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From pink slip to black box


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Staff development presentation on the process of ordering and cataloguing books

Published in: Education, Business
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From pink slip to black box

  1. 1. From Pink Slip to Black Box Alison Palmer & Karen Pierce
  2. 2. Order slips arrive in Acquisitions• Check signatures• Order tray• Initial check
  3. 3. Straightforward order • Bibliographic check
  4. 4. Ordering processes• Call up record• Decide where to order from• Order in Acquisitions module• Add order number to card
  5. 5. Orders that are not straightforward!• These can include, DVDs, music scores, out of print material etc• Decide where to order from• May take longer to track down• May need the credit card!
  6. 6. Orders sent• Majority of orders sent electronically every day• Usually mid to late afternoon• Message sent to us that orders have been received
  7. 7. Boxes arrive!
  8. 8. Dealing with new arrivals • Boxes opened • Invoices taken out • Cards matched to invoices and put with books on trolley
  9. 9. Processing• Check books are correct (i.e. what we ordered!)• Receive on Acquisitions module• Process invoices for payment• Pass books to the cataloguing assistants• Cards are filed in order of accession number
  10. 10. E-books• Myilibrary• Dawsonera• Netlibrary/Ebsco• Orders can be done by email or pink card• Nothing physical for our black boxes!!!
  11. 11. In cataloguing • Books separated onto different shelves – Multiple copies – Urgents – Individual copies – Medical/healthcare • Cataloguing assistants check books & records
  12. 12. Upgrading• Records are upgraded• Extra copies & copies with previous editions – Processing• New items placed on cataloguing shelves
  13. 13. Cataloguers • Cathays Park books – All cataloguers • Heath Park books – Medical/Healthcare cataloguer
  14. 14. Cataloguing• Records• Details• Authorities• Classmarks
  15. 15. Authorities• Authors and editors Smith, John, 1563-1616 Smith, John, 1965-• Subject headings – LCSH (Library of Congress Subject Headings) – MeSH (Medical Subject Headings)
  16. 16. Classification – a brief detour• Dewey• Library of Congress• Moys• Dental Library in- house system• Salisbury Library in-house system
  17. 17. Dewey Decimal System • DDC23 • Changes in editions • How long is that number? • ‘Cutters’
  18. 18. Library of Congress• The basics• In-house ‘cutters’
  19. 19. Processing • RFID or tattle tape • Spine labelling • 42 (spine labels per sheet)
  20. 20. Black Boxes
  21. 21. Couriers• Delivering boxes and books to you!
  22. 22. Any questions?• Contact Acquisitions • Contact Cataloguing – Phone: x75989 – Phone: x75680 – Email: – Email: