Letter to the editor march182014


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Letter to the editor march182014

  1. 1. HAMILTON STEELWORKERS AREA COUNCIL 1031 Barton Street East Hamilton ON L8L 3E3 March 18, 2014 Letter to the Editor: Re: HECFI privatization spurs legal shutdown Dear friends, The Trade Union Movement has a long history here in Hamilton and while we are slowly turning away from the moniker of “Steel Town” we still have a very strong labour presence here. This makes it all the more troubling for us to see what is happening to the members of Local 772 of the International Union of Operating Engineers. Privatization of our entertainment facilities, golf courses, Waste Water Treatment Plant, garbage collection and more has always been on the agenda for some on Council and city staff. The trigger has been pulled on some of these adventures and they have turned into just that, adventures. That the city legal department, manager and advisors have not considered its labour contracts and how they would be administered before contracts with Global Spectrum and Carmen’s were awarded is shameful and lacks of due diligence. City Council and the Mayor in my view were once again led down the garden path by those who they rely on and pay for solid advice. The fact that a former top staffer of the city is advising one party speaks to the need to have employment contracts that reflect the conflict of interest of former employees being hired as advisors on City issues. The optics are indeed terrible. The Hamilton Steelworkers Area Council is calling on the City of Hamilton, Global Spectrum and Carmen’s to sit down with the union and a mediator in an effort to come to an agreement that respects the collective agreement of these workers forthwith. This situation is unacceptable. Darren Green President Hamilton Steelworkers Area Council Phone: 905-719-4412 e-mail: hamiltonsteel@live.com Phone: 905-545-3008 fax: 905-545-3506 email: hamiltonsteel@live.com