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Summer ’09 Introduces Social Media and XBRL to Investor Relations Websites - Q4 Web Systems


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This latest release builds on Q4’s existing robust investor toolkit and offers different ways for investors to find, subscribe and share content through social networks. Our new features give you the control, flexibility and best practices needed to stay competitive in today’s capital markets. Q4 helps you forge relationships with shareholders through the web and social media. The new features are available on all Q4 products.

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Summer ’09 Introduces Social Media and XBRL to Investor Relations Websites - Q4 Web Systems

  1. 1. IR 2.0 Is social media giving your competitors an IR advantage? Get the Q4 advantage! Best Practice IR Websites The IR website is a leading Today’s capital markets are more competitive than ever. Recent stats source of information for indicate the amount of new capital raised has decreased by more than investors, analysts and the 97% and the number of analysts has fallen to below 3,000. Meanwhile the world has adopted social media in record numbers (57.5% of global financial media.(1) Internet users). Global Social Media Usage (2) Investor relations is changing, is your IR website changing with it? It’s more di cult than ever to raise awareness and receive coverage in today’s competitive environment. Q4’s IR Website product gives you the control, exibility and best 27.3% 36.2% 57.5% practices you need to be competitive. We make your IR content viral, which means it can be shared, disseminated and republished across the web to millions of retail and institutional investors. Sep ‘06 Jun ’07 Mar ‘08 We help you build relationships with shareholders through the web and social media. Global IPO activity: Q4 gives you the advantage you’re looking for. number of deals and (3) capital raised by quarter 300 XBRL Financials Displayed in Real-Time 200 Is your company ling in XBRL? Q4 can now render real-time interactive nancials once your ling is accepted by the SEC. Within minutes your 100 website is updated with the complete ling displayed in HTML with 0 many interactive features. Q1’08 Q2‘08 Q3’08 Q4‘08 Q1’09 Number of IPO's Capital Raised (US$B) Sources: 1. Usability Guidelines for IR on Corp. Websites, 2nd Ed., NN/G. 2. Universal McCann, Wave 3, Mar. '08. Q4 Web Systems Inc. 703 Evans Ave. Suite 105, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M9C 5E9 3. E&Y - Global IPO Update, Apr. '09.
  2. 2. Why Choose Q4? • Best practice modules keeps your IR website competitive Summer ‘09 • • Self-publishing control allows you to make changes quickly Enhanced SEO and social media integration makes your company easy to nd – exposing you to new investors and Investor Relations websites markets with social media and XBRL. • e Q4 Web platform continuously evolves with market and regulatory trends, always keeping your IR website and your company on the leading edge of investor communications What Makes Q4 Different? • 30+ best practice IR website modules integrate with any website • Easy to use content management and work ow • Leading edge Investor Tools and Social Media Sharing • XBRL nancials with real-time rendering on your website • Presentations, videos and documents distributed through popular social networks • Full-text RSS feeds, email alerts and subscriber management • Website disclosure records and veri able audit trail XBRL New! • XBRL nancials with real-time rendering on your website • Multiple report formats for enhanced nancial analysis and reporting • View and download XBRL reports, or share embed code through social networks Social Media New! • Distribute your presentations, videos and documents through Slideshare, YouTube and Docstoc • Automatically update Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook with news, presentations and events • Aggregate all of your social activities on your IR website with inbound RSS feeds To learn how Q4 can help your company bene t from IR 2.0, social media and website disclosure trends please contact us at or Call Toll Free: 1-877-426-7829