Project report on performance appraisal


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project report on performance appraisal

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Project report on performance appraisal

  1. 1. Project report on performance appraisalHotel performance appraisal has been called in different names including employeeevaluation, performance review, career development report and many others. Regardless ofthe name, this is a method in which the performance of the hotel is being evaluation in termsof the quality, cost, quantity and time. Typically, this is done by the supervisor or the managerof the hotel. Hotel and employee performance assessment is usually viewed as a part of themanaging and guiding careers. This is the process wherein the authorized persons will have toobtain, analyze and record pertinent information regarding the relative performance of theorganization.Now there is a need to create an effective hotel performance appraisal system so that you canmeasure the efficiency of your employees and the whole company itself. In order to makesure that you will be able to make a system that will really work for your company, you willneed to perform a few things first. Primarily, you should set the standards of performance.Without which there is nothing to compare. Thus, the standards will define whether youremployees are performing well or your organization is heading to the direction that you intendit to be.Next is that you will have to set the targets and the objectives in conjunction with theemployees or your subordinates. Make sure that these are realistic and can be realized in a fewyears or so. You will have to review how your workers are doing and you should be able totell him freely regarding his mistakes or shortcomings. In addition, there should be hotel staffmotivation practices so that your workers will put forth their best efforts. Now, you shouldthink of the hotel performance appraisal system as something that will help you, youremployees and the whole organization to develop. There are companies that choose toperform the appraisal through interviewing their employees. If you will carry this one out, youshould guarantee that the atmosphere is relaxed and the interviewees should be allowed tovoice out their opinions and views.The hotel performance appraisal should be able to aid the subordinates when it comes tosetting up new goals and also in fixing various hotel issues. What you might not know aboutthe hotel and staff assessment is that this is designed for the employees and the employers tocommunicate well with one another.In order for your hotel performance appraisal approach to be effective, you should be able toface the conflicts and be prepared for the right solutions. One of the problems that might ariseduring the appraisal is when the individual goals disagree with the organizational goals. Asidefrom that, it is quite common for leaders to take this process for granted. Typical reasons forthis include that they think that when they provide honest feedbacks to their employees, thiswill result to animosity between the workers and the managers. You can solve thispredicament by means off having an open forum wherein you will let your employeesunderstand how important it is to evaluate their performance. In addition, your feedbackshould not damage the self esteem of your employees. : Over 200 ebooks, templates, forms forperformance appraisal.