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  • Darren: 4:00 – 4:03Wordle you for bringing computers. You should have picked up a binder as you walked in. Introduce Kelly. Logistics:BathroomsSign-inECO questions answered toward the end of the presentations.Parking lot Add this to the list of prep work for this presentation & sticky notes
  • 4:03 – 4:08DarrenTonight, you are going to hear a lot of new vocabulary. Some of it is specific to BTSA and the work you are doing here, and some of it has broader application. It can become confusing and I know I need to stop and remind myself that I use these terms every day in my work. So if we say something or use a term that is unclear, stop us and ask. We’ve also made a note taking guide for you to jot down some of these terms as we introduce them. We’ll be discussing where you can find out more information tonight, as well.Meeting the Induction Standards is how you clear your credential. Our students are expected to meet certain standards as they progress through school, the newly credentialed teachers are expected to meet the Induction standards. It is why you’re in BTSA.Using formative assessment, reflecting on and documenting your progress is how you are recommended for your clear credential. You receive the coaching and mentoring to support the clearing of your credential.
  • 4:10 – 4:12DarrenTonight we will explain your responsibilities as a BTSA Induction participant. We’ll also explain the support you have within the program to meet the responsibilities and standards.We are also going to focus on some content of the induction program and make some connections between what you have done in your Teacher preparation program and what you will be doing in BTSA.You’ll notice a Parking Lot space, this is to share (perhaps) unrelated questions you have. As they come up, please write them on a sticky note and put in the Parking Lot. We will periodically answer questions throughout tonight’s meeting. Also, if you are new to this location, there are restrooms located near the entry as well as upstairsBy the way, you’ll notice that we use BTSA and Induction either simultaneously or interchangeably.
  • 4:18 – 4:22Kelly Clear Induction Program is accredited by Commission on Teacher Credentialing CTC to recommend teachers for a clear credential.Just like colleges and Universities are accredited to have credentialing programs, so does SJUSD. That’s one of the reasons for the policies and procedures that the program has established. It’s what we’ve told CCTC that we’re going to do. In an audit, we have to match our actions to the program that was submitted. If not, we could lose our accreditation.Also designed to help you grow as a teacher. Designed for teacher to reflect and assess and accelerate teaching practice to a mature level. SPs mentor teacher, guide PTs through the formative process. Participating teachers collect evidence showing that they meet the Induction Standards and make progress on the California Standards for the Teaching Profession. This is a two year program –you’ll also hear about an acceleration option at the end of the meeting for some participating teachers. It’s called Early Completion and I know that some of you have questions about that. We will explain that at the end so please hold off on those questions.
  • 4:22- 4:32Darren
  • 4:32 – 4:35FIX TIME Darren FIX the animation of the slide Overview of FACTProvide time to read a bit from the binderPurpose: Show the vision of the entire year. This is where you are going. We use Formative Assessment system to help teachers accelerate on their teaching practice.Explain FACT modules
  • 4:35 – 5:00 TAKE TIME ASNEEDED Darren5 min: We’re going to take some time to explore your binder. There are 2 versions, a print and an electronic version. First I’m going to show you how to download the electronic version, then you’ll have time to explore one of them with a partner, depending on your preference. Take out computer. Go to URL. Download and save PDF. Open PDF…Acrobat or if open in Preview…Peruse it, notice the table of contents (model how to use bookmarks), colors based on modules, focusing on the modules of Context, Assessment, Inquiry, and Summary, do not go past pg. 82 in the PDF. Try not to be overwhelmed the time line is well paced and you will get support from your SP and write questions on sticky notes to provide quiet time to explore. 10 min: For the overview, you’ll have 10 minutes to look at this with a partner. 5 min: check in/debrief/answer questions
  • 5:00 – 5:08Darren Please take out the paper copy in your binder that looks similar to this and close your binder. This is a visual representation of the path you’ve been on in your credential work. It shows the work you’ve done in your pre-service work—the standards you’ve worked towards, the teacher preparation expectations TPES (cue Prezi) -- and aligns it to the work you are currently doing in the classroom—as well as the standards guiding your current professional development, the California Standards for the Teaching Profession, or the CSTPs. Essentially… the left what you have done to prepare to teach and the right is what guides your on-going growth. They are color coded to highlight the connections (on Prezi)…Another example is blue and bluePrezi is another resource you can use to enhance student engagement.
  • 5:08 – 5:20DarrenTake a moment to review the TPEs and think about which one has contributed to your success.When you are ready, please discuss with your table. Please have one person share some of your insights with the larger group. Getting ready…leading to your continued success
  • 5:20 – 5:25DarrenCTC Consent form during meeting. A requirementRequirement from the State- sign on and get an id number
  • 5:25 – 5:45CTC Consent form during meeting.Requirement from the State- sign on and get an id number
  • – 5:45
  • 5:45 – 5:53KellyBriefly respond to Parking Lot Questions Induction Standards & Teacher Performance standards.
  • 5:53 – 6:23Kelly
  • 5:53 – 6:23KellyIn your expert group, after you introduce yourselves and your success, please begin the task. 10 minutes to look at with your expert group. At the chime, please return to your group and be prepared to share in number order.
  • 5:53 – 6:23KellyChime for attention. Share in number order. Hear themes/trends from 4 people. You explored the program standards to create a link between where you have come from and what you’ll be working on next.
  • 6:23 – 6:26DarrenPlease take a gander at your luminous lavender calendar…it is a global calendar…don’t come crying to me…
  • 6:26 – 6:313 minutesDarrenSix units are available for the year of being a Participating Teacher.Explain movement on salary schedule.
  • 6:26 – 6:31CHANGE SLIDE slightly DarrenSix units are available for the year of being a Participating Teacher. Explain movement on salary schedule and mention MA, Doctorate & National Boards stipends.
  • 6:31 – 6:46Show them how to get on the BTSA Intranet site.Show where the calendar link is.Electronic portfolio link is.Quick links for pdf users guide, CTP and other docs.
  • 6:46 – 6:50 TAKE TIME if we have itDarrenDirect link if they can’t log in.Bookmark this so you can go here directly.Model creating A-1 and save and re-open. THIS WILL SAVE US MANY HEADACHES!!!WARNING!!! DON’T CREATE MULTIPLE FORMS!!!
  • 6:50 – 7:00DarrenRead MOU. Ask questions.Ask participants to read the PT MOU and Calendar and ask questions10 minutes
  • 7:00 – 7:02Darren
  • 7:00 – 7:02Darren
  • 7:00 – 7:02Darren
  • 7:02 – 7:05DarrenSP is assigned to each PT – they are you first point of contact for the CIP. Ask them any questions. They will contact Ics if they need additional support. Another resource for questions is the BTSA web site – SHOW IT – The site will be updated to include Education Specialist in the next week - apologize need to finalize all documents and verify all dates with Sp Ed; both programs Ics and Program Specialists are teachers who came back to work when you did.
  • 7:05 – 7:15Darren
  • 7:05 – 7:15TAKE TIME as needed Darren 1) How do people who have worked in the district get proof of evaluation and length of service? What about people who were waitlisted but didn’t have intern credential?2) What will be our new ECO policy? How can we allow those who were wait listed last year fulfill the ECO option? Need a policy written down to match the applications. ECO applications must be sent to office. Cannot be kept here.
  • 7:05 – 7:15Darren Overview of FACTPurpose: Show the vision of the entire year. This is where you are going. We use Formative Assessment system to help teachers accelerate on their teaching practice.Explain CTP???
  • 7:15 – 7:16DarrenPlease take a moment to consider our meeting goals and look over your note taking guide. While you are filling out the feedback form, we’ll post the “answers” on the screen for you to check for yourself.
  • 7:16 – 7:21Darren
  • 7:21 DarrenDo not leave ECO applications here. Take with you. Post “key” to the CLOZE note taking guide
  • Pt1 orientation web

    1. 1. SAN JOSE UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT INSPIRING AND PREPARING ALL STUDENTS TO SUCCEED IN A GLOBAL SOCIETYWelcome toParticipating TeacherYear One OrientationSeptember 11 & 13, 2012
    2. 2. Yearlong Goals• Work toward meeting Induction Standards• Engage with issues of Equity & Culturally Responsive Teaching
    3. 3. Meeting Goals• Identify responsibilities of Participating Teacher• Make connections between Teacher Preparation & Induction Program
    4. 4. Milling to Music• What was your favorite summer activity?• What inspires you?• Share one success you have had this year in your class.
    5. 5. What is BTSA?• Accredited by Commission on Teacher Credentialing• Job embedded, induction program for teachers with a preliminary credential• Designed to accelerate knowledge of beginning teacher
    6. 6. Participating Teacher Support ProviderOrientation OrientationClassroom ManagementProfessional Development Professional DevelopmentAdvice & Assistance Advice & AssistanceMeet Weekly Meet Weekly Submit Collaborative LogGather Evidence Assist PT Gather Evidence Observe PTComplete Surveys Complete Surveys
    7. 7. Formative Assessment forCalifornia Teachers (FACT) Context for Teaching and Learning Assessment of Teaching and Learning Inquiry into Teaching and Learning (IIP Embedded Across) Summary of Teaching and Learning
    8. 8. Binder Walk• Formative Assessment for California Teachers (FACT)• Open SJUSD FACT User’s Guide (pdf) • • Download pdf& save
    9. 9. Connecting TeacherPreparation to Induction
    10. 10. Connecting Teacher Preparation to InductionWith which teacher performance expectation(TPE) does your greatest success connect?Discuss with your table how the specific TPEimpacted your current teaching.Be ready to share one insight from yourdiscussion.
    11. 11. Program Logistics• BTSA Consent Form
    12. 12. Program Logistics• BTSA Consent Form•
    13. 13. Break
    14. 14. Connecting TeacherPreparation to Induction
    15. 15. Teacher Preparation Standards & Induction Program Standards• Number off 1 - 5 Teacher Preparation Induction Program Standards Standards5. Professional… 5. Pedagogy9. Equity, Diversity… 6. Equity for All…10. Prep for Learning 5. Pedagogy12. Teach ELLs 6a. Teach ELLs13. Teach Special Pops 6b. Teach Special Pops
    16. 16. Teacher Preparation Standards & Induction Program Standards• Read TPE & Induction Standard comparison• Highlight the verbs and note the connections between the standards• Share you’re A-ha’s in your expert group• Be prepared to explain your A-ha with your original group
    17. 17. Teacher Preparation Standards & Induction Program Standards• Share in your “home group”• What trends or themes do you notice overall?
    18. 18. Program Logistics• Review Calendar• Attend one session of each meeting listed on the BTSA Professional Development Support Provider Meeting calendar
    19. 19. Program LogisticsSix Semester Units Available• University of San Diego• $450 for the course• Email reminders and registration link• Register and pay on-line (USD)
    20. 20. Program Logistics
    21. 21. Program LogisticsBTSA Web site
    22. 22. Program LogisticseFACT Portfolio (
    23. 23. Program LogisticsMemorandum of Understanding (MOU)
    24. 24. Program Advisor: Darren x 14311Elementary Middle• Almaden • Hoover• Anne Darling • John Muir• Bachrodt • Willow Glen• Booksin High• Canoas • Broadway• Empire Gardens • Lincoln• Hacienda • Pioneer• Reed • Willow Glen• Schallenberger • Willow Glen Plus
    25. 25. Program Advisor: Kelly x 14329Elementary • Los Alamitos• Allen at Steinbeck • Lowell• Carson • Olinder• Galarza • Simonds• Gardner • Terrell• Grant • Trace• Graystone • Washington• Hammer • Willliams• Horace Mann • Willow Glen
    26. 26. Program Advisor: Kelly x 14329Middle• Bret Harte• Burnett• Castillero• River GlenHigh• Gunderson• Leland
    27. 27. Communication LoopInfo & Guidance Complaint Process• Support Provider • Support Provider• BTSA Website • BTSA Contact (Kelly or Darren) • Interim Manager (Linda)
    28. 28. Early Completion Option• Acceleration of BTSA completion• Orientation is the only opportunity to receive an application.• MUST qualify.• MUST apply by October 15 with all supporting documents.• Receive notification five days after all materials have been received.
    29. 29. Early Completion Option• Taught 2 or more years or taught one year on an Intern credential• Overall satisfactory evaluation with no ineffectives within the past two years
    30. 30. Induction Timeline Traditional Year 1 Year 2 ECO Context for Context for Context forTeaching and Teaching and Teaching and Learning Learning Learning CSTP 1&2 Continuum of Continuum ofConversations Teaching Practice Teaching PracticeAssessment of Assessment of Assessment of Teach. Teach. Teach. & Learning & Learning & LearningOne Inquiry into Two Inquiries into Two Inquiries into Teaching and Teaching and Teaching and Learning Learning Learning Summary of Summary of Summary of Teaching & Teaching & Teaching & Learning Learning Learning
    31. 31. Meeting Goals• Identify responsibilities of Participating Teacher• Make connections between Teacher Preparation & Induction Program
    32. 32. Closure5 Write five words that describe how you feel about beginning your Clear Induction Program.3 Share three of the words with a partner1 Choose one of the words to say to the whole group
    33. 33. Closure• Remaining questions• Feedback – Complete Form• ECO application• Classroom Management I: September 17 or 18