A project on hardware & software service @ doorstep


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A project on hardware & software service @ doorstep

  1. 1. A Project onHardware & Software Service Center @ Doorstep Presented by: Group no :-57 Arvind Kumar Suman Behera Basant Rout Payal Panigrahi Ajit Kumar Pradhan
  2. 2. Objective• Profit: To generate sufficient profit to finance growth & to provide the resources needed to achieve the other objective of this enterprise.• Growth: To grow the business at a rate that is both challenging & manageable, leading the market with innovation & adaptability.• Citizenship: To be intellectual & social asset to the community and environment (social service).
  3. 3. Purpose• Want to be a leading service provider of technical solutions in the small town of Paralakhemundi, which will provide fast, reliable technical assistance to local business / small company / office users/ home computer users @ Doorstep
  4. 4. Vision• By providing fast response , informed expertise, and consistently high quality solutions, it will generate enough satisfied repeat customers to provide a stable retainer base. And it will provide sufficient profit to provide comfortable living for the owner
  5. 5. Mission• The short term objective is to start this enterprise quickly & inexpensively, with a minimum of debt.• The long term objective is to grow the enterprise into a stable and profitable entity that we can easily and comfortably manage.
  6. 6. Enterprise Summary• It will owned by our five partner.• The goal will be to start the venture as inexpensively as possible, with no debt financing• It will be a home office start-up, utilizing one studio room in one of our partner’s home with two rooms.• Location is on the college square, in front of the UBI ATM counter.
  7. 7. Start-up summary• Total startup cost is Rs. 500,000.• Each partner with Rs. 100000 each or bank financed.
  8. 8. Investment architecture• Rs. 50,000 is to maintenance of the room(electric instruments, furniture, telephone & internet connectivity).• 2 computer systems with high quality features(Rs. 40,000 each).• Emergency response vehicle of Rs. 70,000.• 5-10 local well trained professional with Rs.5000 - Rs.7,000 salary.
  9. 9. Investment architecture• Legal stuff – Rs. 25,000• Insurance & Security deposit –Rs. 50,000• Advertising stuff –Rs. 10,000• Purchasing of most required hardware component –Rs. 70,000.• Purchasing of original software for maintenance – Rs.50,000.
  10. 10. Unique feature• It will provide service @ traveling to customers native.• Web enabled enquiry for customers as well as support from experts.• Accept credit cards.• Online chat with voice & video enabled.• Deals with large amount of supply of personal as well as professional computers for different organizations.
  11. 11. Conclusion This is our business plan with all regards. If we get opportunity to make this enterprise we will be stand along with the market strategies & we can make some opportunities for employability in this small town.
  12. 12. Thank You All