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Human resources


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About Human Resource and things you should know about a Human Resource Services and the organization, manager, andemployee.

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Human resources

  1. 1. Human Resources D A R L E N A PA G A NABOUT HUMAN RESOURCES M AY 0 2 , 2 0 1 2
  2. 2. Abstract In this PowerPoint slides, we will discuss about HR and itsfunctionalities. The practices and procedures are actually a recommendationfor my new consulting service project. It will discuss on issues related toHR, the employer, manager and employees. Furthermore, it covers issuerelating to federal, state and local’s employee appraisal. Also, it answerquestion like who, what, when, where, why and how? Besides, the businesslaws, consumer laws, and employee laws are highly recommended to preventany governmental violations against the organization.
  3. 3. ABOUT HUMAN RESOURCES Who is Human Resources? What is their mission? Why is Human Resource Officer is necessary? How does managers and HR collaborate? Where does HR finds its legal resources? How does HR develops its policies? What types of employee appraisal system is recommended? Where does manager finds their employees? What is the purpose of an employee appraisal? What types of employee appraisal system is recommended? How does managers appraise employees? How can managers increase performance?
  4. 4. How can managers increase performance? Providing training and development to employees Promoting Educational Program: Support Specialist Program Provide workshop, presentation and lectures Have employees do presentation on the organization In and Out door team activities Providing entertainment night out for employees Organization’s Occasion Days Remember employees’ birthday Do not forget to thank your employee when he or she does a good job
  5. 5. Who is Human Resources? HR stores information and resources available for company, employers, managers, employees and customers. HR does research on materials related to business laws, employee laws and consumer law. HR offers training and development to its members. HR finds resources for the company, employers, managers, employees, customers and sectors. HR develop employer’s compensation and benefits package HR compares benefits packages with other organizations, such as, civilians, private industry and federal, state and local’s employer.
  6. 6. What is their mission? To achieve the organization’s goal To resolve problems among the organization, managers , and employees To collaborate with federal wages for employees for employee performance To make available HR packages for the organization, managers and employees
  7. 7. Why is Human Resource Officer is necessary? They develop a positive environment for the organization They helps resolve major issues and problems within the organization They ensures the quality of employer’s employee benefits to increase employee performance and compete in employee competition with other competitors in the market. They save money and time in resolving issues and problems of the organization especially when it is a legal matter against the company They act as an liaison among the organization, managers and employees They establish a strong foundation for the organization in policy making accordance with federal, state and local laws. They implement training and development for employees for increasing performance for economic growth for the organization They constantly research materials related to economic growth, professional growth and other HR research materials.
  8. 8. How does managers and HR collaborate? HR provides training and development for managers HR ensures the high standard of managers are met through the company’s goal Managers turns to HR for assist with employee performance, employee appraisal, and problems and issues related to employees HR provides resource materials to assist managers in resolving problems and issues about an employee, organizational policies and other federal, state and local laws relating to employees and the business
  9. 9. Where does HR finds its legal resources? United States Department of Labor Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Civil Rights State Agency
  10. 10. How does HR develops its policies? Business Laws Employee Laws Consumer Laws
  11. 11. Where does Employers find employees? Websites Blogs Federal, State and Local Employment Services Job Search Engines Temporary Employment Agencies Walk- Ins Referrals Organizations
  12. 12. What types of employee appraisal system is recommended? To develop an Oracle Application Express To develop a structure table from the SABHRS To develop a two part system (employee evaluation, behavior competencies and performance competencies) To familiarized with Agencies with SES Appraisal System (certification and OPM) To familiarized with the ETA performance management appraisal guide
  13. 13. How does managers appraise employees? Performance Appraisal Methods Comparative Analysis of public and private employees To comply with federal wages and hours regulations