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Wordle presentation updated


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Wordle presentation updated

  1. 1. How to use Wordle
  2. 2. What is Wordle?Wordle is a program used for creating wordclouds out of any text you choose.Wordle extracts common words such as ‘a’ and‘the’ from the paragraph you use.You decide the way the word cloud is presented(the color, direction of word placement,organization of words etc.)You can then save your word cloud for individualuse, or allow others to view and comment on it forpersonal feedback.
  3. 3. Home PageView other users work for inspiration
  4. 4. Creating a Word CloudWrite or paste a paragraph of text in the word box.Then select go and watch your cloud form.
  5. 5. Customizing your Cloud
  6. 6. Choose what language you wantyour word cloud to appear in.Choose your word fontChoose a colorscheme for yourWordle.Choose a layout foryour words.Personalizing your word cloud
  7. 7. RandomizingBy Selecting ‘Randomize’you are allowing Wordle tochoose the layout, color,language and font of yourword cloud. You maycontinuously choose‘randomize’ until you find astyle that best suits you.
  8. 8. Word CountSelect ‘ language’ on yourtoolbar, and then scroll downto ‘show word counts’. Thisscreen will then pop up, andallow you to see the number oftimes a word was used in yourcloud.
  9. 9. What to watch for!Wordle will take out unnecessary words, such as connectingwords (ex. the, then, after etc.) However, Wordle will notnotice subtle differences in the same word and will treat thatword as two separate subjects (see below).
  10. 10. Wordle BlogUse the blog for opinions andinformation on Wordle.See how effective Wordle is forpeople in different professions.Add comments of your own andvoice your own thoughts.
  11. 11. GallerySearchspecificsubjectsView otherpeoples work
  12. 12. Examples