Darling Pumps, Newsletter, March 2012


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Darling Pumps, Indore has started a Monthly Newsletter.
This issue focuses on training solutions for sales executives

All your suggestions & ideas are welcome

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Darling Pumps, Newsletter, March 2012

  1. 1. Darling TODAY Monthly newsletter | March 2012 | Issue No. 2 Key Takeaways Understanding USP & Salient features: Selling a product or service is more of selling their Unique Selling PropositionsSales Training Programme – the value of the item. Before we sell a single pumping solution, it is necessary to understand the worth and usability. Participants in the training program were made to do a complete SWOT No matter what business we are in, who our customers are, or what the size of (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity andour business, the fact is that we need a solid sales training program. Whether the Threat) analysis on Darling Pumps. Thiscompany is in health care, insurance, retail or any other area, without some sort helped in knowing how to measure theof sales development training in place the business will founder. scope of the product or service we are selling.The sad truth is that it is not always the best company in the industry thatcaptures the largest market share. Often, the company that is able to best get the Working on companyword out about what the company has to offer is the one that captures the lions objectives:share of the business. Understanding the work procedures, work culture, selling formulas andLearning how to sell is an ongoing process. There are always new strategies and financial goals. The sales person isnew technologies that a sales team must learn in order to sell effectively. acquainted with the marketing objectives and future plan of the company. It is imperative that the executive goes in the similar direction as the company moves.
  2. 2. Product Application & Clientele: Knowledge is power and for salesLearning how to sell is an ongoing process. There are always new executive, product & its applicationstrategies and new technologies that a sales team must learn in order to knowledge can mean more sales. It issell effectively. difficult to effectively sell to a customer if we cannot show how a particular product will address his needs.This is why a concentrated and 1. Product Range of Darling Pumps Devising new sellingdedicated sales training program makes 2. Salient Features & product strategies:so much sense, no matter how large or application of all Pumps.small the company may be. The fact is 3. Selling Features & competitive Selling is a typical skill that needs to bethat sales skill training can make all the edge against other local nurtured in a regular fashion. Everydaydifference in the world, and such sales products in the market. new selling techniques are replacingtraining can often mean the difference 4. Darling Pumps – SWOT Analysis old beliefs. You need to be updatedbetween success and failure in todays 5. Our competitors in the field with every latest strategy. Sales training 6. Application / Sector wise Programs at Darling help in learning thecompetitive business environment. latest strategies in place. clientele Getting relevant resources on highWith increasing sales targets, there is a 7. Pumps for industries quality marketing tools, selling guides;risk of employees compromising on our trainers are experts. They helporganizational business values and The program aims to increase the identifying the critical selling issues.ethics. For an organization to succeed in effectiveness in the market of sales personnel towards selling / promoting Comprehending marketthe long run, it has to ensure that its Darling products. behavior:employees follow the business values itstands for and training is an appropriate Skills and performance – Both are the Any sales person must know his/herplatform to drive home this message to crucial qualities a sales person must surrounding competitions. Marketthe sales force. have. For a sales executive in Pump changes are volatile and can pose industry, the demands are even more. several issues. Our quality sales training Just a management degree in Marketing helps one to understand complicatedUnderstanding the importance & or a year of industry experience is not market behavior. To cope up withurgency of such kind of a sales training enough. Rigorous training and effective market expectations and consumerprogram, Darling Pumps has come up demands. Pricing, promotion, placing,with a training program. The first batch sales coaching are needed. and distribution – these factors are alsoof training was attended by fresh important.engineers of M/S Dronkar & Bros,Indore Performance follows skill and skill Examples of typical market behavior, follows the level of training program. case studies and real-time sales storiesThe customized program was designed Therefore, sales training programs have also help in understanding practicalafter countless discussions with our become inevitable for any sales person. issues.Marketing executives & Mr. M KDronkar. Major inclusions of the trainingprogram were as follows:
  3. 3. Identifying competition: Every sales-driven company has to go ahead of competitors. We show the possible ways to identify future competition. There are recent techniques and technologies to apply. Sales managers or sales heads can use these tools effectively. Market research is another important area every sales person must concentrate on. Comprehensive training fills in these knowledge gaps. Increases the efficiency and productivity of a sales person Helps in accessing the abilities ofI thank you very much for the idea to a sales personconduct a presentation cum training Improves the organization’s ROIprogram arranged by you on 15th Sales training is an investment that willFebruary 2012 covering all products in helps channel Partners remainone day. All applicants were impressed & sustainable and competitive in the longappreciating the method of training, run. It also motivates the team andgained product knowledge, selection, helps them to remain up-to-date withapplication of products given by your respect to the company’s products, market and competition.team. We invite all Channel partners for participating in our sales personnelThe sequence given in the agenda is designed very nicely & is appreciated by our Training Program.fresh engineers. I personally suggest that, these types of training programmesshould be conducted once in a year with all channel partners to motivate & boostthe marketing team.Sincerely YoursM. K. DRONKARDronkar & Bros, IndoreSales Team Feedback We thank you for training us on our products. We will try our best in field to express Darling product & also provide timely feedback. Naveen Soni Thank you for the brilliantly planned training program. Ankit Vijayvargiya After this effective 1-Day training program, we have come to know the importance & uniqueness of the range of Darling Pumps. We are now better equipped to represent Darling Pumps. Abhishek Sharma Hospitality was great; feeling good to be part of Darling Pumps. Training was fantastic & the trainers covered each & every part of pump. Last but not the least, all employees of Darling Pumps were too cooperative. Special thanks to Team Darling Sanket Jain
  4. 4. Dealer’s Corner From the next edition we will be MD’s Desk having a separate column for our channel partners. We invite everyone to send relevant articles, case studies, humor or any other important information at theWe take training as an essential part of below mentioned email address.our organization.It not only updates our team in various Kindly pass the Newsletter alongaspects of organizational working, but and/or recommend to associates/friends.also provides an opportunity to buildupon the knowledge & skill they already If you have any questions, ideas orhave. suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.Class room without walls: In our latest initiative to exploit web media forbusiness, we plan to use online mediums such as Skype, Youtube & Webex toolsto reach sales executives on the move. The training modules will grant userextendibility, accessibility, and suitability - Users can proceed through a training Contact us atprogram at their own pace and at their own place. They can also access the dppl.editor@gmail.comtraining at any time, receiving only as much as they need.Reaching you in the comfort zone of your office.Individual Goal progress & Tracking: We plan to equip executives with the propertools to develop an individual action plan for them to implement in the field. Thishelps in maximizing their performance. Thus the effects are easy to measure interms of the actions and ability before and subsequently afterwards.DARLING PUMPS over last so many years has grown richer in experience andconfidence. Each new problem accepted as an opportunity, far from growingcomplacent after its noteworthy achievements, DARLING still continues to searchanswers to your future needs, designing and manufacturing… DARLING PUMPS PVT. LTD. 36-F,Sector B, Industrial Area Sanwer Raod- 452015 INDORE (M.P) Ph: 91-731-2720558,2721782 Fax: 91-73-2721136 www.darlingpumps.in