The RevenueTraction Experience


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A portfolio of clients and technology that I have worked with over the years.

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The RevenueTraction Experience

  1. 1. International Business Development Selected Portfolio
  2. 2. The Business of Business Development n I have worked primarily with technology companies from Israel, Australia, Europe, Asia and North America developing opportunities and transactions while conducting traditional and social media marketing efforts ( including google ad words & SEO ). n A partial list of the companies and technologies that I have worked with follows:
  3. 3. Australian Survey Researchn Country of Origin: (Australia) ASR has a range of survey software including Survey Manager, the information platform which underpins their survey-research bureau. OnTrack which tracks all aspects of employee performance and CompTrack to help organizations manage workforce requirements.n Status: Active client
  4. 4. BAvailablen Country of Origin: (Israel) bAvailable is the first and only company to offer a comprehensive communications platform for web- sites who wish to benefit from one-on-one, contextual communications between site users, operators and advertisers.n Status: Active client
  5. 5. iPOWOWn Country of Origin: (Australia) iPowow is an interactive media company that uses smartphones and the Mobile Web to solve the problems of ‘real-time audience feedback’ in the global markets of Live Television and Social Networking. iPowow gives TV producers and global celebrities the power to interact with their chosen audience, second by second. iPowow brings together global audiences ‘In The Moment’ which, in the cluttered information overload of the digital media space, is an advertiser’s dream.n Status: Active client
  6. 6. SlickAccessn Country of Origin: (Israel) SlickAccess develops and markets UserConnect - a simple solution for IT managers to publish all application types via a single system and provide users with anywhere, anytime access to their corporate resources. SlickAccess UserConnect allows IT department to dramatically increase applications availability through "always-on user-connectivity".n Status: Active client
  7. 7. Zoomixn Country of Origin: (Israel) Acquired by Microsoft Corp.n Microsoft purchased Zoomix, a small Jerusalem company that provides data-quality technology, to bolster its SQL Server. Zoomixs Accelerator software combines semantic and linguistic analysis with machine learning to classify, match and standardize complex corporate data.n Status: Inactive
  8. 8. Valley Oak Systemsn Country of Origin: (USA) Acquired by AON Corp.n Valley Oak Systems (VOS), a leader in claims management software, services, and support for the insurance industry, now operates under the Aon eSolutions Group as an independent subsidiary. Its flagship product, iVOS, the "one-system" claims management solution, will integrate with RiskConsole, Aons risk management information system (RMIS).n Status: Inactive
  9. 9. Kompsoftn Country of Origin: (USA / India) Kompsoft provides technical project support, augmented staffing and BI/ DW services to Fortune companies like Kaiser Permanente and Sony Corp. and IGT (a leading provider of software to the gaming industry).n Status: Operational
  10. 10. 4iSoftn Country of Origin: (USA / India) Provides specialized "IT" services and business intelligence tool for the Insurance and Healthcare benefit domains. Additionally, provides BI Dashboard, Analysis & Reporting tool for various industry domains.n Status: Operational
  11. 11. Expert Systemsn Country of Origin: (Europe) Their software, Cogito, enables your organization to extract, discover and understand the connections in your strategic information sets – the thousands of files, e-mails, articles, reports, web pages you have access to everyday; understand automatically the meaning of any text written in the language we use to communicate (natural language) Cogito improves business decisions in real time for the majority of corporate functions.n Status: Operational
  12. 12. CogniViewn Country of Origin: (Israel) Cogniview is a leading provider of data conversion software, enabling organizational data to be used and reused in as many computerized environments as required.n Status: Operational
  13. 13. Ceedon Country of Origin: (Israel) Ceedo is software virtualization and delivery platform that creates managed application workspaces – a set of applications that can be run on any Windows PC without installation, and then managed remotely. Ceedo workspaces can reside on the PC or be launched from any external storage device.n Status: Operational
  14. 14. Babylon.comn Country of Origin: (Israel) Babylon is the leading provider of language solutions such as online and offline single-click dictionary and translation software, translation services, language learning solutions, English writing enhancement and more.n Status: Operational
  15. 15. International Business Development Selected Portfolio