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  1. 1. Darnell Glover’sPhotography Youth Center & Mentoring ProgramSUPPORT THIS PROJECT © 2013 Darnell T. Glover All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. As a very young boy 12 years old boy, sitting in an elementary school’s classroom thinking about my future.And listening to the teacher at the same time. Upon starting Darnell Glover Media Communications Produc-tions two months earlier I found myself very committed to my dreams and how I wanted my life to turn out. Iknow I want a very large family with lots of sons and daughters, guess of the fear of dying all alone. I knowthat I wanted to help others to be successful on many levels of life.I need the support of 75,000 people in donating just $1.00 or more to help me in the creation of a PhotographyYouth Center and mentoring Program to help our youths find themselves and to create a high level of self em-ployment through the photography, recording, modeling, television productions and acting skills that they willlearn at no cost to them. Our youths will learn how to be committed and many success strategies as explain be-low; that I learn as a very young business man at the age of 12 and into adulthood.Keep in mind that there are many ways that you can become success, but you have to realize that commitmentis part of it. You will notice that a lot of your goals will take some energy and work. You cant give up onsomething, especially, when you are so close to achieve your dreams. You will first need to deal with yourcommitment issues quickly and then continue to learn how to be a successful person.The first thing that you have to recognize is if you have an issue with commitment. You will know if you fearcommitment when you start to think about all the things that you have started and left unfinished. Dont confusecommitment with procrastination. You can commit to something, but never finish because you feel that youhave so much time to achieve your goals that you think it can wait another day and another day and so on.When you have a fear of commitment, you will not be able to see yourself achieving any of your goals.To deal with your fear of commitment you may need to seek the professional help of a doctor or counselor.You will also want to build a strong support system that will allow you to achieve your goals by giving you anextra nudge every now and then. You will want to deal with your fear of commitment early on in life, becausethere are going to be a lot of things that you will need to commit to in your life.As for the success, you will find that most strategies are the same. You will need to look at the way to successas follows.You will need to look at yourself, your past, and your future as I did that day in my classroom in order to makea change in your life. You will need to learn from your mistakes and also learn to love life in order to find yoursuccess. You will find that when you look to the future you will be able to plan and take care of what you cannow in order to have a strong and solid future. It would be like having a college fund for an unborn child. Youneed to start planning for the future as soon as possible.You will also want to think about things like your mental start and your general health. You will need to learnhow to read and enrich your studies. You will also need to figure out what your way of learning is. Some peo-ple just need to leap in and accept their world as it is, but others are able to look at what the consequences oftheir action will bring. You will also need to think about your health. You will need to eat, sleep, and exerciseproperly so that you can be ready for anything.Not only will you have to learn how to take care of yourself, but you will need to learn how to show others em-pathy. You have to consider that there are a lot of people that you are going to meet on your way up the corpo-rate ladder; however, the way that you treat them will result in how fast you fall. You dont want to burn any
  3. 3. bridges, because the way down is a lot harder than the struggle up. You will want to keep this in mind when itcomes to anything.To find success you have to be creative. You have no idea where your success could be. You also have no ideawhat form of success you will have in your life. The key is to go with the flow. When trouble pops up, it is sug-gested that you think out of the box in order to solve the problems, because you will be able to trust yourself.These are just some the suggestions that you will want to think about when it comes to building a successfulcareer and life.If you feel that I am the right track, support me in helping others by donating to the Photography Youth Centeron the GOFUNDME site located at http;// studio. Photography Youth Center The funds will be used to rent 3000 to 5,000 Sq Ft or more for one year, telephone, electric, heating, advertisement & studio equipment etc. 3000 to 5000 Sq Fi Warehouse Space Photography Studio
  4. 4. Recording StudioTelevision Production StudioModeling & Acting Studio