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On March 13, 2012 Q4's CEO, Darrell Heaps moderated a discussion that centred around the emergence of the investor web and social media as an important channel for investors to gather and share ideas.

We had three great panelists including: Brian Rivel, President, Rivel Research Group; Kelly Freeman, Manager Investor Relations, PotashCorp; and Heather Hunter, Director, Marketing Communications, Safeguard Scientifics.

Listen in and you'll:

- Discover the most recent trends in online communications
- Hear how an integrated approach using the IR website and social media can help expand your reach and attract and influence investors.
- Learn what tools, channels and tactics should be employed to maximize an integrated approach to online communications.

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Q4 Web Systems + Follow The New Investor Web & Social Media - March 13, 2012

  1. 1. Webinar: The New Investor Web & Social Media & what it means for IR March 13, 2012Hashtag: #q4irModerator: Darrell Heaps, Q4Panelists: Kelly Freeman, Potash Corp Heather Hunter, Safeguard Scientifics Brian Rivel, Rivel Research Group
  2. 2. About Q4 Web SystemsQ4 is the market leader in online investorrelations & social media solutions including: Financial & Social Media Widgets Corporate & IR Websites Social Media Integration NIKE iPad and iPhone Apps Best Practice ConsultingAll customized to your unique requirements.
  3. 3. Panelists  Darrell Heaps (Moderator)  Co-Founder, CEO, Q4 WEB SYSTEMS  @darrellheaps  Kelly Freeman  Manager, Investor Relations, PotashCorp  @PotashCorp  Heather Hunter  Director, Marketing Communications, Safeguard Scientifics  @HRHunter  Brian Rivel  President, Rivel Research Group  @RivelResearch
  4. 4. BUY-SIDE USE OF WEB &SOCIAL MEDIAResults of Rivel Research of 600Buy-Side Investors and their useof the web. Nov 2011.
  5. 5. Websites rank as valuable resource Types of Communication Most Helpful in Making Investment Decisions * (Aided) Total US/Euro Buy-side February 2011 (n=288) In-house research 68% Brokerage house research 68% Meetings with senior corporate executives 68% SEC filings (10K, 10Q etc.) 62% Quarterly earnings conference calls 60% CORPORATE WEBSITES 45% Communications from investor relations executives 42% Articles in general business and trade publications 34% Annual reports 32% Industry experts 27% Other buy-side professionals 21% Social media 5% Corporate advertising 4% * Multiple responses
  6. 6. Most Valued Content on IR Website Importance of Finding Various Elements on Corporate Websites* (Aided) US/Euro Buy-side February 2011 (n=288) Recent investor presentations 75% Earnings releases 66% Earnings call replays/transcripts 65% Clear, intuitive website navigation 64% Easy to find links to conference calls 64% A summary of the business strategy 58% Downloadable financial charts/data 51% Easy to find IR contact information 48% Annual reports 46% Detailed info on products and services 44% Audio/video of management presenting 26% Corporate governance information 24% Social media links 2% * Ratings of 8, 9 and 10 on a 10-point scale where 10= extremely important and 1= not at all important.
  7. 7. Most Websites not considered top-notchPercentage of IR Websites that are Truly Excellent in Supplying Insight/DataTotal US/Euro Buy-side February 2011 (n=288) 16% 75% or more 50%-74% 25%-49% Less than 25% 35% 28% Average = 40% 22%
  8. 8. Blogs most popular among Buy-Side
  9. 9. Buy-side social media use poised to surge
  10. 10. # of companies being followed &investigated increasing
  11. 11. “No one is going backward. This is the way things are goingto be done in the future. Companies are going to have tofigure out how to use it, like they figured out how to use theInternet. When the Internet started people questioned it, buttoday it is standard procedure. That is what will happen withsocial media. It is just in the beginning stages now.”US Portfolio ManagerNovember 2011
  12. 12. TALES FROM THE TRENCHESInsights from a large cap and small cap on the use of the web andsocial media in expanding awareness and influencing the market.
  13. 13. Company Profiles Market cap 37.02B 347.42M Volume 5,138,476 54,773 Website potashcorp.com safeguard.com
  14. 14. KellyFr eemanManager, InvestorRelationsMarch 13, 2012 PotashCorp.com PotashCorp.com
  15. 15. Our View of the WebWe view the web as an essential communication tool • Significant reach • Always on • Powerful mediumSource: PotashCorp
  16. 16. Meeting the Needs of a Diverse User BaseOur website has many users with different needs: • Investors About Career Section Section • Employees • Customers News Customer • Other users Section Section Investor SectionSource: PotashCorp
  17. 17. Our Approach to the WebWe believe to communicate successfully one requires awebsite the can serve the needs of its users • Clearly communicate your company “story” • Provides tools that add user value • Provides access to updated informationSource: PotashCorp
  18. 18. Social Media: Expanding our outreach We view social media as a means of helping tell our story … in an expanded way!Followers Friends FollowersPotashCorp: +1,400 PotashCorp: +700 $POT: +1,000PotashCorpSask: +620 PotashcCorpCareers: +350 $POT.CA: +30PotashCorpJobs: +300 Source: PotashCorp
  19. 19. Social Media: Expanding our outreachProvide the opportunity to stay connected; integratesocial media into your siteSource: PotashCorp
  20. 20. Social Media: Expanding our outreachWe believe success comes from establishing a presenceSource: PotashCorp
  21. 21. Social Media: Expanding our outreachThe conversation is happening, one needs to determineif they want to be a voice into it!Source: PotashCorp
  22. 22. Thank You There’s more online PotashCorp.com Visit us online Facebook.com/PotashCorp Find us on Facebook Twitter.com/PotashCorp Follow us on Twitter PotashCorp.com
  23. 23. Heather HunterDirector, Marketing Communications March 13, 2012
  24. 24. Strategy ? 24
  25. 25. ResultsInvestor Relations Company A Company B Company C Company DDeal Teams Company E Company F Company G Company H Company I Company J Company K 25
  26. 26. Questions and AnswersSubmit using GoToMeeting
  27. 27. More on Q4:www.q4websystems.comThought leadership:www.q4blog.comSales Contact:Catherine Crofton1-877-426-7829 ext. 225catherinec@q4websystems.com