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Call numbers


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Call numbers

  1. 1. The Mystery of CallNumbers
  2. 2. There are six student book areasin our library:Fiction (FIC or F)Easy fiction (E)Nonfiction (numbers)Reference (REF)Spanish (SP)Biography (92)
  3. 3. A Call Number tells where the bookis located on the library shelf.It’s the book’s “address”.
  4. 4. Each book in that area has aunique call number. Differentbooks have the different callnumbers.
  5. 5. A fiction call number for theauthor, Ilsa Bick, would looklike this:FIC = FictionBIC = Bick
  6. 6. What would the fiction call numberfor the author, MattChristopher, look like?FIC = FictionChr = Christopher
  7. 7. An easy fiction call number is alsomade up of two parts:E = Easy Fiction + first three lettersof the author’s last name.E = Easy FictionSIL = Silverstein
  8. 8. Fiction and Easy Fiction arearranged ALPHABETICALLYby author.Don’t know the author?Look it up!
  9. 9. Nonfiction is arranged by topic. Theyhave two parts to their call numbers--the topic and the author.576.8 = GeneticsMIT = Author last name
  10. 10. They are arranged in numeric orderbeginning with 000 and then by author..
  11. 11. To find a nonfiction book…think number first,then alphabet.
  12. 12. Biographies are an exception.They all start with 92 and then firstthree letters of the person’sLAST name.92 = BiographyTRU= Last name
  13. 13. Biographies arearranged by number(92) and thenalphabetically by theperson’s last name.What is the callnumber of this one?92 = BiographyJAC = Jackson, his last name!
  14. 14. Where would I look for these books?567.9BERFICGIF796BONFGIFE578.3LAS
  15. 15. Use the end cap signs to find theright road (sic) for you book.