract and the parties’ company will be required to returnpast practices. to the old terms and conditions of The company can only make a employment and pay backpay forchange if the union agrees or losses suffered by employees due towhere the negotiations have the illegally implementedreached an “impasse.” An impasse unilateral changes.