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Educational Technology 22


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Educational Technology 22

  2. 2. GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS The pupils for whom this lesson isintended are Grade III pupils who are takingup General Science geared towards a groupthat is heterogeneous. They are at least eightyears old. They come from an agriculturalcommunity in Laoag City so most of them aresons and daughters of farmers. Most of themare passive and quiet. Maybe it is because oftheir inadequacy to speak English, which isthe medium of instruction. It was observedthough that in their Filipino class they couldinteract better.
  3. 3. Farmer’s son
  4. 4. ENTRY SKILLS The grade three pupils are able to dothe following: They can describe picturesof animals, infer on how they reproducesexually, tell stories on the different lifecycles of some animals, describe thechanges in animals as they develop andgrow and they can cite how animals can beuseful to man.
  5. 5. LEARNING STYLES This group dislikes the monotony ofreading board works, answering questionsabout what they read and working onassignments. They enjoy manipulativematerials and playing simulation games. Theyseem to be more interested when they areshown some pictures to talk about. Televisionviewing catches their attention.
  6. 6. Reported By: Divine Heidi G. Cabiguin & Camille R. Anonuevo BSE - E