Data Ward Early Pitch


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Early Game Pitch for Production II Game: Data Ward currently in Production. I am the lead designer on the project - 2013 Champlain College

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Data Ward Early Pitch

  1. 1. Data Ward A Fast-Paced,Party/Arcade GameBy Ross Derham, Jack Donovan, Chris Marini
  2. 2. The Hook Data Ward uses fast-paced reaction gameplay to pit a thiefattempting to escape a high-tech security building against the building’s security system!
  3. 3. Business Data Ward is a two-player vs. party/arcade game DW will be featured on PC/Mac/Linux and possibly current gen consoles Premium pricing with potential for monetized extras!
  4. 4. Synopsis With the stolen microchip in hand, the thief must get out of the building before the security system catches him! The thief player must navigate a series of obstacles placed by the security system player who is attempting to stop the thief! Only one of them can win!
  5. 5. USP “Asynchronous” and synchronous versus gameplay! Player 1 plays as the security system allowing them to place obstacles and activate the systems in-game. Player 2 plays as the thief attempting to safely navigate the obstacles placed by player 1.
  6. 6. Gameplay Examples/DescriptionPlayer 1 – Security System  Player 1 will be allotted 60 seconds to place a select amount of security systems onto the map. After this time, the game begins!  In game, each system is mapped to a controller button – pressing it activates all systems of the same type for a period of time.  Player 1 has a limited number of activations, so he/she must be careful/resourceful!
  7. 7. Gameplay Examples/DescriptionPlayer 2 – Thief  Player 2 has a limited time to navigate the obstacles/security systems placed by player 1.  Player 2 must react quickly enough if caught by a security system or he/she loses.  Player 2 has the ability to “Phase Shift” – this allows them to pass through security systems unnoticed for a short time.  Player 2 has a limited number of Phase Shifts, so he/she must be careful/resourceful!
  8. 8. Game Structure Each game will consist of at least 2 rounds (designated by the player) Each round will comprise of 3+ levels or “floors” of the building After each round, the player roles will switch (SS becomes Thief and vice versa) Levels will feature pre-structured layouts and player-placed security objects For pick-up games, players will be able to choose what level they wish to play (and the option to switch at the end of that level) for as many levels as they wish
  9. 9. Game Environment/Art Style The environments for each level are the various floors of a high-tech building Data Ward’s art-style is simple, polygonal, and not hyper realisticArt Assets:  Security walls (red & blue)  Security Cameras/Spotlights  Security Lasers  Security Turrets  Environment assets  Character Assets/Model