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  • Time: 9:30 – 9:35Theme: Collaboration Welcome and congratulations for starting this program. It’s nice to see everyone in the morning. Looking for the read eyes. People who were texting away b/c they were too afraid of using their cell phones.My name is Darren…I am a trainer in the beginning teacher program in San Jose Unified. In my cohort, I’m the resident geek but I really enjoy trying to teach people how to use tech tools and the internet to improve what they do in ways that are relevant to their work and save time.Everybody here has a masters’ degree, but I want you to think back for a moment to when you completed your Bachelors. For some of you it might be just a few years ago. For others it might be 20 years ago or more.What process did you follow to write a paper?How did you do research? (x2)How did you type your paper? (x3)How did you keep copies of your paper?How did you meet and collaborate with colleagues? (x2)If you needed to talk to a classmate, how did you get in touch with them?
  • Collaboration.Not that any of those were terribly ineffective, but since we no longer have those beige boxes sitting on top of our desks, the tools that we have access to, are really powerful and we only use a tiny bit of it. So much of technology over the past few years has been about making it more collaborative, and easy to use. The prime examples of collaboration are social tools built around sharing like facebook and flickr. Tools have become easier to use, you can think of the Mac and iPhone & iPad. The technology becomes invisible. Anybody can use it.There’s a convergence with technology that allows us to do more with what we have and because of the dynamic of working in a cohort, collaborate and share. Within the cohort you build a community. Aggregating work that you do will improve it. Nobody’s work is as good as everybody’s work.When we started there was some hesitation to share with each other. So a common theme of many of these tools will be not only how to be more efficient in your own work, but how you might share, collaborate, and construct ideas together.Here are some ideas that you’ll find beneficial as you begin your doctorate. You probably are already using some or many of these ideas, but a top ten only has ten items. There’s no particular order, but some are more important than others.So with that, here are the Top Ten Tech Tips for Succeeding & Surviving Year one of your EdD. Straight from the home office in Sioux City, Iowa.Number 10…
  • These aren’t really tips. These are must do’s.You’ll use your laptop most classes. Maybe only to download handouts or to access online materials.How to Obtain SoftwareGo to the SFSU Bookstore Customer Service counter (next to the elevator) to purchase pre-copied Microsoft media at a reduced rate. Purchase the software covered by the CSU Microsoft Student Select Plus program.Each student must provide the following as proof of eligibility:A current student ID cardA picture ID (e.g., driver's license)Forward e-mail from sfsu GatewayIf you haven’t already, you’ll want to forward your SFSU email account to your personal email. Test it out so you know it’s working. So you don’t get any nasty phone calls from Bob or Norena that you aren’t responding to them.Number 9…
  • Why? Organization. If you think about it and explore a few options now, you won’t need to adjust later and it will be easier to share.Number 7…
  • Get an extension cord. It can be shared, make sure it is the kind that plugs go in sideways so that many cords & adapters can be plugged in together. Many of the rooms don’t have enough plugs to go around and even if they do, if you sit in the middle, then may not reach.Number 8…
  • Work simultaneously on a single document. In class. At home. On line. Don’t recommend it for papers because doesn’t have the ability to integrate bibliographic info (more on that later).Number 6…
  • Number 5…Install dropbox everywhere
  • Take notes. Record meetings with your professors. Access files from Dropbox. Play words with friends and Plants vs. Zombies.
  • Iannotatepdf $10Evernote, Kindle, dropbox FreePlants v. Zombies $3.00Words with Friends free/pay
  • A comment you will see on your papers many times is, “Who says?” Which means we don’t care if you say it. You don’t have three letters behind your name. Depending on your masters degree and previous experience how precise you are with documenting your sources might be normal practice or might seem more difficult.
  • Zotero is free, open source software to collect, store, and organize your references. If you take away one tip from this presentation, this should be it.Two versions: If you use Firefox, then you can use the Zotero for Firefox version. If you use Chrome or Safari, there is a Zotero Standalone which is a program that runs on your computer and then you download a connector or add-on for Chrome or Safari. If you use Internet Explorer, you should just hang your head in shame right now.Let me show you briefly what it can do…[brief presentation]Training with Athena. Or playing around on your own.
  • Time: 9:30 – 9:33Theme: Collaboration In summary, these are a lot of ideas. Don’t overwhelm yourself and try to do them all at once. Do a couple, master them and move on. Zotero & Facebook will save you hours of frustration.
  • Top tech tips_battaglia_final

    1. 1. Top Ten Tech TipsSucceeding & Surviving Year One of Your Ed.D. August 2012 Presented by Darren Battaglia, 2011 Cohort
    2. 2. 10. Use 20th century technology• Bring your laptop• Configure your SFSU email correctly• Ensure that you have everyone’s personal e- mail & phone
    3. 3. 9. Determine notetaking method
    4. 4. 8. Get an extension cord
    5. 5. 7. Collaborate with Google Docs
    6. 6. 6. Study on Google Hangouts• Part of Google+• Video conferencing• Screensharing• Available on Android phones• Collaborate on Google Docs• Up to 10 people• Broadcast & save to Youtube
    7. 7. 5. Install Dropbox everywhere• Synchronize all of your files across your computers• Have access to all of your files from cell phone, iPad, web• Share folders & files with colleagues• 2 GB free, referral increase space•• Or:
    8. 8. 4. Get an iPad for your Ed.D. It’smagical and youwant one, anyway.
    9. 9. The Apps• iAnnotatepdf• Evernote• Kindle App• Dropbox• Plants vs. Zombies• Words with Friends
    10. 10. 3. Organize citations with Zotero• Free database for citation collection• Collaborate on a cohort folder• Notes, summaries, PTEAs, &pdf’s can be attached• Clip citations directly from Amazon & library journals for use later• Integrates w/Word to create reference list•
    11. 11. 2. Create a cohort facebook page
    12. 12. …and, the number one tech tip forsurviving & succeeding during the first year of your Ed.D. is…
    13. 13. 1. Designate IT guy for Norena
    14. 14. Top Ten Tech TipsSucceeding & Surviving Year One of Your Ed.D. August 2012 Presented by Darren Battaglia, 2011 Cohort