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NIRI Capital Social Media and Investor Relations - January 6, 2010


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Slides from a presentation I gave to the NIRI Capital Area Chapter on Jan 6, 2010. Some of the slides are repetitive from previous presentations. Includes an overview of the recent trends of how social media is being used for investor relations.

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NIRI Capital Social Media and Investor Relations - January 6, 2010

  1. 1. Social Media and Investor Relations – Winter 2010 Presented by: Darrell Heaps Co-Founder & CEO Q4 Web Systems
  2. 2. This is clearly a nascent movement in the field of communications, something that hasn't happened since the advent of the internet over 15 years ago. Brian Rivel, President of Rivel Research Group Dec 9, 2009 Rivel's Intelligence Council Conference
  3. 3. Social Media is the New Normal 67% of global online population use social networks and blogs 80% 70% 67% 60% 50% 58% Sep-06 40% Jun-07 30% 36% Mar-08 20% 27% Mar-09 10% 0% Global Social Media Use Source: Universal McCann Wave 3 & Nielsen Online report
  4. 4. Facebook Leads Sharing
  5. 5. Institutional adoption of social media  47% read information posted on a blog which prompted them to investigate an issue further  20% read information posted on a blog which led to an investment decision or recommendation  63% of US pro investors say blogs and social networks will play an increasingly important role in investment decisions in the future Source: Brunswick Group Sept 2009
  6. 6. Financial Blogs and Social Networks  Largest financial blog aggregator and community 4 million unique users/month  Trading social network. Based on Twitter. Available through Bloomberg.  Wiki finance portal. Social interactive data.
  7. 7. Package content so it’s easy to share  YouTube, SlideShare, Flickr  Bloggers, media and investors share and republish your content  Increase awareness of your company or point of view  Establish “voice of authority”
  8. 8. Use the same channels to influence
  9. 9. Primary Benefits of Social Media for IR Large Cap Small Cap  Voice of authority  Increased awareness  Mitigate value erosion  Amplified content  Front run issues  Find new investors
  10. 10. So what does this all mean? “Fish Where the Fish are”  The web and social media are the dominant channel  Traditional channels are no longer effective on their own  Prioritize the web/social media to compete effectively for capital
  11. 11. Risks
  12. 12. What are the risks?  The risks exist whether you participate or not  Social media policy is required to control company wide use and related disclosure risks  Only share material content that has been previously disclosed under Reg. FD (website content should be the focus)  Manage selective disclosure risks through “voice of authority” approach
  13. 13. Twitter for IR Examples Q3 2009 Report
  14. 14. Twitter use by Sector 1% 3% 2% Technology 3% 4% Services 5% 29% Industrial Goods/Basic Materials 6% Pharma/Healthcare/Biotech Natural Resources 8% Utilities Consumer Goods 15% 12% Telecommunications Automotive 12% Exchanges
  15. 15. Live Earnings Tweet
  16. 16. Live Earnings Tweet
  17. 17. Engaging in „conversations‟ Use as a Engage using broadcast @replies and channel retweets 52% 48%
  18. 18. Asking for questions
  19. 19. The public don‟t care about divisions
  20. 20. Engagement through retweets
  21. 21. Retweeting 3rd party content
  22. 22. Social Media Tactics Dealing with environmental activists
  23. 23. Proactive vs. Reactive  Proactive  Reactive  Early on Twitter,  Late adopter YouTube and  Activist shaping truth SlideShare online and impacting  Front run issues with media activists  Stock value eroded  Shapes the discussion  Moved aggressively to  Mitigates value execute on social erosion media  Still working through issues
  24. 24. Social Media ROI Website Traffic Increased Liquidity
  25. 25. TVI Pacific - Small Cap Social Media ROI  Objective  Increase web traffic  Improve liquidity  Increase share price  35 % institutional target  Tactics  Website redesign  Twitter  Facebook  YouTube  Flickr Connect with us:
  26. 26. Results  Website visits up from 100/mth to 4,000/mth  Social channels  Twitter 78 followers  Flickr 1519 photos viewed  YouTube 696 views  Slideshare 625 views (440 on slideshare, 185 embeds on TVI site)  Average daily trading increase of 55%  Share price $0.06 before launch to $0.12 today
  27. 27. Discussion
  28. 28. Thank you! Contact: Darrell Heaps 1-877-426-7829 ext. 222