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The Nurse Practitioner Salary

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The Nurse Practitioner Salary

  1. 1. Nurse practitioner salaryOne of the oldest professions in the medical field is nursing which involves care andselfless service to treat the sick and the disabled. Those who are interested in doinghumanitarian work are the right candidates for this profession. It gives an innersatisfaction and responsibility for making a sick person feel better and return to normalcondition. There are different types of nursing careers. One of them is the nursepractitioner which involves high education qualification in nursing. One who hascompleted a master’s degree in nursing, specialized in any filed and registered by thenursing boards is considered to be a qualified nurse practitioner.In order to become a nurse practitioner one has to be a registered nurse for which oneshould have completed diploma in nursing as well as hands on experience in treatingchronically ill patients. The duration of the degree program is about four years apartfrom the training period. The job of a nurse practitioner includes examining, trainingand diagnosing patients with the physicians, prescribing the required drugs for thepatients, advising physical therapy to the patients when necessary, advising on prenataland child care, assisting physicians in surgeries, maintaining the medical history of thepatient, conducting medical tests and educating patients on their disease.The salary of nurse practitioners vary based on many factors, one of the main factorsbeing specialization. The are many specializations like psychiatric nurse practitioner,hospital nurse practitioner, critical care nurse dental hygienist assistant training,Physician assistant nurse practitioner, correction facility nurse practitioner andcertification for pharmacy technician. The basic annul salary of a nurse practitioner is
  2. 2. $105,000 whereas the specialized nurse practitioner salary differs. The salary ofdifferent nursing specializations is as follows. The annual salary of a psychiatric nursepractitioner is about $85,000, nurse practitioners physician assistant is about $80,000,Critical care nurse practitioner is $115,000, hospital nurse practitioner is $93,000,dental hygiene assistant is about $55,000 and pediatric nurse practitioner is about$95,000. However the above mentioned salary varies based on the experience of eachindividual.

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