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Classroom procedures web


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Classroom procedures web

  1. 1. Classroom Procedures
  2. 2. During Lessons1. Sit in a learning position.2. Raise your hand to talk unless the teacher calls on you.3. Follow directions.4. Read your book if you finish your work early.5. Wait for restroom or water breaks until independent work time.
  3. 3. Entering the Classroom1. Enter the classroom before the bell rings.2. Take your seat and get out the materials you need for class.3. Talk quietly until the bell rings.4. Begin the sponge / warm up activity when the bell rings.
  4. 4. Lining Up1. Clean the 2. Stay in your 3. Bring any 4. Wait quietly top of your seat until materials you in line. desk. you’re asked to need. line up.
  5. 5. Dismissal ProceduresAfter the teacher tells students that instruction/work time is over, students:• Write homework in assignment book• Put away all materials• Clean off the desk• Sit quietly in chair• Walk when the teacher gives permission to leave
  6. 6. Class DiscussionsPrepare in advance Wait until the other Stay on topic. Respect others’for discussion by person is finished opinions andreading the speaking before contributions: Useassignment in you talk. appropriateadvance. expressions of disagreement.
  7. 7. Attention SignalThe Teacher will: As the student, you will: • Shake the • Put materials maraca down • Keep hands to yourself • Look at the teacher • Listen quietly for the directions
  8. 8. Learning PositionSit with your back against the back of your chair.Sit with your legs under your desk.Keep both feet on the floor.Look at the teacher when he or she is talking to the class.Keep your materials on top of your desk.