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Darn Good Yarn Crafting Group List Fall 2009


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This is a pricelist for crafting groups or friends who want to get a great deal on some fabulous yarn! Want more info? Go to or email us at

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Darn Good Yarn Crafting Group List Fall 2009

  1. 1. Crafting Group Price List Fall/Holiday 2009 Page 1 of 3 East Coast: 264 Berry River Rd, Barrington, NH West Coast: 276 Oakwood Circle Ste B, Lompoc, CA by appointment ONLY, no exceptions, thanks for your understanding 603.337.5738 or 609.276.7489 MINIMUM ORDER IS $100 Pre Shipping. Prices below do not include shipping. Please email us for a shipping quote. Yarn Wholesale Wholesale Package Price per Item Item # Package Breakdown Notes Price ball/skein Darn Good Yarn Skeins wound to balls for free. Each ball is about 100g and contains approximately 90 yards of yarn. Every ball is Premium Twenty (20) slightly different too, with no dye lots but tons of character. We suggest size US 8-10 (5-6mm, UK/Canada 6-4). Recycled Silk 100 gram Depending on your knitting your gauge will be about 3-4 stitches per inch (13-15 stitches per 10 cm). Imported Yarn RSY-1 2 kg balls from Nepal. $ 99.80 $ 4.99 Each skein has about 40 yards of silk pieces of fabric attached to each other. The silk strips are about .75 inches wide. There is some variance due to the way this yarn is created. It's created by the collection of silk remnants of Silk Sari Strip Ten (10) 100 clothing (mainly saris) in the truing and trimming of fabric during the manufacturing process. Then the strips are Ribbon Yarn SSR-1 1 kg gram skeins attached together to make this great yarn by sewing the ends together. Imported from Nepal. $ 39.90 $ 4.75 This thick and thin wool yarn is spun in Nepal and varies between worsted and chunky weighted yarn. The wool is Yo-Yo Diet/Thick Twenty (20) brought in from New Zealand too. Each 100g has 50 yards! You will get a great distribution of our best selling & Thin Wool Yarn 100 gram colors, if you would like to choose, please inquire as to availability. Kindly refer to the retail site: Assorted Colors YYD-A 2 kg skeins to see the current selection. Imported from Nepal. $ 89.80 $ 4.49 The Blender: Skeins wound to balls for free. Well, what this yarn consists of is lightly spun, sometimes whole pieces of silk tied together. It's chunky, crazy and a step out of the normal. Perfect for show stopping pieces like belts, bags and Uncarded Fifteen (15) adventurous ponchos! Recycled Silk 100 gram Every ball is so unique and varies completely in colors. You'll get about 50 yards of this fun per ball. Imported from Yarn RSY-2 1.5 kg balls Nepal. $ 57.75 $ 3.99 Skeins wound to balls for free. Each kilogram contains 10-100 gram balls (205 yards) of DGY Brand Hemp Yarn (not 90 like most stores). The Natural: Ten (10) 100 Nettle is available upon request and is the same price and packing configuration however the minimum is 3kg and Hemp Yarn HMP-1 1.5 kg gram balls there is a lead time of 4-6 weeks. Imported from Nepal. $ 39.90 $ 3.99 Just a Little Skeins wound to balls for free. This yarn is a chunkier worsted weight (compared to our Premium Recycled Silk Unrefined: Twenty (20) which is worsted). It also comes in a whole array of color blends. Also, just like the name says, it's a little less Recycled Silk 100 gram refined than our premium recycled silk but it's a nice way to get started in the wild and creative world of our silks. Yarn RSY-3 2 kg balls Imported from Nepal. $ 85.00 $ 4.25 Skein wound to balls for free. So, are you looking for some straight color but want that recycled silk texture? It's feathery, fun and whimsical! The Black Yarn is Recycled Silk and it's where it's at! It's worsted weight and you'll get 80-90 yards per ball. And Black Recycled Ten (10) 100 remember the best part, it's from Nepal and handspun at women's co-ops there! Gauge= 3 sts an inch on US 9 Silk Yarn RSY-4 1 kg gram balls needles. Imported from Nepal. $ 49.90 $ 4.99 This yarn is suitable for socks and lace alike. Each skein is 100g and you'll get two socks out of it. The yardage Hand painted Four (4) 100 isn't skimpy, so 1 skein = 1 pair of socks for the vast majority of people). 420m/450 yards in one skein. It is 75% Sock Yarn HPY-1 400g gram skeins superwash wool, 25% nylon. You will get four different colors. It was hand painted by a student in Ohio. $ 52.00 $ 13.00
  2. 2. Darn Good Yarn Fall/Holiday 2009 Crafting Group Pricelist 603.337.5738 Page 2 of 3 Yarn, continued Wholesale Wholesale Package Price per Item Item # Package Breakdown Notes Price ball/skein Skeins wound to balls for free. This worsted weight yarn is handspun in women's co-ops in Nepal and made from recycled silk. So, not only are you getting an incredibly unique yarn, you're creating jobs for others. Each ball is about 100g and contains approximately 90 yards of yarn. With rich hues and great sheen this will make your projects shine!!! Solid Color Twenty (20) We suggest size US 8-10 (5-6mm, UK/Canada 6-4). Depending on your knitting your gauge will be about 3-4 Premium 100 gram stitches per inch (13-15 stitches per 10 cm). You will receive an array of our best selling colors. Imported from Recycled Silk RSY-5 2 kg balls Nepal. $ 105.00 $ 5.25 Each skein of yarn is spun into balls for you for free! Banana Silk yarn is made from the fiber of the banana tree. The fiber is refined, processed and wound onto skeins in Nepal by our women workers. This beautiful yarn comes from a renewable, sustainable and environmentally-friendly source. It is very soft and comes in brilliant jewel like hues. Only the decaying outer layers of the trees (aged bark) are harvested and soaked under water to quicken the natural processes. When all of the chlorophyll structures are dissolved, the cellulose fibers remain. These are extruded into pulp and made suitable for spinning into yarn. We hand dye the banana fiber yarn with a variety of vibrant, brilliant saturated pigments to produce a fabulous range of soft, shiny handspun yarns in a wide range of beautiful colors. Knitting up like a bulky yarn, it's great for hats, shawls, scarves, and bags. It has a slightly fuzzy texture and a shines like lip gloss. Recycled Banana Ten (10) 250 The balls are 250g each (8.8 oz). You'll get about 163 yards per ball! you'll get about 3-3.5 sts an inch on size US Silk Yarn BNY-1 2.5 kg gram balls 8 needles. Imported from Nepal $ 59.90 $ 5.99 If you are interested in Alpaca, please email for additional info
  3. 3. Darn Good Yarn Fall/Holiday 2009 Crafting Group Pricelist 603.337.5738 Page 3 of 3 Notions and Bags Wholesale Price per Wholesale Package ball/skein/it Item Item # Package Breakdown Notes Price em These shoulder totes are modeled after the old fashioned doctor's bags. Each bag is slightly different so no two are alike!!! It's very colorful & has a vinyl inner lining--which is great in case you spill something in your purse! You can just wipe it up. This tote bag is waterproof and made from recycled, re-enforced vinyl Asian advertising banners, and are all lined internally. This tote has an additional inner pockets (3 on one side and 1 zippered on the other wall), and is stitched to the highest standards. Recycled Vinyl ***These banners are collected and therefore not sent to the landfill!. They are then cleaned and sanitized ready Billboard Retro for seaming*** Doctors Bag VNY-DB 3 Bags 3 Bags Dimensions:16"(W-bottom)x 12"(W-top)x 10"(L) 18"(L-incl handles) x 6"(D) Imported from Hong Kong $ 111.00 $ 37.00 Each bag is 100% wool, which was felted by hand in Nepal. They measure 6"x17" and are lined with black cotton. Long Knitting They also have a nice little wrist loop. They all have the same design which consists of a flower. You will receive 5 Needle Bag FLT-1 5 Bags 5 Bags various colors. Imported from Nepal. $ 34.95 $ 6.99 These great little zipper pouches are a great addition to crafting bags to hold naughty notions which seem to find their way to the bottom of bags. They're handmade and felted on women's co-ops in Nepal. They measure 4 by 6 inches . They all have a felted Felted Notions bead on the zipper as well and are fully lined in black cotton. They all have a similar flower pattern on the front. Purses FLT-2 10 Bags 10 Bags You will get an assortment of colors. Imported from Nepal. $ 42.50 $ 4.25 Recycled Burlap Check this bag out! Yes, it's made from re-purposed burlap rice bags in Nepal. Saved from a landfill and Rice Bag RCB-1 5 Bags 5 Bags repurposed with lots of room. Fully lined, imported from Nepal. $ 54.95 $ 10.99 Beaded Felt Ball Assorted Colors Each pack has about 20-25 balls of assorted colored 1 inch felt balls. Pack NTN-1 5 Packs 5 Packs The felt balls were created in Nepal and they have different colored seed beads sewn into them! $ 21.00 $ 2.10 10mm Felt Balls These cool little felted balls are 10mm in diameter. Each "100 calorie pack" has about 75 (+/- 10) balls in each bag Assorted Colors NTN-2 5 Packs 5 Packs and you'll get assorted colors as shown. $ 19.90 $ 1.99 One (1) Pack= 10 Hand-carved assorted mini- Various hand-carved wood buttons. Various sizes. 1 wholesale packet will contain 10 individual bags which Wood Buttons NTN-3 1 Pack packs contain 5 of one style button which will total 50 buttons $ 25.00 $ 0.50 We carry kits and silk fiber for spinning as well. Please email us at for more info!