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2012-2013 Orientation for New Support Providers.

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New SP Orientation Web

  2. 2. Yearlong Goals• Developing our skill sets in formative assessment and coaching• Building knowledge of formative assessment as a tool for improving instruction
  3. 3. Meeting Goals• Understand responsibilities & role of Support Provider (SP)• Prepare to work with your Participating Teacher (PT)• Begin to mentor utilizing the Context for Teaching and Learning
  4. 4. Everyone’s It• Move safely around the room, if tagged freeze arms held out, un- freeze by answering a question, continue moving• What is your favorite dish?• What are some of your strengths as a coach?• What makes a good teacher?
  5. 5. Note Taking GuidesThe important thing about BTSAInduction is supporting participatingteachers in the acceleration of theirgrowth.
  6. 6. BTSA Induction
  7. 7. BTSA InductionBeing a new teacher is like _____because _____.
  8. 8. BTSA Induction• Choose a postcard• On a sticky, write a prompt related to an image on your card• Share at your table• As a table, choose one to share with the whole group
  9. 9. BTSA InductionBeing a new teacher is like _____because _____.
  10. 10. BTSA InductionSynecticsBeing a new teacher is like _____because _____.
  11. 11. What is BTSA?Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment• Job embedded, Induction Program for teachers with a preliminary credential• Accredited to recommend teachers for a clear credential• Designed to accelerate knowledge of the beginning teacher
  12. 12. Components of Clear Induction Program• Clear credential Program• Support Provider is guide• Formative Assessment• Professional Development
  13. 13. Role of Support Provider• Mentor Participating Teachers (PT’s)• Assist & Guide PT’s through formative assessment• Support PT to be recommended for Clear Credential
  14. 14. Initiating work with your PT• Build relationship with Participating Teacher• Assist Participating Teacher with registration for professional development• Orient Participating Teacher to school and district resources• Collaborate in developing classroom procedures• Advise on classroom management• Listen
  15. 15. Participating Teacher Support ProviderOrientation OrientationClassroom ManagementProfessional Development Professional DevelopmentAdvice & Assistance Advice & AssistanceMeet Weekly Meet Weekly Submit Collaborative LogGather Evidence Assist PT Gather Evidence Observe PTComplete Surveys Complete Surveys
  16. 16. Formative Assessment for California Teachers (FACT) Context for Teaching and Learning Assessment of Teaching and Learning Inquiry into Teaching and Learning (IIP Embedded Across) Summary of Teaching and Learning
  17. 17. Context for Teaching & Learning• Who are my students?• What is my school setting?• What is the community like?• Connections to: • CSTPs • BTSA Induction Standards
  18. 18. Context for Teaching & Learning Choose one to explore, different from the rest of your group• Class Profile (A-1 & A-1.2*)• Classroom Layout (A-2)• School & District Information/Resources (A-3)• Home/School Communication (A-4)• Site Orientation Checklist (A-5)• Community Map (A-6)
  19. 19. Context for Teaching & Learning• What information is being asked?• Where can you and your PT find this information?• How will this enhance instruction around differentiation and equity?
  20. 20. Context for Teaching & LearningWhat is the purpose of Context forTeaching & Learning module?
  21. 21. Program LogisticsBTSA Consent Form
  22. 22. Program LogisticsBTSA Consent Form
  23. 23. Break
  24. 24. Reflective Conversation Resources
  25. 25. Collaborative Logs
  26. 26. Reflective Conversation ResourcesChoose Tool from Context for Teaching &LearningPartner A: Guides conversation with Collaborative LogPartner B: Responds as PT
  27. 27. Conversation Guides
  28. 28. Early Completion Option• Taught 2 or more years or taught one year an Intern credential• Overall satisfactory evaluation with no ineffectives
  29. 29. Induction Timeline: FACTTraditional ECO Year 1 Year 2Context for Teaching Context for Teaching Context for Teaching and Learning and Learning and Learning CSTP 1&2 Continuum of Continuum of Conversations Teaching Practice Teaching Practice Assessment of Assessment of Assessment of Teach. Teach. Teach. & Learning & Learning & Learning One Inquiry into Two Inquiries into Two Inquiries into Teaching and Teaching and Teaching and Learning Learning Learning Summary of Summary of Summary of Teaching & Teaching & Teaching & Learning Learning Learning
  30. 30. Program LogisticsBTSA Web site
  31. 31. Program Logistics• eFACT Portfolio
  32. 32. Program Logistics• Review Calendar• Attend one session of each New Support Provider meeting & appropriate Inquiry meeting with each PT
  33. 33. Program LogisticsCollaborative Logs• Conversation starters• Document weekly meetings• Due 5th of each month• One log labeled by each month• Submit via fax, pony, upload or email
  34. 34. Program LogisticsSP MOUStipend is dependent on successful completion of allMOU requirements. SP stipends are reduced by:$300 for the first and subsequent required SupportProvider meetings not attended. SPs may be releasedif they fail to attend a second SP meeting.SP stipend is reduced by 1/9 for each month acollaborative log is not received and/or the SP has notmet with his/her PT.
  35. 35. Program LogisticsMemorandum of Understanding (MOU)What clarifications are needed?
  36. 36. Program LogisticsSix Semester Units Available • University of San Diego • $450 per course • Email reminders and registration link • Register and pay on-line (USD)
  37. 37. Program LogisticsRelease time• Observation of PT for initial assessment & Inquiry• For PT observation related to Inquiry project, must be listed on IIP• Sub codes emailed each month to SPs
  38. 38. Program Logistics
  39. 39. Program Advisor: Darren x 14311Elementary Middle• Almaden • Hoover• Anne Darling • John Muir• Bachrodt • Willow Glen• Booksin High• Canoas • Broadway• Empire Gardens • Lincoln• Hacienda • Pioneer• Reed • Willow Glen• Schallenberger • Willow Glen Plus
  40. 40. Program Advisor: Kelly x 14329Elementary • Los Alamitos• Allen at Steinbeck • Lowell• Carson • Olinder• Galarza • Simonds• Gardner • Terrell• Grant • Trace• Graystone • Washington• Hammer • Willliams• Horace Mann • Willow Glen
  41. 41. Program Advisor: Kelly x 14329Middle• Bret Harte• Burnett• Castillero• River GlenHigh• Gunderson• Leland
  42. 42. Communication LoopInformation and Complaint ProcessGuidance • Support Provider Support • BTSA ContactProvider • Manager (Linda Herschbach) BTSA Website
  43. 43. Note Taking GuidesThe important thing about BTSAInduction is supporting participatingteachers in the acceleration of theirgrowth.
  44. 44. Don’t be confused…
  45. 45. Meeting Goals• Understand responsibilities & role of Support Provider• Prepare to work with your Participating Teacher• Begin to mentor utilizing the Context for Teaching and Learning
  46. 46. ClosureWhat is one thing you might do next with your participating teacher?Share with a partnerBe prepared to share out with the group
  47. 47. Program LogisticsRemaining questionsFeedback – Complete FormSeptember 20: Assessment for Teaching& Learning and the Continuum of TeachingPractice